An all in one (AIO) bot is a bot that supports multiple sites. In this article I will be going over the top 5 all in one bots that are on the market right now.

These rankings are based on their performance and success alone. It doesn’t take into account the price, number of supported shops and the user interface of the bot. 

Kodai: The best AIO bot in 2023

Kodai is probably the best AIO bot on the market right now. It’s users have insane success. Kodai does exceptionally well on Supreme, Shopify, YeezySupply. Palace and Kith. Kodai is the best AIO bot, but it does come at a cost. If you want to buy Kodai you are going to have to pay around $4,500.

You then have to pay $34.99 a month. Kodai has a very nice user interface and the bot allows you to organise your tasks, which is very neat. Kodai absolutely destroys most releases and it’s users have incredible success. Kodai has a fairly small user base so this makes it’s success even more crazy.

What you must know

  • Fresh keys from restock can be sold
  • Keys that have been bound to a discord for at least 3 months can be sold
  • Keys that have been bound to a discord for at least 3 months can be unbound but that feature is not out yet
  • All copies are renewal ($35/month)
  • Fresh keys come with 60 days on it

Cyber AIO still a must have AIO Bot

Coming in at second place is Cyber, also known as CyberSole or Cyber AIO. Cyber is probably the most sought after and hyped bot on the market. Cyber supports over 170 sites and is very successful, on most of these. Cyber performs well on Supreme, Size?, Kith, YeezySupply, Footlocker and several other sites.

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One feature that makes Cyber stand out is its mobile companion app. This app allows you to control the bot from your phone. You can also track success, make tasks, edit tasks, start / stop tasks and reset your key. This a very handy feature for when you are away from your PC / Laptop.

Like all the bots on this list, it’s extremely hard to get Cyber for retail so it will cost you at least $4,500 to buy from a reseller. Cyber has had over 160,000 checkouts, making it’s users a ton of money.

To see a full review on Cyber then visit https://botsthatwork.com/review/cyber-sole-aio/

What you must know

  • All sales should always have discord and dashboard
  • Discord and dashboard are unbindable therefore bot can easily be transferred
  • Reset is only within the bot and dashboard
  • Has lifetime and renewal copies

TheKickStation (TKS) a top bot for its price

At third place is TheKickStation (commonly known as TKS). TKS is a very successful bot which is successful on Supreme, Shopify sites and USA and UK footsites. TKS has a very ugly user interface and can be very hard to get used to and learn. Once you are familiar with it, it will become a very powerful cooking tool.

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TKS can be overwhelming at first, especially to people who are new to botting. It has some complicated but successful features which makes it good for an experienced bot user, or someone up for a challenge.

TKS has had very good success on YeezySupply recently and is definitely one of the top AIO bots. To see a full review on TKS then visit https://botsthatwork.com/review/thekickstation-tks/

What you must know

  • Discord is not unbindable
  • Need email and key combination in order to reset key on TKS website, you can also reset within the bot and discord
  • Very risky to trade because anyone who knows the email-key combination can reset the key and use it.
  • All copies are renewal

Balko Bot not on the podium but still a top bot

Balko is a very successful bot, supporting Shopify and Adidas. Balko is well known for its success on Adidas splash releases and Shopify restocks. Balko is very useful for mass entering the Adidas splash page and increasing your chances of copping.

Unfortunately Balko is quite expensive, it would cost you about $1,000 to buy from a reseller. Balko has a nice looking user interface but it can be difficult to set up tasks. Adidas tasks are particularly challenging at first but once you get used to it, it’s easy.

Balko isn’t a great choice for a beginner but someone with little experience could cook with it.

For a more in depth review, visit https://botsthatwork.com/review/balkobot/

What you must know

  • Discord is not unbindable
  • Reset is only within the bot and discord
  • Has lifetime and renewal copies

Sole AIO Bot, one of the best for beginners

Coming last, but not least, is Sole AIO. Even though Sole is last on the list, this doesn’t mean it isn’t a great bot. Sole supports Supreme, Adidas, Footlocker and Shopify.

It has very good success on Adidas and Shopify, it is sometimes successful on Supreme. It has a very easy to use user interface and is perfect for beginners. Sole is relatively cheap at around $500. It is also quite successful, cheap, and easy to use; this is why it’s the perfect bot for a beginner. They could definitely improve their performance on Footlocker and Supreme but for its cheap price, it’s expected to have some flaws.

This is something the devs are actively working on, so expect to see a huge price increase once they see consistent success on Footlocker and Supreme.

To learn more about Sole AIO then visit the full review on https://botsthatwork.com/review/sole-aio/

What you must know

  • You can request for a new key every transfer
  • All sales should always have discord
  • Discord is unbindable therefore bot can easily be transferred
  • Reset is only within the bot and discord
  • Has lifetime and renewal copies

The best performing bots can change on a regular basis. Bots can make game changing updates, which in turn will increase the bots performance. At the same time sites can also make changes in their coding. This can stop some bots from cooking, even the top bots can start failing. These rankings will be updated regularly.

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