A common mistake that beginner sneakerheads make is that people think that AYCD is a bot, which it is not. AYCD is a team of developers that makes the AYCD toolbox which includes a OneClick tool, a browser spoof tool, a Billing Converter, and a Server Generator.

AYCD BOT review

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Do the tools work?

In short, yes all the tools that AYCD provides work. AYCD was originally invented as a toolbox to help out sneaker botters and to make botting easier for them, this was through their original features such as the one-click tool and the billing converter. Later, AYCD moved on to bigger and more complex software such as the server generator (formerly proxy generator).

What could be improved?

AYCD has been consistently adding new features to their subscription-based toolbox membership that they offer. I personally feel like this is great, but; I feel a useful addition to the Billing Converter tool would be to add a tool to organize and track profits and items that you would get while reselling, a tool similar to that off Spectre Metrics or Copmetrics. I feel like this would be a great addition and would fully complete the AYCD toolbox subscription.

  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • UI / UX
  • Success Rate
  • Price

Server gen

This tool was updated from a proxy generator to both a proxy and a server generator. ServerGen is a tool that helps you generate servers and datacenter proxies from places such as Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP), or Digital Ocean.

ServerGen simplifies the process associated with making servers and proxies and still keeps a low and affordable price for botters. Also, you have the option to buy AYCD residential proxies  from their website (https://aycd.io/) at the price at $9 per gigabyte.

This tool is perfect for botters who need to set up servers or proxies for a release or even a last-minute restock because of how fast the tool is.

One click

This is probably the most well-known tool made by AYCD, it was their original piece of software and is still known as the best one-click tool. It makes your Google Accounts trusted so you are able to pass captchas in an instant.

It is also easy to use, you import your account credentials and then import your proxies, soon you will have one clicks on multiple different google accounts. Oneclick also has built-in integration for email forwarding which can helpful to more experienced botters.

Oneclick is a valuable tool that is important to botters and manual sneakerheads alike because captchas are often the barrier between you and your given hyped item so the faster you can solve them, the higher chance you will be able to get what item you want to get.

Billing converter 

AYCD Billing Converter is the one-stop hub to universally convert all the profiles between your different bots. AYCD Billing Converter supports almost every single sneaker and supreme bot that is known, from bots like TKS and Cybersole to lesser-known bots like FatalPreme and Makhno, you can even import your profile from a Google form/sheet.

It also has the ability to jig your address in your profile, which is often used for Supreme and sometimes Shopify sites like Undefeated.

You can even send the updated profiles you make for your bots to your discord via a webhook.

AYCD Spoof

AYCD spoof is the latest addition to the toolbox. Spoof is designed for splash releases, (sites that have a splash like Yeezysupply and Adidas). Spoof will allow you to make as many custom browsers as your computer allows with optional proxy support, as well as autofill for Yeezy Supply, Nike SNKRS, Supreme, Shopify, and Dicks Sporting Goods.

It is known for its efficiency on sites with a splash release as well as short raffles like Nike SNKRS. Even though it is the latest addition to the toolbox this does not mean it is not successful or reliable.

I myself has had this tool since its beta and was able to cop multiple Yeezy’s on different drops, such as three Yeezy Black 350 Non-Reflectives. Most people tend to overlook this tool on AYCD because it’s infamous for being a bot assist tool and not a tool that is supposed to get you checkouts. Spoof by AYCD also boasts a simplistic UI that is beginner-friendly so that even a novice botter will be able to use it.

Success rate

It is hard to judge the success rate of AYCD because it can’t be judged like a bot is because it is not a bot. AYCD spoof is a great tool to get sneakers and other hyped items through their simplistic UI, although for many it would not be a preferable choice to cop on Yeezysupply and other sites because of how new it is and limited success. Although, AYCD’s other products all are beneficiary to botters which is why I gave AYCD a success rate of 7/10.

Regular updates

AYCD constantly adds new products and updates to make each of their products in their toolbox better. AYCD often updates more than major bot companies as they usually have weekly updates, if not biweekly updates, they also add new features to their toolbox often. Due to these reasons, I gave AYCD a 9/10 on regular updates.

User interface

AYCD has simplistic UI’s implemented in all of their products, they try to make it as easy to use for beginning botters as possible. They also have straightforward settings with logs about each individual task. Because of AYCD’s beginner-friendly UI, I gave it an 8/10 for UI/UX.


AYCD sells its products via its website and through its subscription service, the AYCD toolbox. The toolbox is $30 monthly although many cook groups are able to get it for the discounted price of $23 per month.

The other way to get the AYCD toolbox is through AYCD’s discord cook group, AYCD pro which is $50 per month. AYCD pro members also get access to AYCD’s upcoming projects ahead of time like AYCD AutoSolve, which delivers ReCaptcha Tokens from OneClick to your bots. AYCD over the course of a year can get pricey, it would cost $360 to have the AYCD toolbox for a year and for that price you could buy a sneaker bot and not just tools that will help you out with a sneaker bot. This is why I gave AYCD a 6/10 on its price.

Will I continue using AYCD?

As a sneaker botter who uses multiple different bots, most definitely. Its convenience and simplicity makes up for its price, in my opinion, it helps me out every drop with proxies, servers, and sometimes I would even get hyped items such as Supreme and Yeezy’s using its new Spoof feature, AYCD is always improving and getting better so I am excited to see what they have in store for the future. 

American sneakerhead with over two years of copping experience. Mostly reselling on Stadium and Fight Club, but his own store is on the verge of opening soon.

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