Hastey bot is a supreme/small Adidas bot, but does it work? This is an honest review on Hastey Supreme bot.
hastey bot

Hastey bot blew up when it cooked most of the stock of week 1 Supreme and blew its resale price to $500 per key from $80. Hastey success did not last another week, Hastey flopped every week after that. Hastey’s dev has then went quiet since last supreme season. His mods have announced of something planned aka 1.0. 

Does Hastey bot work?

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As of right now Hastey bot does work for Supreme but only for restocks, initial drop is very bad for Hasty. They did launch a new Adidas part of the bot which is still a work in progress but I would like to say that it will not be used for a long time as Adidas changed their way of release. So far this is a one hit wonder bot. I have had hope in Hastey for a long time and really hope 1.0 lives up to the hype the mods are giving it.

How can Hastey Supreme bot improve?

As hastey is still in its creation process I believe hastey should definitely upgrade their checkout auto delay speed as it usually stays at 4 seconds, the item is usually out of stock by then. 1.0 needs to pooky destroy as they havent for the time being, 1.0 also needs to repair their performance issues as it crashes a lot and doesn’t like to start fast (takes a minute) which is very slow compared to other bots.


  • UI / UX
  • Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Price
  • Success Rate
  • Number of shops

Will I continue to use Hastey in the Future?

My answer to this is yes i will use Hasty Supreme bot in the future as it is a very good bot and easy to setup so it feels like no time wasted and why not run a bot when it takes seconds to setup. I believe this bot will continue to upgrade every week. Excitingly this bot will be upgraded soon with 1.0

What proxies are recommended and should I use a Server?

I would recommend no proxies, as I said before, they use a stock checker using a different ip so you wont get banned. This also is upon all bots as Supreme stopped banning ips you really don’t need proxy. A server isn’t really needed for Supreme unless in use of a proxy i personally do not use proxies and i cop a lot so i think you should be able to also. 

My personal experience using Hastey bot

I personally really like this bot, they have the keywords, colors, and sizes all set as soon as you enter a product and that is so helpful when running for multiple items or when your lazy and don’t want to follow a keyword guide.

They also have a really cool auto delay function which during release determines pooky and with create a delay that will ensure that you will not get detected by pooky. I have cooked many times on restocks. But only restocks only sadly. I cooked the honda helmet, (6) 8 ball hoodies, and many more.

It’s also amazing that the bot doesn’t use your ip while waiting for stock and waiting for restocking which is really good because it ensures that your ip does not get banned before release. The webhook is also very descriptive where it shows the profile, checkout delay, the size, and color. Another very cool thing it has is it consists of the full drop list on the dashboard of the bot so you know what looks like what and that’s also very helpful.

There is another cool addition is a task scheduler which is great when you are not home and don’t want to start.

George has nearly used every publicly available bot in his over 2 years of botting. Having made a solid 5 figures in reselling, he knows his stuff. Yeezy’s are his top cooking pick.

George Zaia



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