Cybersole Aio Bot Review: Worth Buying On Sale? Crazy Resell Price.

Cybersole AIO bot has one of the best reputations, which is why Cyber Sole AIO’s resell price is astronomical. But is Cyber bot worth it if you find it on sale? Find out in this review.

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Cyber AIO  / Cybersole is the most sought after bot on the market, it claims to be the fastest AIO bot. It supports over 170 sites and is usually successful on all of these.

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Cyber bot retails for £300, however the bot is extremely hard to get without paying over £3,000 to a reseller.

The bot rarely restocks and when it does it they release very limited quantities.Buying a bot is generally really hard, especailly if it’s good. Cyber has the best looking UI out of all the current bots, it’s also the easiest to set up and use.

Most bots focus on one country, however Cyber works on a variety of sites from different countries. This makes it a good choice for many people from the US as well as Europe.

Why you must buy Cyber AIO in my opinion

Among all the AIO bots I have been reviewing on botsthatwork, Cyber AIO / Cybersole is probably the most successful. The dev behind Cyber AIO (Lucas) is most likely the best bot dev in the game.

Frankly it doesn’t take a genius to understand why they are only for sale through resell and have been so for the entire year. The bot has been rising in price since it came out, if you buy Cyber AIO Bot and decide to sell, you should make a profit.

The support is absolutely exceptional and the set up guides on their discord are clear and even a beginner should be able to follow them.

Their massive site list, the best UI across all AIO bots and their slick mobile app are also reasons why this bot deserves the top of my list.


Cyber AIO sale price should make you think…

It’s near impossible to get for Cyber AIO at retail through so you will probably have to pay over £3,000 /$3,600 if you want to buy Cyber AIO. This is expensive but also risky because if you buy the bot it could stop working the next week and the bot would fall in value.

Even though it’s one of the best bots, it does still sometimes flop. You could argue that if you’re paying over £3,000 for a bot you would expect it to work all the time.

Adding up to that crazy resell price, you will have to pay £100 every 6 months, this is quite expensive, especially if you just paid £3,000 for the bot.

Also it does not support Nike and Adidas, but I suspect they will add them in the future.


Cybersole 4.0, mobile companion app release

In Cyber’s recent update, version 4.0, they released a mobile app. From the app, you can: start, stop and edit your tasks. This is very useful for when you are away from your PC.

You can also solve captchas from the app. The app also gives you instant notifications about success, declines or if a captcha is needed. No other bot has an app like this.

This is one feature that really makes Cyber stand out.

Is Cyber AIO a bot that really works?

Yes, Cyber works very well. Cyber is extremely successful on Supreme, Size, YeezySupply, Kith and Footlocker. It also does well Offspring, Kaws, Concepts, Notre, Bape, Deadstock, Kickz and many more.

It’s very successful with shopify and footsites in general. Cyber has had over 160,000 checkouts. Is also has a fairly small user base, making the amount of checkouts it’s had, even more successful.

To see Cybers recent success, head over to their twitter: @CyberSole. Like all bots, Cyber does flop from time to time, but no bot works every drop and Cyber is pretty reliable.

Should you buy Cyber AIO bot if it’s for sale again?

Cyber is undoubtedly a very good AIO bot. It has very good success on most drops, supports a ton of sites, has regular updates and a great team.

But I don’t think its worth the price that it resells for. However buying cyber for retail is a no brainer, you would make your money back very quickly if you decided to keep it and if you resold it you’ll make a decent profit too.

If you can afford to pay resale for Cyber and still be able to afford good proxies and a server, and you know what you’re doing, then it could be a profitable investment.

As I said earlier, it’s risky to buy Cyber for resale, as it could stop working at any point. This is unlikely to happen though as it has been a good bot for a while now.

Cyber is definitely better than most and, arguably, all of the other bots. However, you have to ask yourself, is Cyber that much better compared to the other bots to cost a massive £3,000?

When you compare Cyber to another good bot, let’s say TheKickStation for example, is the difference in success really worth paying at least £2,000 more? If you are new to botting, I would definitely not advise you to buy Cyber, unless you can get it for retail obviously.

In conclusion, Cyber AIO is a very good bot, but it’s high resale price is enough to put most people off and push them towards another, cheaper bot.

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