The sneaker game has become harder than ever, meaning people need bots to purchase the latest and most limited sneakers or streetwear online.

how to buy a sneaker bot

Getting a bot isn’t as easy as you think, new bot developers and owners have recently found an interest in creating “hype” around their bots by only restocking a limited number of bots each restock. Bots can vary with sell-out times depending on the “hype” and success that the bot has.

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Below, we have featured some of the best ways to purchase a bot and where you can get the best deals.

Buy a Supreme or Sneaker bot at retail, still possible?

Buying bots can be frustrating, tiring and most of all, expensive. The best way to avoid paying humongous prices for some of the best bots on the market is buying them from the bot company itself which means you will pay a fraction of the price you would pay for resell.

However, people can find it extremely hard to getting even close to purchasing some of the most sought-after bots such as Kodai and Cyber due to the massive demand the bot has and the limited stock they sell.

To increase your chances of copping these limited bots, it is recommended that you should follow all and turn on push notifications for these bots on twitter, so when they restock you will know about it.

Although following the bot accounts on twitter is a good method for increasing your chances manually through your phone when these bots conduct a surprise restock, they are not as efficient when they organize a restock at an announced time. This is due to a lot more demand meaning the site can lag and people could be faster than you.

People also tend to develop programs that post the tweets before twitter can even display this on your screen. To be able to access these programs you will need to join a “cook group”, they can provide these programs to increase your chances even more so that you can get the bot you desire.

Buying a bot at resell price? Hope you have deep pockets

If you discover you find it very hard to purchase these bots off of the company for the cheap prices, you can pay extra so that you are guaranteed the bot that you wanted.

Bots can vary in resell prices in a similar way to limited sneakers and streetwear, but the price is usually determined by the amount of success the bot has. You will want to purchase a bot with a high amount of success for the lowest price possible. Examples of bots that do very well consistently are Cyber and Kodai.

There are many places you can buy bots but only a few can provide a safe marketplace to ensure you do not get scammed. Although some of these marketplaces demand high fees for their services it is the only way to purchase a bot safely.

These companies can include which provides a service in discord using trusted middlemen to transfer the bot and the money.

There are also online companies such as which provide a quick transfer and purchase, but the service is slightly more expensive to buy from.

Groupbuy are still a decent option to get a bot

Paid or sometimes free groups (usually called “cook groups”) help provide opportunities for members of the group to buy limited bots if the owners or moderators are friends with an owner or if the bot offers the group a group buy.

Group buys are usually running in separate channels in discord and are usually FCFs (First Come First Serve) meaning even these drops do not guarantee you a copy of the bot.

However, group buys are not given to members regularly due to it being hard for the cook group owners to contact the bot owners due to lots of demand from all groups for a group buy.

Nonetheless, this is a great solution to get bots for retail, but you will need to join specific groups who have lots of connections to bot owners and PRs to be able to have access consistently to these group buys.

Giveaways are nearly impossible to get

Companies tend to giveaway products for celebrations in exchange for a follow and retweet on twitter, in these events they will give away copies of their bot. This is one of the best ways to get a bot because you get the bot for free however, you will find it nearly impossible to get the bot because usually, only one person will win out of the thousands of entries.

Giveaways can be very good but the chances of you winning are still extremely low.

Beta Keys are a great way of getting a bot if experienced

Beta keys are a great way to get a bot, but you will only be able to get these if the bot is new and is currently offering beta keys.

You will usually be able to fill out a form for the possibility to use the bot for a short period as the bot tries to fix issues and bugs so that on the final release of the bot will be working without issues.

They might also offer beta keys to friends and groups who have relations with the bot owners so I would highly recommend you join a group so you can get a beta key if they are offered in your group.

There could also be a possibility to win giveaways that the bot offers on twitter for beta keys which will give you a higher chance than normal giveaways due to them giving away lots more copies.

Eventually, if you do get a beta key and the beta period comes to an end, you will usually be offered a chance to buy a full release copy as a thank you for helping them fix and perfect their product.

We would highly recommend you join a cook group, follow all of your favorite and the most sought after bots on twitter to help increase your chances drastically in getting a bot that will help you consistently with your reselling game.

Toby loves botting because he can interact with lots of people while making an income to save for the future. His best cop is 8 black Sacais. Oh and he likes to trade cryptos.

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