As an experienced botter myself I try my best to not make the mistakes below, but these 10 mistakes listed below I feel like are some of the most common and worst mistakes a sneaker botter can make.


Spending too much money while purchasing a bot

Whether you are a newcomer into the sneaker botting world or a veteran it is hard for anyone to spend the ridiculous resell prices of bots like Cybersole or Hawkmesh. If you were to spend the ~$4000 resale price of Cybersole it would take months of drops to make your money back.

Especially as a beginner, this can be very difficult, knowing you have to make $4000 just to break even. I suggest you come into the bot market with a strict budget or try to get bots through group buys and/or restocks.


45 Actionable Items & Tips in (1) ultimate botting checklist.

Research proxies and servers before buying

Often when I assist new sneaker botters with servers and/or proxies they often tell me that they spend upwards of $30 even $50 per release. You do not need to spend $30 on proxies and servers to cop. Refer to reviews in servers such as Tidal Marketplace and AYCD marketplace, the most expensive does not always translate to better.

AWS servers work great and their servers per release if you buy credits can cost less than $5. Proxies are the same way, you can get 1GB proxy plans for a release for less than $10 and they will work great. Make sure not to overpay for proxies and servers.

Not keeping track of your expenses and profits

A mistake that even veteran sneaker botters make is not keeping track of their expenses and profits with each bot. While this is now easier because many AIO bots offer an analytics tab it is still good to keep either an excel spreadsheet or another method to keep track of profits and expenses.

It is good to also keep track of your expenses, I know a lot of botters who buy every group buy they see and this leads to them having multiple bots that do exactly the same purpose. It is important to keep track of your expenses and profits when botting.

Copmetrics has been a helpful tool for me.

Using the wrong keywords and variants on my bot

I cannot think of an experienced botter that this has not happened to yet. We all mess up on keywords and variants, and sometimes we check out the wrong product. Sometimes it is the bots error as it was in FW18 when Project Destroyer said it checked out shirts when it really checked out socks.

Other times its user error. It is horrible to accidentally waste your money on a product you may not be able to return and it will not have resale. I suggest to pay extra attention to keywords, and I would suggest using early links over keywords so this does not happen.

Not using negative keywords, price checks or early-links

I cannot stretch the importance of using negative keywords, price checks, and early links. Negative keywords are not used nearly as much as positive keywords even though it has a very beneficial purpose of telling the bot what to not look for, it helps preventing accidentally checking out an unwanted product.

Price Checks are again very helpful, you can set the price range at which the product you want will be set at and it will rule out other products at different price ranges.

Lastly, early-links if correct are very helpful to help you check out because they would provide the exact link that the bot needs to visit. This accounts for the least amount of bot error and the highest chance that you will get your hyped items!

Purchasing bots with little to no success

Bots are becoming more widespread than ever before, new bots are seemed to develop every week. Although with increased bot-protection on sites such as Supreme with Pooky API, Shopify with increased Anti-Bot and JD Sports with Akamai bot protection lots of bots show little to no success yet people are still buying them for hundreds of dollars.

Only buy bots that you are confident that you can obtain hyped streetwear and shoes from. You can view success from bots on each release on Botmart, (invite listed below)


Not getting one-clicks or aged email accounts

One-clicks are not necessary to obtain shoes and streetwear for each release but it definitely helps. Software such as AYCD can help you automate the captcha solving process and not having you to have to manually solve each captcha.

I’ve increased my success when I use software such as Easycaptcha and AYCD so I would recommend it to all botters. Additionally, aged Gmail accounts can help you get one clicks for releases and you can find them for sale on Botmart, (listed above).

Inform yourself before you purchase a bot

Each site has its own measures of anti-bot and that changes the delays that you should set for each site. This calculator below is generally a good indicator of ratios for most Shopify sites but in order to know the best ratios I suggest you join a cook group, (bots that work discord is free and listed below!)



Expecting to get every single release

By being a botter you have a significant advantage of someone who is just going manual but that does not mean you are going to get every single release.

You are going to take losses sometimes, but there is always going to be another drop and eventually, you are going to keep on getting those hyped drops over and over again. It is all too common that I see newcomers think that they have a 100% chance of getting a hard shoe to get like Yeezy reflective or Jordan 1’s and then they are disappointed that they did not get it, know that you will take some losses with your bot.

Getting cracked bots and software

Sneaker bots are unlike other computer programs in that they store your  data and use it to check out hyped goods. This is great but what if someone were to use this data for the purpose of carding or other illegal purposes?

Cracked bot owners can likely see the information your store into the bot as well as you have to wait longer for updates and it might crash. Also, the risk of getting discord banned is always a strong possibility. With the number of risks associated with cracked bots it is best not to use them at all. Additionally, the hard-working developers would get no money from the sale, all of the money would go to the crackers.

These are some of the most common mistakes made by newcomers and veterans in the sneaker community, and I hope this can help you in your future botting endeavors!

American sneakerhead with over two years of copping experience. Mostly reselling on Stadium and Fight Club, but his own store is on the verge of opening soon.

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