Thekickstation Bot (Tks) Review. If It’S For Sale At Retail Price Is It A Win?

If you were to find TheKickStation bot for sale at retail price or from a trusted seller you’ll most likely make a good profit if it’s set up right. Let me explain how and why.

Full disclosure, TKS is sold out now.  Your best option is to rent TKS, which you can do from us here, otherwise you’ll need to buy it at an inflated marketplace price.

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TheKickStation, also known as TKS bot, is one of the most successful bots currently on the market. TKS supports every shopify site you will need and even has a custom shopify site option.

Botting tip: Often proxies are the reason for failing on your drops, you’ll need proxies that you know work for the sites your drops are on. (€3/$3.4/GB) is a great option for proxies as they are the lowest priced sneaker proxies in the world and work well on most sites. 

This means that if you ever want to bot a shopify site which isn’t supported, you can add it into the bot yourself, this is perfect for when a low key shopify site releases something.

You will have a massive advantage as you will be able to bot the site while everyone else will be going manual. TKS also supports Supreme, US footsites, UK footsites, DTLR, CityGear, Footdistrict, JimmyJazz, Kickz, Mr.Porter, Ssense, WellGosh, Naked CPH, YME and more.

The bots UI (user interface) is arguably the most ugly looking out of all the bots right now, but the massive amount of success their users have makes up for this.

The bot has a built in restock / surprise drop monitor which gives you the option to start a task for any restocks or surprise drops very quickly. The bot also has unique features like checkout banks which can be utilized to bypass the shopify queue. This feature is one of the reasons their users destroy YeezySupply.

The Kick Station is a good choice for both USA and UK users as it is very successful in both regions, unlike most bots that just focus on one country. From personal experience,

TKS works very well on Footlocker EU and US, YeezySupply, Offspring, Funko, Hibbett Sports and Supreme. It makes it a great Sneaker Bot and AIO bot overall.Like most bots, TKS supports proxy and server use, this is nothing special but it is crucial for success.

If you aren’t familiar with Proxies and Servers then see the section below named “For those not familiar with proxies and servers” this should help you understand better.

Why should you use TheKickStation Bot (TKS)?


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Our recent Jordan 1 success has been insane! Who’s ready for the next drop?

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TKS supports loads of sites and works well on basically all of them. Including every single Shopify site.

It especially cooks Footlocker EU and US, Offspring, Funko, Hibbett Sports and Supreme. These sites release a lot of items that resell.

It also offers regular updates, active devs and good support through their discord.

There is a very good monitor in the bot which allows you to catch any restocks or surprise drops and create quick tasks.

TheKickStation is definitely one of the few bots that still works consistently on Supreme.

Fairly small user base compared to other bots, meaning quicker and better 1 on 1 support and most likely why they offer proxy and server support. That’s a big deal.

Users have very good success and cook multiples, as seen on their Twitter.


Why isn’t TheKickStation the perfect bot just yet?

What might put off some users is TheKickStation’s ugly and complicated user interface. This can be overwhelming at first and take a while to get used to.

Some features are complicated and take some time to learn and really master, however once you are used to them and can use them properly they will give you a significant advantage and increase your chances at copping.

Also, sometimes the bot crashes when running a lot of tasks; this can be very frustrating however its an issue they are currently working on. (19/07/19)

Buying this bot from a reseller is very risky as the key can be unbound using just the purchase email and the bot key. Its crucial you buy this bot from a trusted person or for retail – otherwise you are vulnerable to being scammed.

Most bots allow you to get a new key when you have just purchased it from someone – so previous owners can no longer access the bot, but TKS does not do this.

This bot is very hard to get for retail. This is because the bot resells for a decent amount over retail so a lot of people will be trying to buy it, when it rarely restocks. This means you will probably have to buy from a reseller, which as I mentioned earlier is very risky.

TKS is quite expensive if you don’t buy it for retail. It usually resells for at least $700 (if you want access to their discord too.

Especially for a bot that does not support Adidas. This means if you want to bot Adidas you will have to buy another bot.

Should I pay extra for access to their discord?

The Kick Station can sell as low as $300 without discord access and around $700-800 with discord access. I highly recommend paying extra for access to their discord server. This advice goes for any bot you want to buy.

The discord server is where you will be sent setup guides and tips. You will be able to see other people’s success and their setups and learn from them. A bot’s discord server is where you will usually receive help from the bots devs and mods. For TKS in particular there are many different modes for shopify sites.

For example for YeezySupply there is: power mode, extra safe mode, safe mode, user checkout mode and browser mode. Before every drop they will advise you with what modes to use and sometimes they tell to change mid drop. This is one of the reasons why being in their discord is so important.

Does TheKickStation (TKS) Bot work?

Yes. TKS users have insane success with most sites. Take a look at their twitter (@theKickStation) to see for yourself. The bot rarely flops. But like every bot, it sometimes does due to site changes and anti bot protection. I have personally had a lot of success with this bot and I usually focus my attention on running TKS (or Cyber AIO) for drops. If you are running TKS with a decent set up you should do well on most releases.

Where is The Kick Station bot for sale and should I get it?

If you can get the bot for retail or from a trusted seller, then I would highly recommend The Kick Station. It is quite expensive but with a good set up you will make your money back and start making a profit.

If you devote time to reading the guide and learn how to use its features, then you will have success. The bot is regularly updated and the support and help in their discord is decent. It does well on most of the sites you will need, however as I mentioned before it does not support Adidas.

So if cooking Adidas is important for you, then you would have to spend more money on another Adidas bot which could be expensive.

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