Is Wrath bots AIO the only bot you need?


In short, yes, Wrath AIO is the only bot you will need now. Wrath bots is a bot that debuted in May of 2019, in almost no time, with a small userbase it became one of the top Shopify bots available. 

wrath bots

Wrath bots was quick to rival the success of some of the largest sneaker bot companies such as Cybersole and Balkobot. For a small userbase, it was averaging over 2 pairs per running user per drop, which was a great success to botter ratio. Wrath, like every other bot whether it would be Kodai or Sole AIO, has had struggles and Wrath has had a lot of them.

But, now Wrath is a strong bot that will cop you goods off of Shopify, Supreme, US Foot sites, and YeezySupply. Unless you are very serious about sneaker botting and consistently want to cop multiples every drop, then Wrath would work as your only bot.

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Why Wrath bots isn’t perfect

Although Wrath is a solid bot, it does have problems. Wrath recently pushed its 3.0 update, what was intended to be a huge improvement in terms of performance was minimal.

An example of this could be hybrid mode, many of the most successful Supreme Bots like Velox have implemented a hybrid mode to counter last-minute changes to Supreme’s Pooky API. What was intended to become the best mode that Wrath had to offer for Supreme was unsuccessful and disappointing.

What was supposed to be the big update that fixed the flaws associated with Wrath versions in the 2.0’s instead was embarrassing for Wrath and the userbase of Wrath. While Wrath is a good bot, it is certainly not perfect.

Wrath Bots
  • UI / UX
  • Price
  • Regular Updates
  • Number of shops
  • Success Rate
  • Support

Success rate

Toward the beginning of Wrath AIO, they showed abundant amounts of success for a very small userbase. Success that was not present anywhere else in the sneaker bot scene at the time, an example of this success could be in Septemeber, 2019 when Wrath logged 650 checkouts of the Yeezy 700 Magnets with only 80 users running.

Wrath was averaging an 8 to 1 ratio for pairs to botters. Although, this came all crashing down faster than expected when it showed limited to no success for the next months after.

This was when the market also went down rapidly for Wrath. Although, in the past two months, Wrath has been building its success back up showing significant success on major YeezySupply drops such as the Yeezy 700 Azael’s and Yeezy 350 Marsh’s.

Regular updates

With Wrath bot, it does not seem like there are any other major contributors besides the head developer Jason, he is super hardworking when it comes to pushing out updates, he often pushes out updates for each of the different modes with the intent of putting Wrath back on top. Even though there is only one major developer with Wrath due to the consistent updates he pushes I gave Wrath an 8/10 for Regular Updates.

Number of shops

Wrath currently supports Shopify, Supreme, US Foot sites (ex. Footaction, Eastbay, Footlocker, etc.) and YeezySupply. While there are many other notable sites that Wrath could include the future such as Off-White and Adidas, this is a major number of sites compared to bots like MEKpreme which only supports Supreme and Hawkmesh which only supports mesh sites (ex. Footpatrol, Size?, The Hip Store, JD Sports, etc)


Toward the begging of Wrath, I felt they had average support for a sneaker bot. Although now, I feel like the support is worse than an average sneaker bot as they take a while to address your ticket in the discord, they also are not very active, it can take many days just for support to answer your questions about Wrath whereas some bots support replies in hours or even much less. Jason (the developer) is by far the most active person of the Wrath team.


The retail price for Wrath AIO is $200 with a $50 renewal fee every six months. This retail price is average for the sneaker bot market, although Wrath rarely restocks and when it does it is hard to get as copies sell out faster than most of the items that Wrath bots.

Restock information about Wrath can be found at their twitter Wrath has a resale price of $400 renewal and $800 lifetime. This price has fluctuated greatly over the past couple of months but right now this makes Wrath one of the more affordable bots for beginners on the market right now because not everyone can afford a $3000 bot like Cybersole. This is why I gave Wrath an 8/10 for price.

User interface 

For veteran botters and new botters alike, UI/UX can change how you view a bot. Wrath is built with a clean and modern UI that is very easy to set up, you can usually set up Wrath in less than 5 minutes and be ready to go for a drop.

Wrath also has an online dashboard located at which makes it easy to renew your key and reset your key. Wrath is also mac compatible. Boasting a minimalistic UI/UX that is still sleek and modern I gave Wrath a 8/10 on UI/UX

Will I continue to use Wrath AIO in the future?

Wrath has gone through many different struggles so far and it seems as if they still have yet to find the perfect solution. While many may be discouraged by the success ratio they show now to what they previously did show in 2019, they are slowly improving and have been consistently getting many pairs of Yeezy’s and Jordan’s for one of the smallest userbases in the sneaker bot industry.

Like other bots such as Balkobot and Prism, it takes time to become an established and well-known bot and I am confident that Jason will take Wrath to new sneaker botting heights.

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