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A few of the bots on the marketplace

The hottest sneaker bots on the market are for rent.

Here’s a few of the bots on the marketplace

The hottest sneaker bots on the market are for rent.

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BTW Sole of Approval

The BTW Sole of Approval is given to those sellers that we have personally verified.  That means they have a clean track record to deliver what they promise. 

What will BTW sneaker bot marketplace offer?

BTW Market will be a sneaker bot marketplace with security and ease of use as a top priority.

Sneaker bots. The biggest selection of bot rentals on the market. BTW Sneaker bot marketplace will be the number one source of rentals.

Residential and datacenter proxies. You’ll find proven to work residential proxies in stock that will make proxies a problem of the past.

Services. Verified sellers will offer you add to cart services, real Nike accounts, bot set ups, you name it.

Frequently asked questions


What payment methods will you accept on the bot marketplace?

On our bot marketplace we will likely be accepting Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.

How will you be able to meet the high demand for certain sneaker bots?

We have our own vault of bots available and we are expanding that collection aggressively. We will also be having partnerships with select botting companies and recruiting a stream of bot brokers.

How long will payouts take?

Typically payouts take 7 days. This is for security purposes so no one can run off with their payments before an order is confirmed. Its the end of fraud in sneaker botting.

How do I rent out my sneaker bot on the marketplace?

It is as simple as creating your listing on the marketplace. There may be a short approval period before you see it online. 

What kind of services will be provided other than bots for sale?

We will be covering all the essential services. Here are most of them:

– Add to cart sercives
– Verified accounts – Nike, Adidas, Supreme,  Gmail.
– Proxies – Residential

Bot set ups – showing exact set ups that are working now.

Who will be the sellers of BTW Market?

You could be a seller as we are currently taking on new sellers. You sign up on Discord here. However, it will be a mix of offerings from BTW, partnerships with official sellers of brand name bots and proxies, as well as sellers we have verified. 

How will our pricing work?

We take a 10% fee for managing and promoting the marketplace. With that we also do our best to prevent fraud.