Kodai Aio Bot Review: Is Kodai This The Only Bot You Need?

Kodai bot nicknamed “ The Untamable “ is the best All In One (AIO) bot that supports Shopify, Foot sites, Adidas, and Supreme. Kodai has fallen in the ranks recently, it used to be one of the best aio bots but it’s recent success has dropped. 

Does Kodai bot really work? My opinion & review

To keep it short, yes Kodai AIO works well on some drops. For a bot with a relativity small userbase Kodai is able to obtain users some of the hottest releases of the year.

They have very hard-working developers that are always changing Kodai bot before release dates so they can try to beat anti-bot and help users secure whatever release they desire.

Like every other bot, Kodai has had its share of struggles, users have had tough times with the Adidas extension and the foot sites extension, in the beginning, they were struggling to get pairs of their desired shoes but over a short period of time, the very hard-working developers have been steadily improving these features.

Additionally, Kodai bot just announced the release of Kodai hub which can help you track your analytics of how many shoes you have copped, how many checkouts have failed, etc. It is also compatible with your mobile device. This new update will only help Kodai users get more hyped and limited goods.


What I wish Kodai AIO would improve now

The Adidas extension has not been a large focus for the Kodai developer team, while it works compared to other bots like Balkobot their Adidas addon is not as complex nor working as well as their competitors. I am confident that their developer team will push a large update involving the Adidas extension.

Success Rate:

Kodai is a bot that used to perform consistently well on every single release, it still does often outperform its competition. Like others, it has its rough drops where it does not work as desired but overall it is one of the most successful bots on the market; because of the consistent success, it shows I gave Kodai a 9/10 on the success rate category.

Kodai was the most successful bot on the largest restock of Yeezy’s in the whole year, Yeezy day.

Regular Updates:

Kodai’s developers are very active, whether it is an EU based Jordan drop or a US Supreme drop they push last-minute updates to combat bot protection systems like Pooky API and Akamai bot protection; because of the frequency they push updates I gave the updates category a 9/10.


Kodai’s support is great and helpful, they are not needed as much as other bots like TKS or EVE where there UI is harder to navigate, they also put out YouTube videos and Discord guides describing how to use the bot.

Although, the chat sometimes can be somewhat toxic; unfortunately this is present in a lot of bot communities but Kodai staff do a great job at keeping this minimal. For these reasons, I gave the support category a 8/10.


Kodai retails at $175 for the first two months and then $44.99 a month after that. For a bot that shows this much sucess that is a good price because you should be able to make your money back within only 2-3 drops.

The problem is Kodai rarely rarely restocks and when it does copies are very hard to obtain, often harder than the hyped items it gets. As of now, Kodai has a roughly $6000 resell price. Not only would you need to pay that price but you would also have to pay the renewal.

It would take many drops, month after month for you to make the $6000 back that you spent on the bot. You would have to hope to consistently obtain high profile items like Supreme Box Logo’s or Jordan 1’s to make your money back. In my opinion, $6000 is too much to be spent on a sneaker bot which is why I’m rating price a 4/10.

Number of shops:

Kodai has and keeps expanding its number of shops. It is not rare to open up the update log and find out that they now support a new site. Kodai supports foot sites, Shopify, Adidas, and Supreme. Knowing the developers I would not be surprised if mesh is pushed soon. For these reasons, I gave the number of shops category an 8/10.

One of the recent update logs showing that Footlocker EU is now supported by Kodai


Kodai’s UI completely raised the bar for the expectation of a UI for a sneaker bot in 2019. Kodai developers wanted you to be able to set up Kodai and cop hyped items faster than any other bot.

Not only did they achieve that through their source code but their UI is arguably the best in the sneaker bot industry. Creating a task is as simple as clicking to create task, naming the tasks and specifying which sites and then inputting delays, billing profile, and keywords.

Kodai’s UI makes this process faster and better than the competition, and Kodai’s hub with a sleek UI full of detailed analytics only helps the bot. For these reasons I gave UI a 9/10.


Was I personally succesful using Kodai bot?

I was overjoyed when I got this from a restock when it first started showing success and to this day has never let me down.

I’ve obtained some of the hottest sneakers and supreme items through Kodai such as Cactus Plant Fleamarket Vapormaxes, Nike Saicai Blazers, Supreme photo tees and more. 

What proxies are recommended and should you use a server?

I would suggest proxies for every drop on Kodai, I would recommend residential proxies for Supreme and a mix of datacenter and residential for Shopify, and mostly residential proxies with some datacenter proxies for foot sites such as Footlocker.

Some proxy providers I have had consistent success with include unknown proxies, cookie proxies, oculus proxies. I would also recommend a server with Kodai, servers will almost always increase your chances of getting hyped items, AWS and Google Cloud are great and affordable options for servers.

Will I continue to use this bot in the future?

Probably, but to be honest, I am kind of unsure. I know that for now, I will continue to run Kodai, but for the future, I’m not so certain. I know one thing, though, I’m looking to cop every item hard with Kodai while I still have it.

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