Better Nike Bot

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  • Wide Support: BNB supports various Nike sites, with the exception of Nike China, and is compatible with the Nike SNKRS app and draws.
  • Unlimited Accounts: Users can operate an infinite number of accounts, increasing the chances of copping those coveted sneakers.
  • Keyword Monitor: This feature is particularly helpful for surprise drops, ensuring users don't miss out.
  • Account Management: From creating Nike+ accounts (up to 5 per day) to checking the status of verified accounts and orders, BNB offers comprehensive account management tools.
  • Checkout Features: The bot boasts an auto CC browserless checkout for the USA and a special browser for the checkout process.
  • Proxy and Multi-threaded Support: These features ensure faster operations and reduced chances of IP bans.
  • Compatibility: While BNB is designed for Windows, Mac users can run the bot using a Windows emulator.
  • Updates: Upon purchase, users receive free updates for six months, ensuring they benefit from the latest features and improvements.

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Better Nike Bot (BNB) is a specialized software designed for sneaker enthusiasts aiming to secure limited edition Nike footwear. Established as a solution to the fast-selling nature of high-demand sneakers, BNB strives to give its users an edge over manual buyers and other bots.


  • Wide Range Support: BNB is not limited to a single platform. It extends its support to various Nike sites worldwide, excluding Nike China. It is fully compatible with the Nike SNKRS app, catering to both standard purchases and draw-based releases.
  • Unlimited Account Usage: One of the standout features is its ability to handle an infinite number of accounts simultaneously. This massively amplifies the chances of successfully securing a pair of limited-edition sneakers by allowing users to attempt purchases from multiple accounts.
  • Keyword Monitoring: This feature is a boon for sneakerheads. BNB's keyword monitor keeps a vigilant watch for surprise sneaker drops, ensuring that users are always one step ahead and never miss out on unexpected releases.
  • Real-time Notifications: In the fast-paced world of sneaker drops, every second counts. BNB's instant email and text notifications mean users are always in the loop and can react promptly to live drops or any changes.
  • Comprehensive Account Management: BNB simplifies account management by offering a Nike+ account creator, allowing users to set up to 5 accounts per day. It also comes with tools to check the status of verified accounts and a dedicated order checker to monitor purchase statuses.
  • Efficient Checkout Process: BNB takes the hassle out of the checkout process. With features like auto CC browserless checkout (specific to the USA) and a specially designed checkout browser, it ensures a swift and smooth transaction.
  • Proxy Support: Recognizing the importance of proxies in botting, BNB incorporates proxy support, ensuring that user IP addresses remain unbanned and operations are faster.
  • Multi-threaded Operations: BNB is designed to perform multiple operations simultaneously, making it more efficient and increasing the chances of securing sneakers during high-demand releases.
  • Extended Compatibility: While primarily a Windows-based bot, BNB hasn't left Mac users behind. They can run the bot using a Windows emulator, ensuring a broader user base.
  • Regular Updates: The sneaker game is always evolving, and so is BNB. Users are entitled to free updates for six months post-purchase, ensuring they have the latest features and optimal bot performance.
  • Extensive Site Support: Beyond Nike, the All-in-One (AIO) version of BNB offers support for a variety of other popular sneaker and apparel sites, like Footsites, Supreme, Bape, and Yeezy Supply.
  • Interactive User Interface: BNB comes with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and seasoned botters to navigate and utilize its features efficiently.


BNB is available for a one-time fee of $200. This straightforward pricing, without any hidden subscription costs, makes it a viable option for many. For those looking for more extensive capabilities, BNB also offers an All-in-One (AIO) version which supports other popular sites like Footsites, Supreme, and Yeezy Supply.


In the dynamic world of sneaker botting, Better Nike Bot has made its mark. With an array of features tailored to enhance the sneaker-buying experience, it's a worthy contender in the botting community.

While it may have areas for improvement, as echoed by some users, its holistic approach to securing sneakers makes it a notable choice, especially for those just beginning their sneaker botting journey. As always, potential users should do their due diligence and consider their specific needs before purchasing.


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