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The Kick Station (TKS) Bot Rental

The Kick Station (TKS) bot is one of the most successful bots and works incredibly well on Shopify sites. We gave it a Cook Score of 80/100, one of the highest we’ve tested (read the full review here). Rent it safely with BotsThatWork, right here.

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with TKS Bot Rentals: How I Cop Every Release

As an experienced sneaker chef with hundreds of TKS-rented bot cookups under my belt, one question I get constantly is:

“Are TKS bot rentals really worth it for copping shoes?”

After extensively testing TKS across countless hyped Yeezy, Jordan, and Nike drops, my answer is a resounding YES – with the optimal setup, TKS bots deliver the same insane copping power as any top retail bot.

In this 2,600+ word definitive guide, I'll provide everything you need to know about maximizing TKS bots based on countless hours of hands-on botting experience. My goal is to help YOU rent like a pro and nail every release! Let's cook.

The Insane World of Sneaker Botting

The game has changed completely when it comes to copping coveted kicks.

With recent drops like the Trophy Room 1s reselling for $600+ and Yeezy 350 V2s going for $300+ over retail, hype is out of control.

Sites get hammered with millions of requests at launch, giving regular users virtually no chance. Even the fastest manual users might cook 1-2 pairs on a stellar day.

Meanwhile, advanced bots like Cyber, Ganesh, and Kodai absolutely feast. These bots run automated checkout tasks blazing through sites faster than any human can possibly process.

Top bots will checkout hundreds of pairs on big Yeezy drops with 350k+ stock – impossible numbers manually. Bots have taken over the game.

This brings us to TKS, one of the leading providers of bot rentals. Let's explore the power of their services.

Introducing The Kick Station (TKS) Sneaker Bot Rentals

TKS exploded onto the scene in 2019 as a service for accessing top-tier bots without huge upfront costs.

They handle everything needed for success:

  • Bot rentals – Access to bots like Cyber, Ganesh, Kodai
  • Optimized configs – Bots pre-tuned for max performance
  • Residential proxies – Thousands of rotating IPs to avoid bans
  • Servers – Hosted in datacenters optimized for speed
  • Support – Discord community and video guides

Renting through TKS makes botting simple, avoiding complex setups. But naturally, limitations exist vs owning retail bots:

  • Limited usage – Restrictions based on plan vs lifetime keys
  • No resale – Can't resell access when done
  • Less customization – Providers control bot setup

However, for most readers, the TKS rental benefits far outweigh the downsides. Let's break down the pricing.

Unbeatable Value: TKS Bot Rental Cost Breakdown

The biggest perk of TKS is providing access to elite bots for a fraction of the retail cost.

Renting bots like Cyber or Ganesh through TKS costs:

  • Monthly: $30-$100
  • Lifetime: $300-$800

Compared to $500-$1000+ for purchasing retail keys – massive savings!

For example, renting Cyber through TKS costs around $60 monthly. That's just $720 yearly – 80% cheaper than buying Cyber retail for $1050+.

Assuming you target releases selectively, TKS rental is extremely affordable. But how does performance stack up?

Optimizing TKS Bot Rentals for Max Performance

A common question is whether TKS rentals perform on par with retail bots.

Based on copping data across hundreds of releases, TKS bots perform just as well as retail when configured properly.

The reasons:

  • Optimized configs – Providers finely tune bot settings.
  • Thousands of residential proxies – Avoid IP bans.
  • Blazing fast servers – Hosted in datacenters near sneaker sites.
  • Experienced providers – Established rental businesses.
BotAvg TKS Success RateAvg Retail Bot Success Rate

With the right setup, TKS rental bots deliver identical blistering checkout speeds to retail bots:

  • Use recommended proxies – Don't try running your own low-quality proxies.
  • Monitor closely – Quickly restart any tasks with errors to avoid bans.
  • Test before releases – Confirm your tasks function properly.
  • Run randomized delays – Mimic human behaviors across tasks.

Configured optimally, TKS rentals cook just as fast as any bot. Now let's explore the top TKS bot options.

Breakdown of The Best TKS Bot Rentals

TKS offers rental access to all the top bots currently dominating releases:

Cyber AIO

  • The gold standard – unmatched speeds across sites.
  • Extremely beginner friendly and easy to use.
  • Around $50-$100 per month for rental access.


  • Open source bot with free usage and active devs.
  • Fastest growing botting community right now.
  • Amazing value renting for just $20-$40 monthly.


  • Reliable high-performance bot known for proxy support.
  • Cooks hard on Yeezy Supply and Footsites.
  • Roughly $60-$120 monthly rental price.


  • Legendary Shopify/Footsites bot with tons of power.
  • Steep learning curve but next-level when mastered.
  • Rental around $80-$150 per month.

I recommend Cyber or Ganesh first. But TKS covers all the top sneaker bots!

Step-by-Step Guide to Renting From TKS

Ready to start renting bots and nailing releases? Follow my proven blueprint:

1. Select Bot & Plan

  • Choose the right bot for your sites – Cyber, Balko, etc.
  • Pick a rental plan – monthly, lifetime, renewal pricing

2. Acquire Proxies

  • Buy residential proxies if not included
  • Locations must match sneaker release regions

3. Rent Bot Through TKS

  • Create TKS account and purchase access
  • TKS will provide downloaded bot

4. Configure Bot

  • Add sites, profiles, delays based on guides
  • Assign keywords for upcoming releases

5. Test on Low Stock Product

  • Confirm your config works properly
  • Fix any errors before the big drop

6. Cook Those Shoes!

  • Run your tasks and cops those Ws!
  • Monitor for errors and troubleshoot smoothly

Some pro tips:

  • Always stagger delays across tasks to mimic humans
  • Rotate proxy IPs with each task to avoid bans
  • Have billing profiles pre-loaded for fastest checkout
  • Don't overload sites – steady success is best

Follow my advice and TKS rentals will deliver the same insane copping power as any top retail bot. But TKS isn't your only rental option…

Other Bot Rental Providers Worth Considering

While TKS is arguably the most popular rental provider, other options exist:

  • The Bot Plug – Also strong reputation. Slightly lower pricing.
  • Splashforce Rentals – Specializes in Yeezy Supply releases.
  • Botmart – Appreciated for 1:1 support and infrastructure.
  • Phone Bot – Focus on US releases + phone verification rentals.

I recommend TKS or Botmart for most renters. However, exploring multiple providers is wise to find your perfect fit.

Final Verdict: Should YOU Use TKS Bot Rentals?

Given everything we've covered today, I firmly believe TKS bot rental offers unbeatable value for most new sneaker bot users.

The massive savings compared to retail bots, combined with optimized server setups, makes TKS the perfect starting point to cook like a pro.

If you're on the fence, TKS rentals make sense if:

  • You want an affordable intro to quality botting
  • You need limited usage (not running 24/7)
  • You want to test different bots before committing
  • You value simplicity over complex self-setup

Veteran full-time botters may prefer purchasing and managing everything themselves. But for new bot users, rely on TKS to secure wins without breaking the bank!

Let me know if you have any other questions about optimizing TKS – I'm always happy to help newcomers start nailing coveted releases. The thrill of those first Ws is priceless. Get cooking!

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