Apreme IO is a versatile mobile AIO / Supreme bot. While certainly not the biggest bot in the market, Apreme IO is one of the more slept on companies developing solid software to bot Supreme.

apreme review

The bot itself costs $95 USD, but the instore signup bot and AP Captcha tool are $39 USD and $48 USD respectively. In this review, I’ll be covering both Apreme IO’s one click software as well as their mobile bot. My overall impressions? Pretty awesome.

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What I like about Apreme IO. My review

I really enjoyed my time using this bot. The software can be easily downloaded and set up in a matter of minutes. Simply use the download link provided in your purchase email, and register your account via the Apreme Bot in the discord group. After this, the bot is fully set up for you to use and customize.


The UI, thankfully, is well done. Most mobile Supreme bots really slip up with not thinking much about the UI, and because of it frustrate their customers since setting up a bot on a phone is a lot harder than setting up on a desktop or laptop.

Thankfully, ApremeIO’s UI is really intuitive and relatively simple to figure out. Tasks are displayed on the main tab. You can cycle through them with a touch of a button on the screen, which doesn’t sound like a really big deal, but it’s a massive help when running tasks, since you can see exactly where your task is in the process of checking out.

Profile Creation

Profile creation is also painless; just enter your details and card information and its complete. It’s a big help that the bot offers a way to cycle through profiles easily, because with supreme, changing how your addresses look is important to copping on supreme.

Overall I’m satisfied with how it looks and performs. It’s snappy, doesn’t feel slow, and just plain works. I’m impressed.

Proxies & Captchas

Apreme IO also has proxy support which is awesome to see in a mobile bot. This allows for the possibility of copping multiples. Simply just enter the proxy address in the task section and it’s ready for use.

Apreme also includes a captcha harvester that can be accessed by clicking on the word at the top left corner.

Logging in also just requires to press the google button on the top right once on the captcha page. It’s really simple to set up, and I’m a huge fan of the balance between simplicity and versatility that ApremeIO offers.

My Successes

I ran ApremeIO on Supreme week 5 and week 6 with good success. For week 5, I started my tasks at 9:59:45, and the product (Weave Beanie) was found shortly after 10:00:00.

From there, the bot swiftly went through checkout while I navigated to the captcha page, where I quickly solved it. Sure enough, a few seconds later I had a charge on my card. Week 6 unfortunately did not go my way, as I mentioned in my Slap.IO review.

Besides my clipped gmails, the bot was able to go through all of the steps of the checkout process no problem. I wouldn’t hesitate to use ApremeIO on another drop. It’s not exactly the fastest or most robust, but it’s a good backup just in case something happens and your main bot(s) fail.

What could Apreme improve?

There’s not a lot of bad things to talk about in regards to ApremeIO and their software.

Gmail Account Limitation

One glaring flaw that I can easily spot is that is the limitations to just one gmail per drop that can be utilized. Having more allows you to have a greater chance of a one click ready to use for a checkout, therefore increasing your chances of actually purchasing the product.


Support for the actual bot itself could be improved.

I had a few questions about the bot itself, and while my questions were answered, they could have been answered quicker had someone been online at the time. Not really a complaint, just something that I noticed in the discord group.

Unable to sell or rent

The last thing that’s unfortunate about ApremeIO is that you are unable to rent it out or sell it, since it’s bound to your email and apple ID.

To sell it would mean selling the credentials to your Apple ID as well. Fortunately ApremeIO restocks relatively frequently, so getting a copy should be pretty easy.

apreme io
  • Price
  • Success Rate
  • UI / UX
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • Number of shops

Apreme Captcha, is it any good?

AP Captcha, like I mentioned before, is a one click generator that lives on your desktop or laptop. It’s simple enough; Add your gmail account to the program, add your proxies, and start your tasks. The UI is easy enough to navigate, and is laid out in a way that’s efficient.

The Discord group that’s provided also offers a proxy solution as well by NewYorkKiks. They have dedicated proxies that are extremely useful because their tailored specifically for one click generation, and they don’t expire, unlike a regular proxy plan that expires within a given timeframe. I personally haven’t tried these yet, but I have heard good things about them. I’ll make sure to update this review once I have my final impressions of the proxies.

There isn’t a lot to say about AP Captcha. It does it’s job well, as I achieved one click status one 1 of my 5 accounts within 72 hours. Of course this time is going to vary greatly because not all gmail accounts are treated the same way.

If you’re purchasing ApremeIO, I’d definitely suggest picking this up as well, along with a few gmail accounts. These tools will help you get in the door with supreme botting, as you can use the gmails being used from AP Captcha in ApremeIO. These two pieces of software go together extremely well and can get you started quickly for your supreme botting needs.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Overall, this is a great starter supreme bot. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, but offers enough functionality for beginners to start experimenting with more advanced techniques, such as proxies, one click gmails and more. With ApremeIO only being $95 USD, it’s marginally cheaper than most of the supreme bots, with the same amount of functionality. I would recommend this bot to anyone who is getting started with botting, or anyone who’s looking for a solid mobile backup bot.

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