Splashforce is one of the most known bots on the market, being in the game for more or less 2 years.

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At the beginning it was an Adidas only bot, but when 3.0 came out some months ago, it added Supreme, Shopify (only Kith and YeezySupply), and Dick’s.

It has 2 different options for Adidas. The first is autocheckout, which allows you to checkout on Splash page drops. It also has Raffle mode, where it enrolls your Adidas verified accounts in the App Draw.

Very easy to use, some buttons like “Check for updates” and “Guide” don’t work right now (you can find the last update and the guide in their Discord Server). 

45 Actionable Items & Tips in (1) ultimate botting checklist.

But does it work?

Yes, it does. From November 2018 until May/June 2019 no updates were pushed, but maybe because Yeezys hadn’t so high resale value.

In May/June 2019 when Yeezy became hype again, Splashforce pushed out 3.0 version.

It added Adidas Autocheckout and Supreme. Personally, i ran 25 tasks on Adidas for Yeezy 350 Lundmark and i was able to checkout x1 5 US using Splashforce.

When Adidas introduced draws, Splashforce added the Raffle mode. You have just to verify (or buy already verified) accounts, put them in the bot, select Raffle mode and the bot will do the rest.

In addition, Iwan (Splashforce dev & owner) added Dick’s, who was dropping Yeezy 350 Cloud White and Yeezy 350 Citrin. Splashforce literally did the cookout, people got tons of Yeezy in bae sizes: https://twitter.com/Splashforcebot/status/1175439926801903616.

What could be improved?

First of all, the support team could be improved. You only have the bot, the guide and you have to find your best setup through trial and error. This is because often support team won’t help you answering your questions, or they’ll answer but after a long time (in my experience, 10 days).

Also, often updates and release guide are pushed the same day of the drop, sometimes only 2 or 3 hours before the drop, so you have to do a last minute setup.
If you are a beginner with bots, maybe release guides can be a bit hard for you since a lot of things are left out because maybe support team assume that you have a basic bot knowledge.

Auto Update system. The bot has “update” button but it doesn’t work right now, so you have to download and install it every time they push a new update.
Shopify and Supreme must be improved, not so many success on these platforms.

  • UI / UX
  • Success Rate
  • Price
  • Number of shops
  • Regular Updates
  • Support

My personal experience: 

When I purchased it in June 2018 it was a good bot, but then I replaced it with Latchekey, because Latchkey has the “loop carting” option. With Splashforce 2.0 you could do 1 cart for one task, instead with Latchkey after carted, the task restart itself.

When they pushed out 3.0 version with Autocheckout, I paid the “migrate fee” (60$).

I ran 3.0 for the first time with Yeezy 350 Lundmark and with 25 tasks I was able to get x1 5.5 US.

After that, Adidas started with raffles, but Splashforce has overcome this problem introducing Raffle Mode (it is the first and only bot with this feature right now). 

What I appreciate with Splashforce is that when members need to cook because hype drops are coming, Splashforce always figures out a solution to improve users chances. 

They introduced Raffle Mode, but also to ensure that everybody would have a chance, they added Dick’s and this was the winning move: literally everybody copped at least one Yeezy on Dick’s.

Success rate seems low, especially on Adidas, but trust me, that’s because 80% of the users don’t know how to use it. If you do a lot of tests, you’ll find the right setup and you’ll cook.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Yes, because the Splashforce dev showed that he can do whatever he wants. He found a solution for Adidas adding Raffle Mode, he added Dick’s which is only supported on 2 or 3 bots. Definitely, if you find good proxies, you understand how to use it and you do a lot of tests, you will cook with it.

Experienced Italian sneakerhead. Owns 10+ sneaker bots. First flip was Yeezy 700 Wave Runner for €360. Staff at multiple Italian Cook Groups.

Nicolò Floriani



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  1. RoninNupe

    Splashforce has been crazy cooking recently. It’s price is mostly reflected by how hard it cooks + the value of the upcoming yeezy drop. How Yeezy’s will continue to resell will be the primary factor. I own 3 copies of Splashforce I got for close to retail, and they have more than paid for themselves.


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