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Fleek Framework Review, Everything You Need For European Releases?

Fleek Framework was born from the merger of Kaiser Framework and Fleek AIO. It is an AIO bot which only supports european websites like Footpatrol/Mesh sites, Footlocker EU, BSTN, 43einhalb and more. Basically, with this bot you can face all the FCFS european drops.

The bot has a cloud interface, which means you can open it on any browser (on your phone too) and in CMD you can see logs. The UI is very user-friendly and very easy to use.

Does Fleek Framework Bot Work? 

Well, it depends. 

Some websites, like Kickz/Kickzpremium, BSTN, 43einhalb are very stable and Fleek always has successes on those. Personally I got a Jordan 1 First Class size 8 US from BSTN.

About mesh, it works well on regional websites, like SizeIT, FootpatrolFR etc, but success rate is lower on Footpatrol.

Footlocker EU is probably is the worst website supported by Fleek Framework, often less than 10 people are successful on it (and sometimes no one cop on Footlocker EU).

The main problem on Mesh sites and Footlocker EU is Akamai. In order to have a chance to cop on these sites, you need to generate cookies. Everytime the bot is going to add to cart, the store require a cookie: so if you have 10 cookies, you can add to cart only 10 times. 

They recommend to generate 10x the tasks you are running: so if you are running 20 tasks, you need at least 200 cookies.

Sometimes, you can accidentally generate bad cookies, and they will corrupt your cookies pool, so you need to clean all your cookies (i had over 6k akamai cookies when happened to me…) and start to generate fresh ones in order to use the bot again, which is really annoying. Furthermore, a lot of users face problems in generating cookies if they are running Fleek on a server. The best option is to generate akamai cookies from the localhost without proxies.

Where could Fleek Framework improve?

Cookie generation. Even if a lot of users are having errors in generation, especially if they are running Fleek Framework on a server, the devs says generation is good and you are forced to use localhost for generation. Then, if you have a bad cookie, you can’t do anything and you have to clear all your akamai pool, last time i had to delete 6k cookies and start to generate new ones 6 hours before the release.

Support. Fleek hasn’t got a ticket system, but a general support chat, where everybody has to post his problems, so you can’t have 1 to 1 support but you have to post and wait until support team see your problem. Often they ignore your request, you can’t contact them via DM and so it’s an L before the release. Some members of the support team aren’t really professional and with an in-depth knowledge of the bot, sometimes they only repeat what their guides say.

Proxy. You can’t create proxy lists, you only can put your proxies on a single list. If you are running Footlocker EU and BSTN at the same time, you can’t use datacenter proxies because they won’t work on BSTN (but they can work on Footlocker EU), so you have to choose between running one site only with its specific proxies or run multiple sites with unspecific proxies.

What setup is recommended?

Server and proxies are not required. If you want to use proxies, for BSTN, 43einhalb, Kickz and mesh sites you need residential proxies. For Footlocker, some data centers work fine too.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Despite the fact that cookie generation is really bad and mesh sites is so difficult, I’ll continue to use this bot. I own a lifetime version and I think Fleek is one of the best EU bot. Some bots like Ganesh and Hawk Mesh usually have more success on Footlocker EU/mesh sites than Fleek, but Fleek supports more sites and success come from a wider range of different sites. 

Maybe right now it is a bit overpriced, but for sure devs will continue to hard working on it in order to make Fleek stronger and stronger.

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