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  • Adept Bot

    Adept Bots

    • Rapid Checkout Speeds: Essential for securing products during high-demand releases.
    • Proxy Support: Provides users with added layers of anonymity and faster connection speeds.
    • Mobile App: On-the-go access for users to manage their activities.
    • Restock Mode: Ensures users don’t miss out on surprise product restocks.
    • Captcha Solver: A tool to swiftly solve captchas, streamlining the checkout process.
    • Extensive Site Support: From Supreme to Shopify and footsites, Adept Bots covers a wide range of online retailers.
  • You AIO Bot

    AIO Bot

    • Versatile Website Support: AIO Bot boasts compatibility with over 100 websites, ensuring users can target a wide range of sneaker releases. This includes major platforms such as Yeezysupply, Shopify, and Footsites, with imminent support for Nike SNKRS.
    • User-Centric Design: The bot is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing both beginners and seasoned sneakerheads to easily input their preferences, select sneakers, and automate the buying process.
    • Cross-Platform Operability: Catering to a broad audience, AIO Bot functions seamlessly on both Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring no user is excluded based on their OS preference.
    • Proven Track Record: Since its inception in 2014, AIO Bot users have successfully secured hundreds of thousands of limited sneakers. Over 10,000 testimonials on platforms like Twitter vouch for its effectiveness in the sneaker-copping realm.
    • Affordable Pricing with Rich Features: Priced at $299.00 annually, AIO Bot V2 offers value for money with features like unlimited tasks, automatic checkout, and a Shopify monitor.
  • Better Nike Bot

    Better Nike Bot

    • Wide Support: BNB supports various Nike sites, with the exception of Nike China, and is compatible with the Nike SNKRS app and draws.
    • Unlimited Accounts: Users can operate an infinite number of accounts, increasing the chances of copping those coveted sneakers.
    • Keyword Monitor: This feature is particularly helpful for surprise drops, ensuring users don’t miss out.
    • Account Management: From creating Nike+ accounts (up to 5 per day) to checking the status of verified accounts and orders, BNB offers comprehensive account management tools.
    • Checkout Features: The bot boasts an auto CC browserless checkout for the USA and a special browser for the checkout process.
    • Proxy and Multi-threaded Support: These features ensure faster operations and reduced chances of IP bans.
    • Compatibility: While BNB is designed for Windows, Mac users can run the bot using a Windows emulator.
    • Updates: Upon purchase, users receive free updates for six months, ensuring they benefit from the latest features and improvements.
  • BotBroker logo


    • Direct Marketplace: Enables straightforward transactions without middlemen.
    • Authenticity Guaranteed: Collaborates with bot companies to verify every key.
    • Diverse Bot Selection: Offers popular bots like Cybersole, Prism, and Balko.
    • User-Friendly: Simplified buying and selling processes with immediate bot access for buyers.
    • Transparent Fees: Charges sellers 9% and buyers 7% on transactions.
    • High Security: Prioritizes safe transactions, reducing scam risks.
  • Botmart


    • Extensive Bot Collection: Users can browse through a vast selection of partnered bots, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their needs.
    • Secure Transactions: BotMart promises a smooth transaction process, whether you’re buying from staff listings or from other users.
    • Integrated Support: Every transaction is accompanied by a private ticket with a seller and a staff member, ensuring that support is always at hand.
    • Instant Payouts: Sellers receive their payments through Stripe, a trusted payment platform, within 3-5 days of the rental’s conclusion.
    • Bot Rentals with Benefits: Frequent users enjoy rewards such as reduced platform fees for sellers and feeless rentals for returning buyers.
    • Dashboard with Insights: Users can easily track their spending, view transaction statistics, and manage their rentals all in one place.
  • cybersole


    • Extensive Retailer Integration: The platform boasts support for over 250 global retailers, offering users a versatile shopping experience. This includes major names like Shopify, Kith, Supreme, Footlocker US, and many others.
    • Customization & Control: Cybersole 5.0 offers users unparalleled customization options. From setting up advanced notifications and keyboard shortcuts to employing billing randomization and choosing from multiple captcha providers, users have complete control over their experience.
    • Dedicated Support: Recognizing the challenges users might face, Cybersole provides a dedicated support team ready to assist at any time, ensuring a smooth and efficient user journey.
    • Impressive Track Record: Cybersole’s efficiency is proven by its impressive statistics, boasting over three million successful checkouts, and helping users make significant profits in the reselling market.
    • AI-Driven Features: One of its standout features includes the AI-Powered Captcha Solver, which utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to swiftly tackle captchas, streamlining the checkout process.
  • Easycop Logo


    • Footsites Dominance: Easycop has quickly become the leading bot for Footsites, outperforming rivals and securing top sneakers from platforms like Footlocker and Eastbay.
    • High Success Rate: In just six months, Easycop users secured thousands of pairs, leading to over $4 million USD in profit with an 80% success rate.
    • Advanced Features: The bot boasts tools like a browser spoof, proxy tester, and automatic updates, ensuring optimal performance.
    • Dedicated Support: Easycop actively engages with its community through platforms like Twitter and YouTube and offers dedicated user support.
    • Value Pricing: At $199.00/year, it guarantees value, especially with the brand’s commitment to original purchase rate renewals for early buyers.
    • Cross-Platform: Easycop is compatible with both Windows and MacOS.
  • Exath AIO Logo

    Exath AIO

    • Powerful Engine: Designed to handle thousands of tasks simultaneously without any lag, ensuring smooth operations.
    • Automation Capabilities: Fully automates the sneaker purchasing process, allowing users to bypass queues and secure their desired items swiftly.
    • User-Friendly CLI: Features an intuitive command-line interface that enables users, whether beginners or experts, to navigate and operate with ease.
    • Community Inclusion: Provides users access to a thriving sneaker enthusiast community, fostering learning and collaboration.
    • Extensive Retailer Support: Compatibility with a wide range of online retailers, including Adidas, Footlocker, Shopify, and JD Sports, offering diverse shopping opportunities.
  • Flare Aio Bot

    Flare AIO

    • Vast Website Support: Flare covers a broad spectrum of over 50 sites, from popular ones like Amazon, Footlocker, and Shopify to niche sites such as Soto Store and 43einhalb.
    • Unlimited Tasks and Account Generation: Flare allows users to run unlimited tasks without additional costs and provides built-in tools for fast account generation across multiple sites.
    • One-Click Task Creation: Streamlining task creation for upcoming drops, this feature ensures users can set up swiftly for new releases.
    • Quick Task Configuration: Users can set up tasks swiftly for various websites, ensuring optimal and easy configuration.
    • Data Management: Flare facilitates seamless import and export of software data, along with efficient data grouping for tasks, profiles, proxies, and more.
  • Forcecop

    ForceCop Bot

    • Size Selection: Enables automatic size selection for clothing, shoes, hats, and accessories.
    • Add To Cart & Checkout: Immediately adds the desired item to the cart and completes the checkout process, ensuring users are at the forefront of securing high-demand items.
    • Keyword Finder: Continually refreshes the category page, seeking out preset keywords, ensuring users are the first to grab new releases.
    • Fluid Design: An intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures ease of use.
    • Configurability: Offers users the ability to customize the bot’s settings, ensuring a tailored shopping experience.
    • Autofill: Streamlines the checkout process by auto-populating user information fields, removing the manual entry requirement.
    • Speed: Enhanced loading speeds by navigating through and eliminating unnecessary steps on the Supreme website.
    • Updates: Regular and free updates ensure users always operate the bot’s most efficient version.
    • Informative Newsletters: Weekly newsletters provide users with up-to-date information, ensuring they are always a step ahead.
  • ganesh

    Ganesh Bot

    • User Interface: Ganesh offers an intuitive and sophisticated graphical interface. For those who prefer getting their hands dirty with coding, there’s also a command-line interface.
    • Store Support: The bot supports a myriad of stores, including Finish Line, Hibbett, Slamjam, Snipes, Titolo, Zalando, AW LAB, Solebox, Footsites, Mesh, and more.
    • Real-time Analytics: Integrated analytics allow users to monitor their purchase history in real-time, providing an organized view of successfully checked-out products.
    • Task Management: Setting up tasks is swift and smooth. The bot also supports task grouping, ideal for shock drops and restocks, allowing users to make mass edits without the need for task restarts.
    • Support & Documentation: An extensive documentation page facilitates easy onboarding. Should users encounter issues, the 24/7 support team is ready to assist.
    • Proxy and Server Support: Ganesh Bot supports proxies and servers, ensuring that users can optimize their botting setup for the best chances of success.
  • Hayha Bot Logo

    Hayha Bot

    • Wide Compatibility: Supports both Windows and MacOS without additional hardware needs.
    • High Task Capacity: Can handle 10,000 tasks at once, mimicking a small city of bots.
    • Diverse Site Support: Backs over 40 unique sites, from shoe retailers to giants like Walmart.
    • Expert Team: Developed by a seasoned team with decades of experience.
    • Server Monitoring: Offers server-side product pickups and release management.
    • Affordable: Priced at $50/month, offering value for its features.
    • North American Focus: While globally available, it’s tailored mainly for North American sites.
  • Kickmoji Logo


    • Pricing Structure: Kickmoji’s AIO Bot is priced at $349.99 initially, which includes a free month. After that, there’s a monthly subscription of $29.99.
    • Optimized Performance: The bot is designed for speed and efficiency, allowing users to run thousands of tasks seamlessly with its GUI companion app.
    • Feature-Rich: Notable features include Task Groups for task management, a user-friendly interface through its Launcher, GUI, and CLI, and the ability to run tasks in high volumes without compromising performance.
    • Extensive Support: Kickmoji offers robust support to its users through a dedicated Discord server, ensuring they can navigate releases effectively and address any potential issues.
    • Platform Compatibility: Currently, Kickmoji is compatible with Windows, with potential future support for OSX and Linux.
  • Kodai AIO Logo

    Kodai AIO

    • Versatile Compatibility: Kodai AIO operates seamlessly on both Mac and Windows operating systems, catering to a wider user base.
    • Comprehensive Support: The bot supports a variety of major websites, including Footsites, Shopify, Demandware, and Supreme, offering users a broad spectrum of opportunities.
    • Informative Dashboard: Kodai AIO provides a user dashboard that offers easy access to release news, setup guides, personal analytics, and a release calendar.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The bot boasts an intuitive UI with features like individual profile windows, a dedicated proxy management window, and a Captcha solver, ensuring a streamlined user experience.
    • Impressive Performance: Known for its speed and efficiency, Kodai AIO has demonstrated its prowess during major sneaker releases, securing thousands of pairs for its users.
  • Mek Preme Bot

    MEK Robotics

    • Diverse Product Portfolio: MEK Robotics boasts two prominent sneaker bots in the industry: MEKpreme, tailored specifically for Supreme releases, and MEKAIO, an all-in-one bot supporting various platforms like Shopify, Footsites, Adidas, and Yeezy Supply.
    • Adaptive Technology: MEKpreme is renowned for its capability to detect and adapt to anti-bot measures on the Supreme website. It offers users four unique operational modes, ensuring seamless purchases even with changing site defenses.
    • User-Centric Design: MEKAIO stands out with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive checkout automation, and compatibility across both Windows and Mac operating systems.
    • Consistent Updates: Both MEKpreme and MEKAIO benefit from a dedicated development team that continually refines and updates the bots, ensuring they remain effective against evolving site defenses and anti-botting measures.
    • High Demand: The efficacy and success of MEK Robotics’ bots have led to them being in high demand, often resulting in them being sold out quickly. This popularity has spurred a secondary market where the bots can be purchased, typically at a higher price.
    • Support and Community: MEK Robotics maintains a strong community presence, providing users with valuable resources, updates, and support to maximize their chances of securing limited-edition releases.
  • NikeShoeBot


    • AI-Powered Captcha Solver: NSB integrates advanced AI technology to efficiently solve captchas, speeding up the checkout process and increasing success rates for limited-edition sneaker purchases.
    • Cross-Platform Functionality: Compatible with both Windows and MacOS devices, NSB ensures a seamless experience for users across different operating systems.
    • Versatility with Unlimited Tasks: NSB allows users to run an unlimited number of tasks, maximizing the chances of securing desired sneakers from multiple websites simultaneously.
    • Custom Shopify Module: Beyond mainstream sneaker platforms, NSB offers a specialized Shopify module, enabling users to buy limited items from any Shopify-supported website.
    • Broad Website Support: NSB boasts compatibility with over 100 major platforms, including giants like Shopify, Footsites, Nike SNKRS, and Adidas, making it one of the most versatile sneaker bots in the market.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with both beginners and experts in mind, NSB’s interface is intuitive, ensuring users can easily navigate and optimize their sneaker copping endeavors.