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Frequently asked sneaker proxy questions

Should I use sticky or random proxies?

Random is only a placeholder for now in case we add rotating proxies later. Only use sticky proxies (static).

What payment methods will you accept to buy sneaker proxies?

We currently accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Discover.

What is you refund policy?

Once a payment is made there are no refunds. 

Do you have a discount code?

No. We are already the world’s lowest priced sneaker proxies. Not much margin left over to give further discounts. We use that coupon field for internal purposes for now.

Why do all the proxies I generate have the same IP?

It’s a protection mechanism on our end. Once the connection is established on the backend a new IP address is generated . You can use curl to find the real IP and locations of our proxies.

Who am I buying the bots from?

BotsThatWork owns the bots that are being sold to you. That means they are fully verified and working.