The Best 5 Paid Cook Groups In 2023 – Sneakers & Supreme

A cook group is like an online group, normally held on Discord or sometimes Slack. Hypebeasts, sneaker heads, resellers, collectors etc all join to discuss upcoming releases and drops, compare bots, strategies and more.

If you are interested in the best paid Cook Groups then read on below.


Botting tip: Often proxies are the reason for failing on your drops, you’ll need proxies that you know work for the sites your drops are on. (€3/$3.4/GB) is a great option for proxies as they are the lowest priced sneaker proxies in the world and work well on most sites. 

Are cook groups for sneakers and supreme worth it?

Before jumping to conclusions you have to take into consideration the factors of the cook group and how much you will use it for. E.g. if you are a huge sneaker enthusiast who resells and wants the most accurate and precise information brought to them, then investing in a high-end and costly cook group may be a good choice.

Jump to the two paid cook groups we cover:
Arrow Alerts

Maybe even one of the groups I am going to be describing to you. But if you just occasionally pick up a pair of sneakers and want a little inside information and don’t want to spend lots of money, there are many good free cook groups out there. If it’s free, why wouldn’t you join it?


Our number 1 spot goes to Juiced. Since 2019, Juiced has widely been known as one of the most successful cook groups in not only Sneakers but in Consoles, Trading cards and NFTs, Juiced supports resellers worldwide with over 2000 happy members, which is backed by their hundreds of 5 star reviews.

A big thing sets Juiced apart from other groups is their care for both newer & experienced users. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran reseller, Juiced’s 1-1 support, $1 bot rentals, fast monitors and exclusive information allow members of Juiced to see far higher success rates than other groups… and their excellent rated member testimonials proves this in buckets. 

Another thing you won’t find anywhere else on this list, or anywhere else at all, is a special free 1 month trial Juiced is offering exclusively to readers of If you are looking to try Juiced then you can sign up for free on their website now with code “BOTSTHATWORK”.

This is totally risk-free and you can cancel at any time. Signup now: 

best cook group

Here are some of the features Juiced offers:

  • 10+ profitable items posted EVERY day

This includes Consoles, Gpus, Trading cards, Art, Comics, Toys, Snapbacks, Bags, Coins, Vinyls, NFTs and of course LOTS of Sneakers. Their Instagram account has over 40000 followers where they post all of their previous items. Check it out if you want to see examples.

cook groups

  • Custom built restock monitors

Unlike other groups who outsource to other companies, Juiced’s monitors are custom made. This means not only are they faster but special sites can be added upon a members request. From Walmart to Nike Snkrs, Juiced has over 1000 sites covering every restock and raffle.

paid cook groups

  • Access to bots & autocheckout tool

Juiced has partnerships with the top bots that allow them to host frequent groupbuys. As well as this, they do weekly $1 bot rentals on their web-store for Cybersole, Balko, and more. If getting $1 bots isn’t your thing then they also offer a free autocheckout tool that works on all websites.

paid cook groups

  • Support that’s focused on YOUR success

Something every other group lacks is customer support. Juiced offers round the clock support to all its users. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, whether you’re from the USA or you’re from the EU, they have support for all skill levels & regions to help YOU increase your success.

paid cook groups

  • Video tutorials and guides

If you’re someone who likes to do things on your own then you can use Juiced’s extensive video tutorials and guides to learn about different subjects such as botting, upcoming drops & more.

  • Free toolbox and scripts

Not only does Juiced have bots but they also offer a toolbox and scripts to go with it. As well as this, Juiced is currently working on launching its next big software so look out for that very soon.

  • 50+ discord commands

Users can generate free proxies, add views to their ebay listings, check stock of Adidas products, create multiple versions of your email with the gmail dot trick and many more. 

  • Special links + reminders/pings

Alongside Juiced’s restock monitors and their item posts, they offer early product links, checkout links, add to cart links as well as restock reminders and pings to help you cop on release day.

  • Retail backdoors

Whenever there is a hyped release such as an Off white collab, Juiced has supplied it’s members with retail backdoor pairs as you can see HERE on their Instagram.


  • Free legit checks 24/7

Part of being a Juiced user allows you to easily authenticate your items thanks to their expert team.


  • Weekly giveaways 

Each week they host giveaways for memberships, consoles and more, exclusively to members.


  • Deals and freebies posted daily

Something added recently is Juiced’s deals. Users have already secured hundreds of free items.

Try Juiced free for 1 month now with code “BOTSTHATWORK” at 

Note: The free trial will be downgraded from a 1 month free trial to a 7 day free trial starting from January 31st 2022. Enjoy!


Arrow Alerts

Arrow Alerts is a private reselling community dedicated to assisting participants in making money by reselling limited-edition products, shoes, streetwear, and much more.

Their experienced staff has ventured into different industries which allows you to profit from anything. They have an arsenal of information on the best low key drops around. Partners at Arrow Alerts are the best in the community.

They allow you access to the best proxies, servers, and tools to help you make a profit reselling. With this, they are also backed with a 24/7 staff support team, available for you to ask and enquire whenever you need it.

Join here:

Join with coupon code botsthatwork25 for 25% off your first month.

Currently Available Features:

– Highly Sophisticated Drop Guides, On The Fly Release Info, Hold / Sell, Weekly and Monthly Calendars
– The Most Comprehensive Leaks, Early Links, Site Lists
– Fastest Monitors
– Cop tools toolbox
– On the Fly Restock Monitors and Restock Guides
– Important Alerts Pinger
– High-quality Slots, ACO’S, Checkout links
– Exclusive Group Buys and Partnerships With the Best Projects on the Market
– Frequent Giveaways of the Best Tools Available
– Bot Flipping
– Sneaker Investments
– Free Legit Checks
– Pokémon Flips
– Funko Flips
– Sports Card Flips
– Chegg Bot for homework
– The fastest Twitter and Instagram Monitors
– Live Raffle Monitors with the Most Updated Raffles
– Refined Bot Restock Info Updated Daily
– Bot Flipping, Bot Restock Monitor, Bot Drop Recaps
– Live Updates of Available Deals, Flips, Freebies, and Low Key Cops
– 30+ Discord commands to utilize for your botting needs including variant finder, bot downloads, bot price checking, stocks price checking twitter, etc…
– 24/7 Support Team to Help You Cop Anytime, Anywhere

Arrow Toolbox

Whether you are botting or going manual our toolbox will give you all the necessary features you need to cop. Our custom made toolbox gives members access to utilize our:

• One-Click Gen
• Account Gen
• Proxy Gen
• Auto Link Opener
• Spoof Browser
• Sales Tracker
• Profile Converter
• Cookie Gen
• VCC Gen
• Server Gen
• Captcha Solver
• Bot Manager


best cook group

Monitor Deck

Every second matters. Not only does our monitor deck make it easy to find monitors, but it’s also the most revolutionary option for limitless tracking with zero downtime, ease, and volume.

• Faster then Discord monitors
• Personalized Setup
• Zero downtime

best cook group

Arrow Fill

All Arrow members have access to our custom-made extension that gives every manual user an edge over the competition.
• Shopify Autofill
• Stripe Autofill
• Bot Scripts
• Custom Scripts

cook groups

AQT Software

Connect directly with our monitors and send quick tasks directly to your bots based on keywords customized by you. This allows you to start tasks with your desired profiles at the touch of a button taking out all the unnecessary work of setting up.

paid cook groups

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