Project Destroyer (Pd) Bot Review: Is Pd For Sale And At What Price?

Project Destroyer (PD) is not a recent sneaker bot but it’s still a very succesful one. Currently not available for sale, this review will tell you if you should wait for a restock.

Project Destroyer is a popular AIO bot which supports over 200 sites. Supported sites include: Supreme, Supreme in store sign up, Footsites, Adidas, Nike, loads of Shopify sites and many more.

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It also allows custom shopify sites. Project Destroyer is successful on Shopify. It has a user friendly UI and is easy to set up. PD recently announced they are developing their own app, so that you can solve captchas when away from your PC.

Project Destroyer, why this bot is not for sale…

Project Destroyer bot is currently not for sale on their website since last restock as it is a victim of its own success.

Among the reasons why I love this bot is that not only it supports Adidas, it generally is successful with it. PD bot also allows custom Shopify sites so it will perform great on YeezySupply.

As opposed to many other AIO bots Project Destroyer will do really well on DSM eflash.  Actually it may have among the biggest site list of all AIO bots !

This bot is one of the first I started copping with and I would say it’s perfect for beginners. PD bot give a lot of bot support and tips on their Slack.

I like how customer centered the team is as they try to constantly innovate. It shows with the new mobile app being developed. This is to solve captchas on the go. There is also a useful feature in the bot to jig address, saves you a lot of time and the bot allows PayPal checkout, this can be very useful.

As for any good bot PD offers a good proxy and server support.


Where I think Project Destroyer could improve

One thing that Project Destroyer lacks is consistency. It could be due to a lack of relevant updates but I can’t be sure. Let us know what you think could cause this problem in the comment below.

The price renewal cost ($150) every 6 months is also fairly expensive compared to other bots like Sole AIO bot which is only £60 for every 6 months.

Most AIO bots, good or bad, generally don’t do so well on Supreme. Project Destroyer is no exception here.

Although I have not experienced this myself, there have been complaints that sometimes proxies don’t work on PD. Let us know what proxies you are using.


What is the sale price and resell price of PD bot?

The bot retails for $450. You have to pay a renewal fee of $150 every 6 months. However, for around $500-$600 you can pick up a lifetime copy from a reseller. I would suggest paying a bit extra for life time due to the very high renewal costs. Once the PD app is released I expect the price to rise.

Did Project Destroyer restock? Is it for sale?

Project Destroyer rarely restocks on, it is currently sold out. For information on restocks, follow their twitter: @DestroyerBots. If you don’t want to wait for restock, you can buy from a reseller for around the retail cost.

Make sure you use a trusted middleman when buying any bot to avoid being scammed. Bot mart is a good place to buy and sell bots.

Has Project Destroyer bot worked well for me?

I use Project Destroyer for shopify releases, mainly DSM e-Flash and Yeezy Supply. PD is usually successful for me on these sites. Project destroyer is also very useful for address jigging. This is when you modify your address to trick sites, PD automatically does this, saving you a lot of time. I also run PD on every Supreme drop, it sometimes cooks but not consistently.

Should you buy PD bot after this review?

Project destroyer can be very successful, it does sometimes flop but the devs keep working hard and improving the bot. The main flaw with Project Destroyer is it’s high renewal cost, $300 a year. If you can buy a lifetime copy for a good price, then PD is a good choice and worth it.

However, I don’t believe that PD is worth $450 and then another $150 every 6 months. Project Destroyer is a good beginners bot, because of the support you receive on their Slack server as well as the bot being easy to use.

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