Ganesh Sneaker Bot Review: Insane Sale Price But Best Success Rate?

Ganesh sneaker bot is arguably one of the most effective bots on the market. Ganesh only supports Offspring, Size? Previews and Footlocker EU; but it does very well on these sites.

Botting tip: you’ll need proxies that work with Ganesh and the sites your drops are on.  These residential proxies (€3/GB) are the lowest priced sneaker proxies in the world and work well with Ganesh and most sites. 

As all of these sites are UK based, this means Ganesh bot is ideal for UK based users. However, if you are outside of the UK you can use reshipping services.

The reshipping fee, shipping cost and customs can be very pricey so it would only be worth it for big releases. Ganesh is quite rare and the price has been steadily rising since it launched. 

Why Ganesh Bot is might be one of the best bots?

Ganesh bot only focuses on three sites so the devs can put their full focus onto these sites. This is why Ganesh is so consistently successful and rarely flops.

Some would see this as very disadvantagous for Ganesh bot while it’s actually super positive. By focusing on so few websites (Offspring, Size? and Footlocker) Ganesh bot has managed to reach a super high success rates on these cops.

Their success is also backed up by the fact that their community is still very small, so the support team is generally extremely reactive and always helpful.

Their community is generally where I see users cooking huge amounts.

Finally the bot offers proxy and server support.

Ganesh bot is definitely not perfect yet

Ganesh sneaker bot is definitely one of the most expensive bots out there because you will have to buy from resell. Which means there will be a risk of getting scammed.

It’s not available from retail and hasn’t been for a while. Nothing confirms that they will ever restock. Even at that price you will also need to pay renewal fees every 6 months.

Mostly because of the price, I would not recommend this bot to beginners. You could lose quite a bit of money otherwise.

Another point that is both an advantage and a disadvantage is that Ganesh bot only supports 3 sites. It really does well on them but I wish they will add some more, especially since a lot of Offspring orders get cancelled when using Ganesh.

Where is Ganesh for sale and for what price?

To buy Ganesh you will have to buy from a reseller, this will cost about £1,700 – £1,900.

You have to pay a renewal fee of $80 every 6 months. It is highly likely that Ganesh won’t restock, this means that the price will only rise, this is assuming the bot maintains its success. To be successful on Ganesh you must also buy proxies and a server.

Ganesh is currently sold out. For potential information on restocks, follow their twitter: @GaneshBot. Ganesh said on their twitter that there will be “No restocks”, this could mean that there are no planned restocks or it could mean they’ll never restock again. If you don’t want to wait for a potential restock, you can buy from a reseller.

When buying a bot from a reseller, make sure you use a trusted middleman to avoid being scammed. Bot mart is a good place to buy and sell bots. Bot mart has trusted middle men that ensure every trade is safe for both parties for a low fee.

Does Ganesh bot work? Do I recommend it?

Offspring, Footlocker and Size? often release limited Jordan 1’s and Yeezy’s, this is what I mainly go for on Ganesh.

I have had a lot of success on Offspring. Ganesh has a very successful feature on Offspring to manually checkout with PayPal checkout links. The bot will send checkout links to your discord and you then manually finish the checkout process.

This is particularly successful on restocks. A lot of the time on Offspring when a product is restocked, it will appear in stock, but won’t let you checkout.

When you are using Ganesh’s paypal checkout links, you are able to checkout and bypass the errors. A screenshot of the PayPal checkout links can be seen at the bottom of this review.

Is Ganesh bot on the top of my review list?

Ganesh sneaker bot is one of the best bots at the moment, if run properly. It is definitely not for beginners; but for an experienced botter Ganesh can be very successful. It does have a small site list but this means that they can fully focus on these sites and be extremely successful on them.

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