Trick bot is a Supreme only bot, it became famous in SS18 and reached its highest point during FW 18 when it ate the Box Logo stock. During SS19 it had consistent success too, cooking the Supreme x Swarovski collection. However, from the last two weeks of SS19 until now, its successes dropped considerably. What happened?

Trick bot review

Trick bots UI is very clean, the bot is really easy to set up. Before every drop a set of suggested keywords are uploaded, so you can choose your product between suggested keywords and your personal choice. You can assign a specific proxy to a specific task, you can set monitor delay and checkout delay. There is the possibility to schedule tasks and it has an in-bot captcha harvester.

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Does Trick bot work?

Well, to be honest this season success are really low and the bot doesn’t give positive feelings to the users community as opposed to Adept.

There was a big problem: the Trick Supreme bot dev had some personal problems and he couldn’t update the bot from May until the last week of September, so basically users used the same version for that period of time. Supreme is constantly changing, for this reason success dropped. However, some cops still come every week with the last season version.

At the end of September, the dev came back and he pushed a new update, but despite this, only 1 or 2 members were successful.


Where could Trick Supreme bot improve?

Performance: Supreme is changing almost every week and a Supreme bot needs to be updated every time Supreme makes a change. To be able to cop with a non-updated bot is quite impossible. The dev has been out of the game for months, so he needs time to familiarize himself with the website again. 

Stability: The bot has several bugs. A lot of time the bot doesn’t open, or it says that an error has occurred, especially if you install it on a server. 

Captcha Solver: As the bot it is quite unstable during drops, sometimes the tasks are stuck on “waiting for captcha” but you can’t see a single captcha in the solver. Sometimes you won’t get one-clicks, even though your gmail has them, or you can’t open the captcha solver from the bot.

trick io
  • Price
  • UI / UX
  • Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Number of shops
  • Success Rate

What setup is recommended?

Proxies are not necessary if you run a small amount of tasks, if you run more than 10 tasks you need proxies, I personally run Ignify UK residentials and Blank UK datacenters. A server is not necessary, use it only if your connection is really bad. If you run from a server, you must use proxies.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Yes, I will. Despite the bot failing and the bad feeling from the community and the resale price, I’ll continue to use this bot. The dev demonstrated in the past that he can always figure out a solution. Maybe he needs time to come back, but I’m sure Trick Supreme bot will have successes before the end of this season. 

I have a Renewal copy and last season, due to pooky, the owner didn’t ask us to renew our copies to apologize for a few weeks of no success. He did the same thing this season because of his personal problems. I think that he is a very great person, not only as a dev but also as a human being. He basically worked for over one year without asking for renewals. I still purchased another bot to make up for it though.

If you are looking for a solid Supreme bot then Trick bot isn’t the best for you right now. But if you have 75$ or less to invest, and you want to gamble, you can buy a lifetime copy of Trick. I’m pretty confident it is going to come back very soon.

Experienced Italian sneakerhead. Owns 10+ sneaker bots. First flip was Yeezy 700 Wave Runner for €360. Staff at multiple Italian Cook Groups.

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