Sneaker bot rental

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legit supreme and sneaker bot rentals

More than just bot rental. We provide fast support and detailed tutorial videos on how to use the bot. 

Email us on [email protected] for questions.

Bots for rent

The more weeks you rent a bot, the lower the price.
Sneaker bot rental at it’s finest. Get your hands on the bots that cop the best with fast support and tutorials.

Bots owned by BTW for rent

We are aggressively building our collection of bots, so be sure to come back regularly and check on our new bots for rent.

With a bigger collections we can offer you the best bots at the best rental prices and can be a reliable place to find bot rentals.

No more overpriced sales prices or stress in getting a bot, we make making your botting a bit easier.

Frequently asked questions

What bots will be available for sneaker bot rental?

BTW will be the main vendor of bots for rent. The available bots will continuously be expanding and besides the ones you already see on this page we will be offering Hawk Mesh, Cyber bot rental, Project Destroyer, Ganesh bot, Force Cop, and many more.

What payment methods will you accept to rent a bot?

We currently accept Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.

How will you be able to stock scarce bots like Cyber bot for rent?

We have our own vault of bots available and we are expanding that collection aggressively. We will also be having partnerships with select botting companies and recruiting a stream of bot brokers.

How long can I rent a bot for?

You will be able to rent bots from 24 hours to 6 months at a time. The longer you rent them the lower the price.

Is Discord access included?


How would renting a bot instead of buying one make more sense?

Maybe you only need a bot for a certain release and buying a bot for full retail or resale price wouldn’t make any sense. Some of the bots we offer are also constantly sold out, so getting your hands on one when you need it can be difficult.

Who am I renting out the bots from?

For now we are focused on renting out our own bots. is a part of BotsThatWork OU, located in Estonia.

How will our pricing work?

Bot rental prices will depend on the bot and how long a rental period you take it for. Typically the longer the period the lower the price.

What is you refund policy?

In general we don’t allow refunds, but if there is clearly something wrong with the bot due to our mistake we will of course give you a refund or extend your bot rental period.