Is Botmart Discord Legit? Here Is My Honest Review

However, it does offer that kind of service without the hassle of fees instead on selling through stockx, grailed, ebay, or goat.  

How does Botmart on Discord work?

Botmart on Discord is run on a ticket system, used to organize a middleman to work with you and your buyer (If you’re selling). Afterwards, the middleman will ask a few questions regarding what you’re selling, this may include “Is it fresh?”, “Is it attached to a burner?”, “When’s the renewal?”, and so on.

You would then send all the details of whatever you’re selling over to the MM through DMs including who’s paying for the middleman. Afterwards, the middleman will verify the authenticity of what you’re selling, and then will ask for your buyer to send you payment.

Once you receive the payment, details of your bot will then be released to the person that bought it. And you’ll

Is it legit?

As of right now, yes it’s very legit. The Middlemans are trustworthy, and very reputable. Similarly to Tidal. In fact, the middlemans you see in Botmart Discord may be people you see in your cookgroups, bots, or proxies, reinforcing the fact that they’re both trustworthy and reputable.

They’re also reputable in the case of solving scams for the people who have fallen victim. Botmart Discord also has very good support as a way to prove it’s legit.

If you need to make a sale on a bot that is unbindable, an invoice guide will be given to the seller and buyer to arrange conditions to prevent any scamming from either side which is a very good way to enforce rules against scamming and make users less inclination to act against whoever they’re buying or selling towards. Tidal also has this same method, so you can also say both are very legit. 

Botmart, Tidal or Botbroker?

Botmart and Tidal are very similar in how they do transactions. When it comes to Botmart and Tidal, it’s based off of preference. If you believe Tidal is better than Botmart, then use Tidal.

If you believe Botmart is better than Tidal as a sneaker bot marketplace, then use Botmart. Both are also subscription based, regardless of subscriptions however you’re required to pay a MM fee to whoever is middlemanning your transaction. In comparison with Botmart and Botbroker, this is heavily dependent on both the bot you’re selling and how fast you want it to be sold.

Botbrokers transactions are heavily streamlined and are a lot more consistent than Botmart. For example, if you owned a copy of Cyber and wanted a payout quickly, you could just take the highest bid, wait a few days for your payout and you’re done. While Botmart on the other hand, you have to 

find a buyer. And if you happen to find someone who meets your asking price, there’s more than likely a delay in response time between you and the buyer.

Then you have to go through the process of making a ticket, responding to the middleman, providing details, waiting for payment, THEN you’re done, not to mention unbindable bots for example Balko can only be sold on Botbroker if it’s binded to your main account, if you want all your profits you’d have to attach it to a burner before selling it on Botmart or it won’t be sellable unless you’re willing to sell it on your main discord account (which I doubt you’d do).

Though Botbroker has a well made transaction process, this doesn’t mean Botmart isn’t good. Botmart supports a lot more bots than Botbroker, as Botbrokers bots must go through verification to be able to be sold on their marketplace while Botmart allows any bot to be sold as long as it’s not fraudulent.

Not to mention, selling through Botbroker takes a very hefty bite out of your sale, while Botmart only takes off your MM fee considering you’re the one paying.

My personal expierence with Botmart Discord

I’ve had a hassle free experience on Botmart. Usually when I buy bots, I attach them to burners in case they’re unbindable and I sell through Botmart. In all honesty it’s genuinely efficient and the process can be faster than Tidal through my own Personal opinion and experience with both marketplaces.

Botmart is my go to marketplace, which if I can’t find anyone, I sell to Tidal, and so on. It’s a perfect alternative if you’re someone who focuses on Tidal or Botbroker as it adds another marketplace to your list. In fact through my personal experience, I have made friends through Botmart, both the customers and middlemans. 

Botmart is an exceptional marketplace if you intend on having some kind of software or products to sell. It’s also one of the few marketplaces that allow you to keep your whole profit of the bot you’re selling unlike Botbroker.

However, Botmart does have its flaws in comparison to other marketplaces. Botmart is also very legit in terms of a marketplace within the community of Sneaker & Bot reselling.

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