QBot is a relatively new sneaker bot in the EU scene, just coming out of its lengthy beta period. It supports a very limited range of sites, such as Footlocker EU, Champs sports, Eastbay and Footaction with solebox to come in the next few updates.

qbot review

The bot is quite similar to Ganesh in terms of success rate, destroying most Footlocker releases with ease. It also has a tiny user base of around 150 users, meaning less competition from each other and more cooking!

Again as with most decent bots, Qbot is sold out and only restocks in Extremely limited quantities which are quickly grabbed by scripts and hundreds of thousands of eager users. The most likely way you will be able to get this bot is through buying off a reseller.

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Do I recommend QBot?

In my opinion, QBot is a relatively new bot and is a great alternative to more established bots, such as Ganesh because of its much cheaper price and potential to grow. The devs, JayJay, Smiz and SneakzNHeat are hard working and dedicated and with the promised Solebox update soon, I feel that the price will skyrocket once updates are pushed out and people begin recognising the bot. Especially as Solebox are dropping tonnes upon tonnes of hyped items as well as dropping sneakers with lower resale in larger quantities.

The User Interface is also decent, as opposed to bots such as TheKickStation and is clean and easy to understand for bot veteran and newer botters alike. Setting up tasks are a breeze, however certain helpful features are missing, such as the option to create size ranges, meaning you must make tasks per size and the option to make tasks for all your profiles at once. It can be a tad annoying having to create macros and the like to set up tasks for a large amount of profiles, but QBot’s raw cooking power more than makes up for that.

Does QBot really work?

In short, yes, QBot works extremely well. QBot matches and sometimes surpasses Ganesh on Footlocker EU, which is QBot’s main selling point. I have seen user running around 100-300 tasks (Ganesh users usually run from 300-1000 tasks because it has no UI) and hitting the same amount of checkouts as some Ganesh users, with a fraction of the tasks. It can also cook for US users on Champs sports and Eastbay, as well as Footlocker US provided you have the right setup.

Since QBot is a newer bot, my only complaint is that it sometimes struggles to push out updates in the case of major Footlocker and Akamai changes (Akamai is footlocker’s cookie system, where you need a certain amount of cookies for your tasks to function). The only time I have seen QBot flop was the Air Jordan 1 Pine Green drop, where the developers could not push an update out that allowed the bot to check out with an account, a system that Footlocker have just devised and hence nobody could run Qbot on footlocker for Air Jordan 1 Mid Pine Greens.

  • Support
  • Success Rate
  • UI / UX
  • Regular Updates
  • Price
  • Number of shops

Is it worth the investment and time to bot footlocker?

Botting Footlocker in my opinion requires a lot of extras and knowledge about the site, such as generating cookies and generating footlocker accounts so your bot may check out. Personally, I have switched over to Footlocker from Shopify and have found that it is far easier to bot as well as make huge profits on.

Since footsites do not use captcha (Google’s human verification system) you can check out a huge amount of tasks quickly and get mountains of sneakers. Just keep in mind that proxies are essential to botting footlocker, as most Datacentre proxies are banned on the site (Using datacentre proxies will give you a significant advantage as they are far quicker than residential proxies).

Hence, I personally recommend using private proxy providers, as they do not share subnets and your proxies will not be banned by someone else messing about. The only real downsides to botting footlocker are proxy costs and the effort required to generate cookies and accounts.

Conclusion on Qbot

To conclude, QBot is a great bot and is performing extremely well on Footlocker at this point, with users checking out hundreds of pairs of the Yeezy Tail lights.

However, their small dev team means that when footlocker push a significant update such as account only checkout, the bot did not update in time. But despite this, QBot has flopped on only one drop in its existence and I will personally be using it on all future footlocker releases.

Although Ganesh has higher cooking power as for now, I believe that Qbot has a far friendlier price as well as being able to be used by US botters. The QBot support team is also great and will reply quickly to tickets and the small user base means that the community is not toxic and very helpful.

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