When people within the sneaker bot community think of what to resell for a profit, mostly everyone would think of sought-after clothes and shoes, whether its Jordans, Off-White, or Supreme.

Are you a beginner or intermediate botter that’s looking to boost your botting profits to another level?

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What does not occur to most people are collectibles. Whether it’s a Michael Jordan basketball card release, an avengers POP, or a limited edition PS4; these items could often generate much more profit than shoes or clothing.

Although botters found a problem, none of the bots they had supported the sites that they would drop these collectibles on. When Scottbot was introduced in 2019, it changed the collectible reselling market drastically.

An example of this could be when the sports card site, Panini dropped a new set of baseball cards that had high resell and Scottbot users took half of the stock. Scottbot started to gain huge notoriety when New York Comic Con week came around and Scottbot copped huge amounts of Funko POP’s that went for easily double the price that they retailed for on Since its release in 2019, it changed the perspective of reselling for many botters.

Why I think Scottbot is a great bot

When it comes to the majority of bots in the sneaker botting community, there is a heavy overlap between the majority of the sites.

Many different bots support Supreme and many of those same bots also support Shopify yet, very few of those bots support sites like Funkoshop or BestBuy.

Apart from the unique supporting site list, I also like the UI/UX of Scottbot, they updated it last month and it is very easy to navigate and simple, you also have a light and dark mode option which is a small appreciated feature.

Another thing people do not realize about Scottbot is that it is very fast, you can get a 4-second checkout for many of its websites which is very fast considering the bot protection methods some of these retailers have utilized.


Where Scottbot could really improve I think

The cons of Scottbot

As profitable as reselling collectibles is, there is not as much information about reselling these items that most people have compared to a sneaker bot. Many people in the Scottbot server might not know that a very profitable basketball card or a Funko POP dropped that day because the majority of the reselling community is so concentrated on clothing.

Also, the retail is about as high as the average sneaker bot, it is $200 with a renewal of $100 yearly. This price is in the same price range as many sneaker bots such as Wrath and TKS, this can be a dilemma for many due to investing $200+ into collectibles and having a difficult time knowing what to buy and making their money back. The last problem I have with Scottbot is its Supreme module.

There are many great Supreme bots, Scottbot is not one of them as I never copped Supreme with Scottbot and I have never seen anyone else in the discord cop Supreme. Supreme is truly nonexistent with Scottbot, you have much better odds going manual on Supreme than attempting on Scottbot.

It almost feels as if Supreme is abandoned and they completely focused on the other 30+ sites because there has not been an update in weeks where Supreme bots like Velox and Mek update on a weekly basis. If you’re buying Scottbot do not buy it for Supreme.



Explanation on the cook score

Support – 8/10

Support for Scottbot is helpful than the majority of the AIO bots, as they always are very active when you open a ticket for support, as well as posting guides and tutorials for how to use the bot step by step. The developer @xres is epically nice and involved compared to other developers.

UI/UX – 8/10

If you asked me a month ago, on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate Scottbot’s UI, I certainly would have not said an 8, but; thanks to the hard-working devs they made a new sleeker UI/UX for Scottbot that is very user friendly. Not only that but they consistently update the UI to make it better, an example of this could be their last update which included an update for a checkout panel. The new feature includes the amount of successful checkouts, failed checkouts, success count, and the total amount of dollars spent. In just the past month Scottbot has overhauled its UI to be competing among top UI/UX of many of the top sneaker bots such as Ganesh and NSB. For these reasons, I have given UI/UX for Scottbot an 8/10.


Regular Updates – 8/10

Scottbot’s updates are not as frequent as many sneaker bots that update on a weekly or even biweekly basis, yet Scottbot often does not need to update as much as these types of bots due to not as frequent changes in bot security on the types of sites that scottbot supports. Where bot security systems for sneakers such as PerimeterX and Akamai change on a weekly basis, the bot systems that retail stores such as Target do not change as much which is why Scottbot updates are more infrequent but not as necessary. Although, recently Scottbot has been pushing major UI updates on a regular basis that has been helpful. For these reasons, I have regular updates for Scottbot an 8/10.


Number of shops – 6/10

The main thing to note about Scottbot is not the number of shops it supports, but; the shops it supports. Very few other bots support the sites that Scottbot does, making it very notable in this regard. Although Scottbot only supports a little over 30 sites, bots such as AIOmoji support over 100 sites and Project Destroyer supports over 200. This shows how Scottbot does not support a significant amount of sites compared to many of the AIO bots that we know today. For these reasons, I gave Scottbot a 6/10 for the number of shops.

Price – 7/10

Scottbot retails for $200 with a yearly renewal of $100. It has a resale price of $300. Scottbot restocks roughly 2-3 times per month via its twitter @scottbotv1, there is a small chance Scottbot will restock via Instagram @scottbot.v1. Scottbot is a tough bot to cop for retail and you will likely need the assistance of autofill just to get a key. Scottbot retails for the same price as many of the top tier sneaker bots such as Wrath and Veloxpreme, yet it’s resell price of $300 is smaller than most AIO bots where an average AIO bot’s resell price sits around $500-600. Scottbot’s resell price is not nearly as much as the most well-known sneaker bots such as MEKpreme and Balkobot. I feel like due to Scottbot’s high retail but low by comparison resell, I gave Scottbot a 7/10 for its price.

Success Rate – 8/10

Scottbot’s original success was lackluster due to people not knowing what to cop and many people copping collectibles that had limited to no resale. Although with a recent surge in collectibles such as Funko POPs and sports cards, Scottbot has been on a roll. It’s important to mention now what brings its users’ tremendous success, Nintendo Switches. With a shortage of Nintendo Switches for the past couple of months, people are paying upwards of $450 for a Switch when retail for a Switch is just $299. With Switches restocking on a near-daily basis on sites such as BestBuy and Target, it is safe to say that Scottbot users are making thousands from reselling Switches. Switches among other collectibles such as weekly sports cards and POP’s are generating users lots of profit, although occasionally there are drops where Scottbot does not show as much success as other drops (has been inconsistent on, no success on For these reasons, I gave Scottbot an 8/10 for success rate.

Will I continue to use Scottbot?

Scottbot for me has been a great bot. With no other bot that supports the same category as sites as Scottbot, it is clear that Scottbot saw a blank gap in the botting service and filled it. Scottbot for me works great on collectibles sites and has made me thousands of dollars by getting me profitable items such as Oculus VR headsets, Nintendo Switches, and sports cards. I am eager to see what the future holds for Scottbot.

My Final take on it

Scottbot has changed the industry of botting forever. Since Scottobot released the general perspective of what botting could be changed, discord groups have been created specifically dedicated to copping items such as sports cards and Funko’s. Scottbot proved that you don’t need to support the common sneaker websites just to be a successful bot, I would not be surprised if in two years there a large amount of new collectible bots.

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