In a world of confusing bots, lengthy guides, and complex setups, Supreme is harder to cop more than ever. Slap IO bot plans to change that with their simple UI.

I tested their bot on Supreme week 6, which was an especially tough release, with the Honda and fox collaborations dropping at the same time.

The biggest question is. Can Slap IO bot become a competitor in an already saturated bot market? The answer is complicated.

slap bot review

Before I get into my initial impressions, I do want to point out that this bot is still in its beta stages. This is not the finished product, as I’m sure that fixes and improvements will come in the near future.

The whole process of setting up the bot and installing is pretty painless. I managed to get a free key, courtesy of SGCooks, so I was able to run on Supreme week 6. I simply went to their website, put in my email and password, and started downloading  the bot right away. If you need to sign up, that process is also quick and easy, with the account just requiring an email and password.

Upon opening the bot you’ll be greeted with a clean UI, asking for your username and password to access and use the bot. It’s a clean starting interface, nothing confusing, just an email and password.

I am curious as to how security can be updated, because while just having a user pass is effective, I would like to see something along the lines of 2 factor authentication, or a dedicated key that comes with your purchase.

What are the different functionalities Slap IO offers?

Booting up to the main task section feels slow. The bot definitely feels like it could be optimised a lot better, with wait times being slightly longer than I anticipated. The UI however, still carries the theme of simplicity with your tasks, billing, proxies and captcha harvester tabs all on the left in simple drop down menu.

The start, stop and delete all tasks are beneath, with your tasks displayed in the middle. I really like how the developer team added an ‘Upcoming Releases’ layout, as it makes it a lot easier to see what’s dropping, with not a lot of need to consult external factors (cook groups, websites, etc.). The layout also includes an update button to check for updates in the actual bot.

The proxies page is about as simple as it gets. At the top, you have where your proxies will be added into the bot. The bot currently only supports residential proxies, but in practice that’s all you need for Supreme since residential are more consistent and reliable than datacenter.

There’s also a load proxies feature, meaning that proxies can be bulk submitted onto a bot if all of the proxies are on one document. This is an extremely helpful feature, especially if you’re running multiple tasks, as inputting one at a time can be tedious and slow.

The Billing tab is more of the same, in comparison to the proxies tab. Everything is simply laid out in a clean simple manner. Unfortunately, it’s as bare-bone as it gets. I’d also like to see a ‘Jig Address’ option, where the bot would actually do the hard work of jigging the address for you.

Overall, the billing tab needs to be reworked, but since the bot is still in beta I can’t bash it for not having a ton of versatility.

The Captcha Harvester also needs some work. It’s not exactly built into the bot itself, as it opens up a regular chrome window to solve the captchas. While it works for now as a simple harvester, I expect more options and choices on how I want my one clicks to be solved. For example, using different gmails, or having proxies to run multiple accounts, or a simple one click generator would be extremely useful.

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Setting up the bot, how does slap IO work?

Setup is actually pretty straightforward. Clicking the plus button in the upper right corner brings up the setup task section, which breaks it down into two steps. The first is to choose your item.

It’s simple enough; the developers update the bot with new items that drop each week, which makes it super easy for the user, because you can see exactly what you’re purchasing.

This eliminates the need to guess with your own keywords. The next step brings you to the final touches to the task; delay, sizes, and profile information. Size and delay is left up to you, but the discord group that comes with the bot is constantly providing information and insight on how to set it up for the perfect setup.

The whole process is painless, easy, clean and works very well. Unfortunately, it is lacking some features that I would have appreciated during my time of testing, such as having a bulk method of making tasks.

Having to go through the whole process of making the tasks over and over again became tedious, so possibly having just a notification that pops up saying the task was created would be a lot more beneficial to people with multiple profiles going for multiples of the same item. It’s not a huge deal, but was one of the issues I had during my time with Slap bot.

My experience using Slap bot

I made about 10 tasks total. As I mentioned earlier, I was testing on Supreme week 6, which was an especially competitive drop, especially with the Honda and Fox collaboration being that same week.

I started my tasks at 9:59:45, and at 10:00:03 my tasks picked up the helmet, which was what I was wanting. The bot smoothly went through all of the checkout steps no problem, but unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way this drop that some of my gmails were clipped.

Because of this, I was unable to checkout, and could not get past captcha. If I had working gmails the bot would have been able to checkout. All around though the bot performed pretty well. I wouldn’t classify it as one of the fastest supreme bots out there, but it’s definitely a step above manual and a couple other supreme bots.


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My concluding thoughts 

Slap bot at heart is a simple Supreme bot. While in beta, it has shown some potential in itself, the overall bot needs more features than what it has now. Top tier bots like F3ather, Sieupreme and MEK all have robust controls and features to allow the user to perfectly tune their setup to his or her desires.

While Slap IO can’t quite deliver the same experience, it’s a great starter bot for someone new to the reselling world, or any person with a low bot usage, looking to cop their favourite Supreme pieces. At the end of the day, the beta shows the potential for the bot to increase in the ranks, but until developers add increased functionality, it remains as a functional starter bot.

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