Adisplash bot was created by Sieu / Backdoor io in hopes of targeting Adidas releases. Most prevalent, Kayne West’s Yeezys. For the most part, it’s been very effective at botting Adidas, but now that Adidas switched to mobile raffles to release hyped products, Adisplash may fall out.

adisplash backdoor io review

The UI of the bot is user friendly but it isn’t colourful like most bots, but that doesn’t matter as it still gets the job done, like a bot should. The bot however, is a bit complicated to use.

Fortunately enough, admins and developers of Adisplash released a tutorial on how to use it. If you have either owned or used Sieupreme before, then using Adisplash will be a piece of cake since the UI’s of both bots are extremely similar.

45 Actionable Items & Tips in (1) ultimate botting checklist.

Does Adisplash by Backdoor io cook?

Yes, it works MOST of the time. When I say most, I mean by when Adidas don’t change up anything involving the ATC Process or Checkout. Besides that, it’s practically a guaranteed cook with this bot.

With almost every hyped release with Adisplash, it’s been very consistent with it has been working. Except the time with pirate black 3.0s, which turned out to be a huge flop. This is due to Adidas pushing an update preventing bots just like Adisplash from both carting and copping multiples.

Where could Adisplash improve?

For starters, ACO otherwise known as Auto Checkout can be EXTREMELY useful on this bot. In fact, it was added onto this bot for a bit, but was then later held back due to updates and hasn’t come back since, almost like a strip tease unfortunately.

Another thing that can be improved on can be the updates released for Adisplash. It doesn’t get updated a lot, which can be justified by the fact Adidas doesn’t do much to counter bots, but when they do, Adisplash doesn’t work.

However, its developer team is somewhat lacking and is a bit lazy, constantly making excuses with updates and support, which can be understandable considering it’s a one man dev team. Another thing that could be easily improved is how they support their users, they use zendesk rather than a casual discord ticket system to respond to bugs and support questions which I feel is more of a hassle than being supportive of their customers and users.

backdoor io adisplash
  • Success Rate
  • UI / UX
  • Price
  • Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Number of shops

What setup is recommended?

To be honest, any proxies work, as long as they’re not banned by Adidas. Almost all Residential Proxies will work, and some DC Proxies will also work depending on your provider.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Yes, but due to how Adidas is switching their method to release hyped products, I may soon change my opinion. The bot is being resold at retail currently. That’s if you’re willing to make the investment as Adidas botting may change.

Where can I buy this bot or rent it?

If you prefer buying it from the source, it’ll be located at backdoor io which is the website of the developer that hosts his restocks. But, if you’re interested in renting it instead, it’ll be on Tidal or Botmart provides that Adidas is releasing the hyped shoe through the website as if they aren’t it’ll only be a waste of money for you.

When does it restock on backdoor io?

At this point in time, it’s barely restocked. The way I obtained my Adisplash was through a group buy. But, a pretty benefit with Adisplash is that the developer has promised MOST Adisplash users a copy of Sieupreme, and at the time of making this article is currently one of the best supreme bots as of right now.

If you’re in a cookgroup however, if you consult with your owners or administrators you can potentially get a groupbuy!

If you have Adisplash and/or Sieupreme you can get access to Shopify AIO once it is released in the future as all owners of the Backdoor io products can also have the bonus of a Shopify bot in all honesty however, it’s been constantly both reminded and delayed at the sametime so if you’re planning on only getting Adisplash just for it’s free Shopify then you’re in for a terrible idea.

Andy fell for botting when he first discovered the Yeezy 350 2.0s. Since then he hasn't only been copping sneakers like a king but also bots. He loves "Off-Whites". 

Andy Lei



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