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  • Pricing Structure: Kickmoji's AIO Bot is priced at $349.99 initially, which includes a free month. After that, there's a monthly subscription of $29.99.
  • Optimized Performance: The bot is designed for speed and efficiency, allowing users to run thousands of tasks seamlessly with its GUI companion app.
  • Feature-Rich: Notable features include Task Groups for task management, a user-friendly interface through its Launcher, GUI, and CLI, and the ability to run tasks in high volumes without compromising performance.
  • Extensive Support: Kickmoji offers robust support to its users through a dedicated Discord server, ensuring they can navigate releases effectively and address any potential issues.
  • Platform Compatibility: Currently, Kickmoji is compatible with Windows, with potential future support for OSX and Linux.

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Kickmoji is a premium sneaker bot optimized for speed and efficiency, allowing users to seamlessly run thousands of tasks with its user-friendly interface. Boasting features like Task Groups and a comprehensive support system via Discord, it caters to both novices and seasoned sneaker enthusiasts. With transparent communication and a commitment to community engagement, Kickmoji stands as a leading tool in the sneaker resale market.


Kickmoji offers its AIO Bot at a one-time price of $349.99, which includes a complimentary month. Following this, users are charged a monthly fee of $29.99. It's essential to note that if users fail to renew within 30 days of their last payment, their key will expire.


  • Performance: The bot has been optimized for speed and efficiency. It offers a GUI companion app that makes running CLI tasks seamless. Users can run thousands of tasks effortlessly, a testament to its robust performance-oriented design.
  • Features: Among its standout features are Task Groups, allowing users to create and manage as many task groups as desired. The bot's Launcher, GUI, and CLI are designed for user ease, enabling the creation of thousands of tasks from a home computer.
  • User Success: While the specific successes at the time of viewing were loading, the platform does emphasize real-time showcases of what users have managed to cop, providing tangible evidence of the bot's capabilities.
  • Additional Offerings: For cook group owners or staff, Kickmoji offers an opportunity to obtain free weekly keys, further fostering community engagement.


Kickmoji's AIOMOJI bot emerges as a powerful tool for those looking to secure limited-edition items, especially sneakers. With its user-friendly design, robust performance, and dedicated support, it's a worthwhile investment for both novice and veteran sneaker enthusiasts.


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