Secure your Nike, Adidas, Yeezy & Supreme without frustration and hassle

No risk sneaker slots, with our auto checkout service (ATC).

1. Select Your Item

Follow our step by step instructions to select the item you’d like to secure. Our service fee is only charged on success.

2. Submit Checkout Info

You’ll be asked to securely submit your shipping address, name, and credit card number. We’ll need this to order your items.

3. Release Day

On the day of the drop your slots are run through our system. On success will you be charged our ATC service fee and item retail price.

Only pay for results

BTW Slots makes it risk free for you, but not charging you anything unless your Supreme or sneaker slots are filled.

ATC service starts with a pending charge. After you’ve placed your order for the slot there will be a pending charge for our service fee. 

Your slots hit. Only when you items are succesfully ordered will you be charged our service and the retail price of the item. No stress, no risk.

ATC – Add to Cart Service. 

Supreme, Nike, Yeezy, Adidas ATC.

Coming soon. Secure your sneakers & Supreme without hassle.

What slots does our auto checkout service offer?

Nike ATC – request your items.

Adidas ATC – Not only limited to Yeezy.

Yeezy ATC – We will have specific information of which models we will offer slots for.

Supreme ATC – request your items. Boxed logo tees will be available.

Frequently asked questions

What are slots?

Supreme and sneaker slots are an auto checkout service where botting experts will use your info in their bot to try and cop you limited items. 

How does this auto checkout service work?

It’s as simple as selecting the item you want (as well as the size and colour), you then enter your details and you’re done. 

Am I guaranteed to get the item? 

No. Botting is never guaranteed due to limited stock, anti bot protection and other factors out of our control. 

How do I know if my slot worked? 

You’ll get an order confirmation from the retailers as well as a bank charge.

Do I get charged if my slot is unsuccessful? 

No. When you order your slot you will see a pending charge occur, this charge will only go through if your slot hits. 

Could I get multiples?

Yes, there is a chance we could checkout multiple pairs for you. You won’t be charged any extra for this.