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Why trust BotsThatWork?

BotsThatWork consists of a big trusted community on Discord and Twitter. We’ve been around for a while and people know that we provide value.

Feel free to join our community and ask us any questions you might have.

We hate seeing people being scammed on marketplaces and this is our way to stop that from happening.

BotsThatWork is an ecosystem of botting services. Our range of services are,, BTWRental, and BTWBot.


Frequently asked questions

When can I expect to receive my bot after buying it?

We’ll send you the bot anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours depending on your time zone and day of the week.

What payment methods will you accept to buy a bot?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Discover.

Is Discord access included?

Yes, but be sure to read all the details of the bot.

What is you refund policy?

Once a payment is made there are no refunds. Since we will have transferred the bot to you we don’t own the bot after you have paid for it and can’t get it back.

How do I know this is safe?

BotsThatWork has been around for over 1 year and has a large trusted following on Discord and Twitter. Feel free to join our community and ask any questions you’d like.

We provide a wide variety of botting services, like,, BTWRental, and BTWBot.

Who am I buying the bots from?

BotsThatWork owns the bots that are being sold to you. That means they are fully verified and working.