A cook group is like an online group, normally held on Discord or sometimes Slack. Hypebeasts, sneaker heads, resellers, collectors etc all join to discuss upcoming releases and drops, compare bots, strategies and more.

They range from free, easy-to-access groups to very exclusive and expensive groups which sell out almost instantaneously. I will be covering paid cook groups for sneakers and Supreme.


Botting tip: you’ll need proxies that you know work for the sites your drops are on.  These resi proxies (€3/$2.4/GB) are a great option as they are the lowest priced sneaker proxies in the world and work well on most sites. 


Are cook groups for sneakers and supreme worth it?

Before jumping to conclusions you have to take into consideration the factors of the cook group and how much you will use it for. E.g. if you are a huge sneaker enthusiast who resells and wants the most accurate and precise information brought to them, then investing in a high-end and costly cook group may be a good choice.

Maybe even one of the groups I am going to be describing to you. But if you just occasionally pick up a pair of sneakers and want a little inside information and don’t want to spend lots of money, there are many good free cook groups out there. If it’s free, why wouldn’t you join it?

Jupiter Notify

Jupiter Notify is one of the strongest and most reliable Cook Group communities out there. They provide you with access to state of the art Monitors, Raffle Bots, and many more features which are guaranteed to make your reselling journey that much easier, and increase your chances of copping the latest sneakers marginally.

Jupiter Notify assists everyone to increase their chances of copping, with personalized 1-on-1 support, extremely friendly and reliable Staff Members, topics like Brick Flipping and Bot Rentals with a dedicated staff team for each specific topic, custom tools like a free to use Link Opener, custom and lightning fast Twitter Monitors and various other monitors. The list goes on and on.

What’s the catch? There is none, because the server is currently in free Public Beta so you can try out the group without any commitment! Even after the beta phase, they will be pricing their memberships competitively low to ensure that they will claim the spot for the best value-for-money Cook Group out there. 

Invite link:


Robo Restocks

Robo Restocks is a cook group focused on providing all of its members with bot restock information, bot flipping guides, and many other services. They help their members cop every bot restock with detailed guides and the FASTEST Twitter monitor in the game.

The great staff team has bot flipping advice that can help you gain income when there are no restocks. I personally have made easy money about $200 from listening to their staff.

They also have many partnerships such as AYCD and Dot Bot AIO and exciting groupbuys every month. Their staff team is always striving to innovate and become the best. They love to listen to the members and take in the valuable suggestions on a daily basis.

Their Twitter monitor is fast with many additional features. The monitor has QRCode reader, URL expander, Discord invite finder, decoding, and scrapers. The QR code reader can detect tweets that have a QR code and post a link without actually scanning it.

The Discord invite finder is good as it can form possible discord invites. The decoding system is insane in my opinion it can find Base64, Binary and Emojis and will decode them into text to formulate for potential passwords in bot restocks.

Secondly, the bot flipping service they provide is the best in the game. It is easy to follow and can get you decent amounts of money.

Personally, I listened and bought Wrath months ago when it was $300 and just recently I sold it for around $500 giving me an easy $200 profit. There is frequent new advice and updates on when you should buy, hold or sell a bot and if you listen you can make money effortlessly.

Lastly the partnerships that include AYCD and Dot Bot is perfect for me to cop sneaker releases as they have the discounted price of $18 instead of $25 and along with groupbuys to Dot Bot monthly which helps me cop Supreme at ease.

Another monthly groupbuy I love is the Cooking on Gas extension, this Google extension for only $13 allows me to cop bot restock easily. The extension has many great features including link opener, discord auto joiner, autofill and auto checkout scripts. The other great services they offer that are extremely helpful are free slots for members, discounted bot rentals and price error deals.

They are the best bot restock group in the game only at an affordable $20 monthly and you can purchase now at

Wild Notify

Once inside, their team will provide you with private tools, release guides, staff support, exclusive information, premium monitors and much much more. Wild Notify members have access their 100% uptime premium monitors, and combined with the exclusive on the fly information acquired by staff members, they will make sure you’re able to cop any drop you’re going for. Maybe you’re getting tired of copping sneakers or streetwear?

Their experienced staff has ventured into different industries which allows you to profit from anything. They have an arsenal of information on the best low key cops around. Partners at Wild Notify are the best in the community. They allow you access to the best proxies, servers and tools to help you on your cooking session. With this, they are also backed with a 24/7 staff support team, available for you to ask and enquire whenever you need.


Currently Available Features:

– The Most Comprehensive Leaks, Early Links, Site Lists
– Highly Sophisticated Drop Guides, On The Fly Release Info, Hold / Sell, Weekly and Monthly Calendars
– On the Fly Restock Monitors and Restock Guides – Important Alerts Pinger
– High quality Slots, ACO’S, Checkout links and Reshippers
– Exclusive Group Buys and Partnerships With the Best Projects on the Market – Frequent Giveaways of the Best Tools Available
– Revolutionary AIO Monitors Powered by Paced. Currently Monitoring over 200+ Sites
– The fastest Twitter and Instagram Monitors Powered by Gizmo
– Live Raffle Monitors with the Most Updated Raffles – Refined Bot Restock Info Updated Daily
– Bot Flipping, Bot Restock Monitor, Bot Drop Recaps
– Live Updates of Available Deals, Flips, Freebies, Price Errors and Low Key Cops
– Breakthrough In-house tools: Profit Tracker, Address Jigger, Fee Calculator
– 24/7 Support Team to Help You Cop Anytime, Anywhere


– Wild Notify App
– Stock Trading
– Backdoors
– Bot Rentals
– Daily Cash Giveaways

Apex Chefs

They use fully custom monitors which have been created by some of the best developers on the planet, so therefore have the highest speeds and quality. These monitors cover all regions of Nike, Supreme, Adidas, Off-White, Shopify / Non-shopify sites, Footsites, Twitter, and much more.

Moving on we have their Nike and Tier 0 Account Plugs ; their team supply early info directly from the source allowing members to fully prepare for snkrs passes, shock drops, official release dates, and much more.

Thirdly, their drop guides. There are comprehensive guides for every release that includes keywords, site lists, raffle lists, resell predictions, and recommended navigation methods on how quickly checkout the product or bypass queues.

Fourthly we have their early product links, early links for a product will always be provided by Apex Chefs whenever possible to be prepared prior to the product actually releasing or when utilizing these links with bots. Moving on they offer SMS Text alerts, never miss another shock drop!

Their team will provide text message notifications directly to your phone so that you are alerted of any important news or shock drops! Another great feature is their Bot Guides. They have guides to assist new and experienced bot users on how to get started or find the most success when utilizing these software programs.

Furthermore, they have great Slot Services, staff on the team offer free and pay after success auto-checkout slot services. Our team only utilizes the highest-performing bots on the market. Another useful feature is their buy/sell/hold predictions.

Detailed resell predictions on all releases and recommended checkout orders is always provided. Penultimately, they have Adidas and Shopify bypasses. They provide a private YouTube channel with videos allowing members to learn how to bypass queues and navigate the Adidas / Shopify websites.

And finally, their ticket reselling. Comprehensive guides and support are provided by a devoted ticket reselling staff ensuring members maximize all potential profits. No experience is required to begin making easy profits. Unfortunately it costs a $40 monthly fee which is double some of the other cook groups. On top of this, they are almost always sold out.


Cook Activity 

Cook Activity are also definitely a contender for fastest monitors too , which alert you automatically when a hyped product restocks or a shock drop occurs. Their monitors cover over 200+ Sites for US, Canada, EU, Japan, China, France, and more! If you need any assistance at all, whenever you need.

Their professional Support Team will always guide you in the right path whether you are just starting out, or an expert reseller. Members also have the most premium access to droplists, guides, resell predictions and exclusive videos. Cook Activity provide the most accurate and exclusive info from their ‘inside’ sources to their members.

They give early information and leaks from ‘industry connections’ and provide detailed release guides to ensure you cop any big release. If you are tired of missing big release days because you didn’t get a notification? Cook Activity will prevent that from happening ever again.

They provide a SMS System that automatically sends our members a text if anything important happens. For example, if Nike just shock dropped Travis Scott you will not only be notified on Discord, but by SMS.

They provide all members with access to their Verified Authenticators who work 24/7 to ensure all members get their items authenticated. If you have an item which you are unsure of the authenticity of, worry no more with Cook Activity. A final point, they connect members with the chance to gain access to the most exclusive and limited reselling tools.

They partner with the most top-tier businesses to provide constant groupbuys and discounts. It costs $39 a month. A hefty sum for a cook group. Random restocks of it do occur each month so it is a bit easier to get your hands on than other groups.



R3STOCKED too offer some of the fastest monitors available in order to alert you when your favourite item is back in stock. These monitors go from large brands such as NIKE to smaller retailers that are releasing hyped items.

But to go one step further, they also monitor social media accounts and bot restocks! They don’t just focus on one region, the team is from all across the globe! Their monitors support sites from all continents and our guides and info cater to everybody’s needs!

They offer valuable release information, early links and quick-checkout links, drop analysis, resell estimations, release guides, 1 – to – 1 Support and drop shipping.

Unfortunately it is another sold out cook group, though this is a good sign it is quite limited. What’s more they are at a more reasonable price of $30 a month and do have limited time restock events such as $1 Memberships.


One of their many pro’s is their in depth guides. Their guides are one of the most detailed and helpful ones. It includes not only how to set up bots, but also how to cop manually, All guides are translated to several languages to ensure members from every country can understand.

Their monitors don’t just stop at off-white. From shopify, to Supreme, and from special sites to Nike/SNKRS(worldwide), we have them all. To ensure we have one of the fastest speeds, the monitors are constantly being updated, improving member’s chances to catch restocks and drops.

They’re a small group, with only around 100 active members, but have had some of the best groupbuys around. From free bots such as AIOX, as well as top-tier bots such as TheKickStation, they make sure you are well-equipped to cook. Their very exclusive backdoor service for members including mostly, but not limited to un-released Air Jordan 1s.

Members pay a below-market price for guaranteed pairs, allowing them to never miss a drop. Striving to give members the best possible assets, they are working on a great variety of tools such as verified SNKRS accounts from various regions, as well as tools to tremendously improve their chances at draws and Nike releases.

They also offer a very convenient reshipping service for members that do not live in a specific region. They offer residential addresses for them to reship at a negligible fee. This allows anyone in the group to cook shoes from anywhere.

They are an international cook group, with members and staff from North America, Europe and Asia. The information they provide ensures members from different regions can cop easily. A very handy feature they offer is their release/drop calendars.

They keep you up to date on what is going to release in the near future. In addition, massive site lists are provided every release to ensure members to have sufficient opportunities to cop.

This feature in my opinion is one of their most useful, raffle scripts.  Raffles wins are extremely limited at times, and only one per person. Using elite raffle scripts and multi-entry workarounds, they make it possible for members to get not one, but at multiple pairs at many times.

And last but not least, their renown Off White monitor. They offer one of the fastest Off-white in the game. It’s completely customized and will make sure you don’t miss a single restock.

This British botter has been at it for over two years. And absolutely loves the Kanye West Bapesta. He especially bots Supreme.

Charlie Rollo



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