Ghost Sneakers is a bot purely for Nike Sneakers releases. Nike Sneakers is Nike’s official app for releasing limited items. Nike’s aim was to eliminate bots by making a raffle like system for their hyped releases. 

Ghost sneakers review

On most hyped drops, users have a set time period (usually 30 mins), to select their size and enter. Winners are then randomly selected and a small bunch of people who entered, are allowed to purchase the shoes. This seems like a system which would stop bots; however Ghost Snkrs allows you to mass enter accounts into the draw. This drastically increases your chances as you can enter hundreds of accounts into the draws.

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When Ghost works, it is a great bot, it drastically increases your chances at coping Nike draws. Ghost also has an account generator in the bot. Ghost also has an access checker for all your accounts, sometimes Nike gives random people access to limited releases and if you have hundreds of accounts it would take forever to manually check each account for access. Ghost allows you to check all your accounts quickly.  

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How much will Ghost Snkrs set me back?

The bot retails for $250, you get 6 months of free updates with this. You have to pay a renewal fee of $150 every 6 months to get updates. There are also lifetime copies available if you buy from a reseller.

What could put people off buying Ghost?

At the end of the day, Nike draws are a raffle and Ghost only increases your chances. This means if you are unlucky, you could still take L’s. Ghost is also very expensive to run. You must ensure you have high quality proxies and accounts so you don’t get banned. I will go into more details about proxies and accounts for Nike later on. Buying high quality accounts and proxies can be very expensive. The renewal cost of Ghost is also quite pricey. 


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Proxies and Nike accounts

When using Ghost or any bot that mass enters accounts into Nike draws, it is very important to buy high quality proxies and accounts. There are very cheap Nike accounts for sale but they are verified with Chinese numbers, this is risky as they are more likely to get banned and you will have wasted your money. It is important to get high quality accounts which have been verified with a US or UK number from a trusted seller. You shouldn’t have to buy accounts often and they are crucial for success.  I recommend investing into good accounts. High quality proxies are also very important when using Ghost. Nike have been known to ban accounts that have been using bad proxies, using residential proxies will reduce the chances of getting banned. I would recommend getting around 300-400 Nike accounts to start with. 

Do I need to pay extra for Discord access?

With most bots they have lots of different features that can be confusing, so being in the bots discord is very important to help you set up. However, with Ghost it’s quite simple, so being in the discord isn’t 100% necessarily. Ghost reduces in price significantly when sold without access to their discord, if you are on a tight budget then buying Ghost without discord access could be a good choice.

Where can I buy it Ghost Snkrs?

Ghost rarely restocks in limited quantities on however, it is currently sold out. For information on restocks, follow their twitter: @GhostAIO. Bear in mind that they have the same twitter account for their Sneakers bot and their footsites bot. If you don’t want to wait for restock, you can buy from a reseller. Make sure you use a trusted middleman when buying any bot to avoid being scammed. Bot mart is a good place to buy and sell bots. 

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