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$350.00 & Free Shipping

  • Transparent Pricing: Wrath Bot's renewal license is priced at $350 USD for the initial three months, followed by a $50 monthly renewal fee, offering clarity and predictability in terms of cost.
  • Diverse Site Support: The bot supports a range of shopping platforms, including US & CA Footsites, Supreme, Shopify, and YeezySupply, catering to a wide array of shopping preferences.
  • Advanced Shopping Capabilities: Wrath Bot simplifies the process of securing highly sought-after items, ensuring users have a competitive edge during hyped releases.
  • Shopify Bypass: The bot offers both bot protection and a queue bypass system, particularly for Shopify sites, allowing users to navigate through the shopping process faster.
  • Efficient Task Management: Wrath Bot supports multi-tasking, enabling users to run hundreds of tasks simultaneously without overwhelming the system, ensuring seamless checkouts.
  • User-Friendly Design: Wrath Bot boasts a simple and intuitive user interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced bot users.

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In today's digital shopping era, where hyped items sell out within seconds, having a reliable bot can be a game-changer. Wrath AIO, or simply Wrath Bot, has entered the market with the promise of making shopping for coveted items a breeze. Here's a comprehensive review of Wrath Bot and its offerings.

Wrath AIO's primary claim is to simplify the shopping process for highly sought-after items. With hyped releases being notoriously challenging to secure, Wrath Bot aims to level the playing field for enthusiasts and resellers alike.

Advanced Features Galore

Wrath Bot isn't just about making purchases easier; it's about offering a toolset that enhances every aspect of the shopping experience:

  • Shopify Bypass: Wrath AIO has implemented both bot protection and a queue bypass system, ensuring users have an edge when trying to cop from Shopify sites.
  • Multi-Task Support: The bot is designed to handle volume. Users can run hundreds of tasks simultaneously without overburdening the system.
  • User-Centric Design: A highlight of Wrath Bot is its user-friendly interface. It's simple, intuitive, and designed to be used by both beginners and seasoned bot users.
  • Multiple Checkout Modes: Wrath Bot boasts the ability to checkout in mere milliseconds, even bypassing Supreme's stringent bot protection.
  • Analytics: Users can track their orders and view detailed statistics on previous checkouts. This feature is especially beneficial for resellers who need to monitor their spending and sales.
  • Captcha Harvester: One of the banes of online shopping is the captcha system. Wrath Bot addresses this with an efficient captcha harvester that allocates captchas in the most effective manner.

Pricing and Support

A notable aspect of Wrath AIO is its transparent pricing. A renewal license for the bot is priced at $350 USD for the first three months, with a subsequent renewal fee of $50 per month. While the initial investment might seem steep, the bot's features and success rate can justify the cost for many.

In terms of site support, Wrath AIO currently supports US & CA Footsites, Supreme, Shopify, and YeezySupply. This list has the potential to expand, offering users a wider range of shopping platforms.

One minor drawback is the undisclosed restock dates. However, by following Wrath Bot's official Twitter, users can stay updated with restock announcements and other essential updates.


Wrath AIO stands out as a comprehensive tool for securing hyped items. With its suite of advanced features, user-friendly interface, and robust support for multiple shopping platforms, it's a strong contender in the bot market. Whether you're an individual looking to grab the latest sneaker drop or a reseller aiming to maximize profits, Wrath Bot is worth considering.


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