Dashe is a shopify only bot which has been around for a while. But is it any good? This review will help you figure that out and we will provide some information concerning its sale price and restocks.

dashe bot review

Dashe is a shopify only bot. Some examples of the Shopify sites it supports are: Yeezy Supply, Dover Street Market E-Flash, Bodega, Haven, Kith, Travis Scott, Palace and many more. Dashe has been around for a while and has had periods of being very successful as well as periods of performing badly.

If you want to give Dashe bot a run without buying it, you can rent Dashe from us here. 

Dashe is suitable both USA and UK users. It has a very simple and user friendly user interface which makes it perfect for beginners. It does well on YeezySupply and Funko as well as a few other Shopify sites. You pay $50 every month, rather than one big price. Paying monthly could suit some people more than paying one big price.

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Does Dashe bot really work now? My review

Dashe works sometimes, however it is quite inconsistent. I have had minor success using Dashe on Funko and YeezySupply.

What could Dashe improve on?

Dashe is shopify only, this really limits the amount of drops that their users can go for. Dashe is also very expensive long term, it costs $600 a month, for this price you could buy a much better bot. Dashe could also improve their bots performance, there have been too many Shopify drops that Dashe has failed on, while other bots have cooked.

dashe bot
  • UI / UX
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • Number of shops
  • Success Rate
  • Price

Should I pay extra for access to their discord?

Dashes discord is not that important, all you need is their dashboard. They don’t provide much info / guides in the discord and from my experience it’s more of a chat room. I would not pay any extra for discord access. 

Where can I buy Dashe?

When Dashe restocks, it is sold on https://dashe.io, it is currently sold out. For information on restocks, follow their twitter: @Dashe. If you don’t want to wait for restock, you can buy a renewal copy from a reseller for as low as $30/$40. Lifetime copies can be bought for around $300. Make sure you use a trusted middleman when buying any bot to avoid being scammed. Bot mart is a good place to buy and sell bots. 

Should I buy Dashe?

If you can get a lifetime copy of Dashe for a decent price then it could be worth it. Dashe shouldn’t be used as your main bot, due to it being Shopify only so you would have to buy another bot. Dashe is not worth $50 a month. There are a lot better bots available on the market then Dashe and I would not recommend buying it.

Do you think Dashe is worth $50 every month? We are interested to hear your opinion, let us know in the comments below!



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