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They are very fast because they have a good amount of computing cores and a very fast download and upload speed.

Sneaker servers are not a must but they will significantly increase your chance of getting limited items at retail price.

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How does a sneaker server work?

A Sneaker server essentially is a Windows machine that you can remotely access from your computer or your mobile phone.

The servers act and behave like a normal Windows PC. You can install anything, run your favorite programs, browse the internet, etc. The only real difference is speed.

As mentioned before, these servers are hosted in very fast datacenter servers and make use of a good amount of virtual cores and a high internet speed to increase the processing speed of the bot you are running on it.

They are most of the time located in places like Ashburn (Virginia) or Charlotte (North Carolina).

They are located here because these locations are very close to hyped retailers and ensure you the fastest response time.

These servers keep running 24/7, even when you aren’t connected to them, this essentially means you can schedule tasks and let your server and bot(s) do the rest.

Conclusion: Windows servers are much faster than regular PC’s and can run way more tasks.

Where can I buy a sneaker server?

You can buy your own sneaker server from various providers.

There are multiple providers on the market, these providers offer multiple pre-configured server plans especially made for running bots and getting limited items.

The prices for servers are monthly and they usually can’t be refunded because they are digital products.

Here’s a list of reputable sneaker server providers:

  •   Iced Out Servers
  •   Sneaker Server
  •   Drip Servers
  •   10x Servers
  •   Oculus Servers
  •   Mainly Servers
  •   IGNIFY Servers
  •   NSB servers

Is there a place I can practice with these servers?

Yes! You can practice with servers free of charge before buying a good one.

This can be done at;

  •   Google Cloud Servers (GCS)
  •   Amazon Web Services (AWS)

You can practice setting up servers at these companies, Google gives you 300$ when you sign up for a GCS account.

In your GCS dashboard you can setup servers to practice with.

How do I setup a server at GCS?

  • If you don’t already have a GCS account, you can create one free of charge. Go to
  • If you haven’t purchased any services yet, you can start a free trial. When you create an account and verify it with your credit card, Google lets you start off with a credit of 300 USD.
  • Click “Go to console”.
  • Create a project, head to the ”Computer Engine” and select ”VM Instances”. Fill out the necessary info and press  the ”Create” button.
  • Select a region or zone you want to create a server in. (If you want to create a server in Virginia, select us-east4, or for a server in North Carolina, choose us-east1.
  • For Machine type use a Norm type. Since you have a free trial and start off with $300 free credits, it is best to “upgrade” and utilize the services you are free to access, I would suggest to create a server with 8(n1-standard-8)-16(n1-standard-16) cores, (the server uses an amount of money from the free credits every hour).
  • For the Boot Disk, Windows Server 2012 r2 Datacenter, 2016 Datacenter or 2019 Datacenter (not Datacenter Core) is recommended, but it will depend on your bot. Change the boot disk type to SSD persistent disk, 50-60GB should always be enough.
  • Make sure to allow both HTTP and HTTPS traffic, these are essential to bot.
  • Wait a bit till your server is booted up, when that’s done, go to RDP to set the username. You can use any remote desktop program to connect to the server, GCS also gives you one, you are free to use whichever one you want.
  •  Enter the IP GCS gave you, the username you chose and the password GCS gave you into the remote desktop program and connect.
  • Let the Server manager open up and when it is open, go to Local Server and click next to IE enhanced security configuration where it says “on”.
  • A little window pops up, make sure to turn both options to off and click ok.
  • You’re done! From here on you can download your bots and all other stuff you want. (make sure to deactivate your bots before you turn the server off).

How do I setup a sneaker server with real sneaker providers?

Providers that actually provide servers specifically made for sneaker botting give you an IP, a Username and a password beforehand, you don’t need to do anything, they should be ready to use instantly. You can connect to the server with a remote desktop program and download the bots you want to use on there.

Before you close the server/stop your subscription, make sure to deactivate your bots from the server and get any files from them you want.

Do I need to use proxies when using a server?

Yes! You need proxies, these servers are most likely IP banned because they are in a big datacenter. Proxies are essential to bot from a server.

When choosing / generating your proxies, make sure they are located very close to your server location or to the store location for the best speeds, before the drop you should always test your proxies from these server, I would recommend FOG LDN proxy tester as it is very accurate, only keep the best / fastest proxies and use those.



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