Hawk Mesh is an almost secretive bot and for a very good reason. See why here in our Hawk Mesh review.

hack mesh review

Overall, I would say that Hawkmesh is one of the best mesh bots on the market at the moment. Not only does the bot offer multiple different ways to pay and therefore cop, ie PayPal tasks that open into windows as well as paying with cards.

Hawkmesh is a secure bot that only has about 150 users and with an excellent dev team that’s always striving to improve the software with new features.

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Why I love using Hawk Mesh bot

First of all there are many sites that the bot software allows for including, Footpatrol, Size, JDSports as well as the Hipstore.

Bot European Websites

You can bot all European versions of those sites above ie France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and more, which widens the scope of the people using it, as well as the amount of items you buy as there’s a large amount of European restocks that are constantly happening.

Furthermore, there’s always the option to access the backends for each and every version of these sites which allows the user to buy shows even when the main front side of the site may not have any stock.

Solves captchas like a charm

Most of these mesh sites incorporate captchas into their defence against bots, but Hawkmesh works arounds this factor by allowing you to utilise Captcha services such as Anticaptcha and 2captcha.

Both of which give you an apikey to input into Hawkmesh, which means that captchas can be solved in very large quantities and vey quickly. Therefore removing the issue of worrying about captchas.

Paypal checkout available

After solving the captchas the bot gets onto checkout and to do this you have the option of PayPal, which is not offered by many bots.

What this means is that you can be running the bot with many tasks and threads and when the stock for the shoes go live, you get many different PayPal windows opening up with your shoes reserved in cart waiting for you to log into PayPal and pay.

Not only is this convenient it also means you can pick and choose which sizes or colour you want to buy as you can prioritize logging into the tasks that you want.

Automation to the fullest

Another positive aspect of Hawkmesh is that there’s the option to input the amount of threads of each task.

What this means essentially is that you can create one task with specific settings of site, PID, size and then decide how many “copies” of that specific task the software will run.

This is immensely helpful as it means you do not need to redo many tasks over and over again if you want the software to cop a specific item or on a specific site.

Some unique features

There are many smaller quality of life features that improve the user experience such as the ability to send you a notification to a discord or slack webhook, save all your profile information and import and export easily.

Set a limit to captcha sessions created from each key as to not waste money needlessly, and assign specific proxies for specific tasks, or threads.

Finally, the bot also includes a mass edit feature which is extremely handy in allowing you to quickly change 100s of tasks instantly in case of a different PID or different profile etc.

The actual software aside, the discord has its own benefits as it is unbindable by using the Hawkmesh Discord Bot which makes it very easy to sell or buy from another person.

But Hawk Mesh AIO bot also bugs me sometimes

A con of using Hawkmesh is that for the tasks you need to input the PID (Product ID) for the shoe that you want to try and buy.

This is slightly disadvantageous as you will need to wait for either a scraper or monitor to pick up the stock of the colourway being loaded onto the site and then use that to create the tasks.

The bot sometimes works even better if you have the size specific PIDs which again is slightly hard to acquire thus making it a con.

Limited to Euro users?

The sites that are supported by Hawk Mesh could also be considered as a con as it only does mesh sites which means it severely limits the ability of someone from outside Europe using the software.

However, you can use reshippers or other addresses to get the items that you want so there are ways to get around this factor.

Sometimes it gets a little buggy

Finally, the bot can get slightly confusing with the methods you need to use the bot as well as the fact that it is buggy every so often.

The bot also opens up in command prompt after starting the tasks which can become a mess and very mind boggling at times but this is fine after spending some time with the bot and learning what lines to look for and more.

  • Success Rate
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • Price
  • UI / UX
  • Number of shops

Is Hawk Mesh for sale? What’s the retail price?

The cost of Hawkmesh in my opinion is a massive reason to not get the bot, despite the low retail for a lifetime copy of 200 EUR (180 GBP, 230 USD) the resale is around an extraordinary 3250 EUR (3000 GBP, 3500 USD).

This is a huge price, that in my opinion can become worth if you learn how to use the bot to its full potential, and even if its not working for you can always decide to rent out the bot and make back your money that way.

The Hawk Mesh team have only done 2 releases if I recall correctly, first was group buys for a few different groups, and then more recently they did a restock on twitter but other than that is exclusive.

Therefore, to buy the bot you will have to wait for another restock to buy for retail or have to attempt to find a good deal on Botmart or Tidal or another bot selling platform.

Did Hawk Mesh bot work for me?

I have personally used the bot for a few different drops, prominently Yeezy releases such as the Antlia where I managed to get around 10 PayPal windows and proceed to checkout 6 of them.

I have also used the bot for the Yeezy Black release, Sacai highs and lows both of which were very profitable and overall easy to achieve.

In conclusion, I would have to say that Hawkmesh is without doubt the best mesh bot and in turn one of the best bots to have if you live in the UK or in Europe.

The bot works and works well which is a key factor in why I think the bot is so great, but it’s also just easy. Easy in the fact if you put the time and effort into learning the ins and outs, you can start to cop shoes on a large scale with Hawkmesh.

British botting veteran with three years of experience. Previously he had his own bot and now has his own sneaker store with connections all the way to Hong Kong.

Fidhal Khotta




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