A cook group is like an online group, normally held on Discord or sometimes Slack. Hypebeasts, sneaker heads, resellers, collectors etc all join to discuss upcoming releases and drops, compare bots, strategies and more.

They range from free, easy-to-access groups to very exclusive and expensive groups which sell out almost instantaneously. I will be covering paid cook groups for sneakers and Supreme.


Botting tip: Often proxies are the reason for failing on your drops, you’ll need proxies that you know work for the sites your drops are on. (€3/$3.4/GB) is a great option for proxies as they are the lowest priced sneaker proxies in the world and work well on most sites. 


Are cook groups for sneakers and supreme worth it?

Before jumping to conclusions you have to take into consideration the factors of the cook group and how much you will use it for. E.g. if you are a huge sneaker enthusiast who resells and wants the most accurate and precise information brought to them, then investing in a high-end and costly cook group may be a good choice.

Maybe even one of the groups I am going to be describing to you. But if you just occasionally pick up a pair of sneakers and want a little inside information and don’t want to spend lots of money, there are many good free cook groups out there. If it’s free, why wouldn’t you join it?

Steady Soles

Revolutionizing the way you resell, Steady Soles is a group that has it all. From free auto checkout slots to the fastest monitors in the game, they ensure that all your needs will be met. Unlike most other cook groups, Steady Soles has a proven record and is backed by big names in the community. Whether you are new to the game, or have been reselling for years, Steady Soles is the one and only group you will ever need. Invest $20 in yourself, and let’s see how far you can go.

Here are some of the features Steady Soles offers:

  • Organized Release Information
  • High Speed Monitors Covering Thousands of Sites
  • Accurate Early Links and Variants
  • Accurate Resell Predictions
  • Early Info
  • 100% Free Slots and Carts
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support Team
  • Free 1 on 1 Voice Calls
  • Groupbuys with Top-tier Bots
  • 100% Free Giveaways
  • Bot Flipping
  • Price Errors
  • Brick Flips
  • Sneaker Investments
  • Free Legit Checks
  • Free Amazon Products
  • Low key Flips
  • Pokemon Flips
  • Sports Card Flips
  • Funko Flips
  • DFS Sports Bets

As well as offering all that is mentioned above, your memberships also includes free access to three free software tools. This includes Steady Tools, Steady Scripts, and Steady Fill.

Steady Tools

An in house tool box featuring a Captcha Tool, Proxy Tester, Profile Converter, Proxy Generator, and Spoof browser. Members have utilized this tool to save numerous hours of setup, and purchase countless numbers of Yeezy’s and other limited items from splash pages.

best cook group

Steady Fill

A truly revolutionary chrome extension, exclusive to Steady Soles members. Supporting hundreds of sites, Steady Fill will breeze you through checkout without a single click of a button. Autofill, Autocheckout, DIY Fields, Shopify Backend, Supreme & Shopify ATC, Google Forms, and Discord Auto-Auth are some of many features of Steady Fill. 

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Steady Scripts

An in house Invite Joiner, Nitro Claimer, and Link Opener. Along with a beautiful Interface, the tool also features webhook support, burner support, and blazing fast speeds! Members have profited thousands by utilizing this free tool. 

paid cook groups

If you are ready to give Steady Soles a try, you can find them here:





Join with coupon code BOTSTHATWORK for 20% off your first month, and invest $20 in your future today. I hope to see you inside soon!

Jupiter Notify

Jupiter Notify is one of the strongest and most reliable Cook Group communities out there. They provide you with access to state of the art Monitors, and many more features which are guaranteed to make your reselling journey that much easier, and increase your chances of copping the latest sneakers marginally.

Jupiter Notify assists everyone to increase their chances of copping, with personalized 1-on-1 support, extremely friendly and reliable Staff Members, topics like Brick Flipping and Bot Rentals with a dedicated staff team for each specific topic, custom tools like a free to use Link Opener, custom and lightning fast Twitter Monitors and various other monitors. The list goes on and on.

Invite link:

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