There are many different sneaker stores across the world but the largest sneaker retailer is Footlocker, worth approximately 7.75 billion dollars.

Footlocker receives many Jordans, Yeezys, and other coveted shoes which makes Footlocker bots quite interesting.

Roughly a year and a half ago Footlocker used to be one of the easiest sites to bot, but that all changed when they developed Akamai anti-bot protection which many regard as the best anti-bot protection on the web.

It is important to note that each Footlocker region has a different Anti-Bot with Footlocker EU being the most commonly botted. Regardless, many bot developers have beat it and here are the best Footlocker bots of 2021.

best footlocker bots

Sole AIO – Great Footlocker Bot for Europe

Sole AIO is an AIO bot that supports Footlocker, Shopify, Adidas, Supreme, and more. When Sole originally added Footlocker they had limited to no checkouts, although Sole has a very hardworking developer team that often updates two times a week.

Sole has only gotten better every single Footlocker drop, they copped a lot of stock from Footlocker in the previous Black Friday Yeezy triple black 350 restock. Sole support Footlocker EU and Footlocker UK making it a great choice for people who live in Europe to get a consistently improving Footlocker bot.

Project Destroyer

Project Destroyer, more commonly known as PD has supported footlocker for a long time now, PD has been rocky on Footlocker and its supporting sites, (Kids Footlocker, Eastbay, Finish Line, Footaction, Champs Sports, these sites are owned by Footlocker).

However, in the past months, they have shown success on the Footlocker and users are getting more hyped items, whether it be Nike or Jordan’s, Project Destroyer is consistent and helps users cop on Footlocker with success every major release.

Project Destroyer has an amazing developer team and support team and they will only continue to do better on Footlocker sites in the future.


45 Actionable Items & Tips in (1) ultimate botting checklist.


Likewise to Project Destroyer, Nike Shoe Bot is considered of the “OG” sneaker bots. It’s earliest versions dated back to 2013 where sites such as Footlocker had little to no Anti-Bot due to how few people used Sneaker Bots.

The modern version of NSB released in 2018 and it had decent success on Footlocker but nothing quite noteworthy until the NSB developers made huge strives on Footlocker Anti-Bot, especially in the recent update 2.0. NSB has always been one of the most elite bots, that has not changed, especially for Footlocker.

With a development team consisting of off one of the best developers in all of the sneaker bot world, Cypher it is clear that NSB will only cop more from Footlocker.


The majority of bots in the sneaker botting world love twitter and social media platforms and aim to create hype around the bot and its restocks. WhatBot is the exact opposite, it rarely restocks as it cops shoes and items for its users and the admins do not allow the selling of invites to WhatBot.

Regardless of WhatBot’s unique approach to the Sneaker botting world, they still take Footlocker stock. The group is slack based, unlike almost all other bots that are discord based and the UI is not the easiest to learn which is why more experienced botters tend to cop on Footlocker rather than the brand-new users. This secretive bot known as WhatBot cops Footlocker in silence and is one of the best Footlocker bots of 2020.


Unlike NSB and PD, TheKickStation is a newer AIO bot, regardless of its age TKS has been consistent on Footlocker, the only period where Footlocker was not that successful was when the bot as a whole was not successful, (roughly 5 months ago).

Now due to multiple updates per week, TKS remains one of the most consistent Footlocker bots available and with a UI directed more for veteran botters, many users are able to cop multiples on Footlocker, which was not present in many other bots before TheKickStation/TKS. TKS is a newer bot, but that should not stop anybody from doubting it’s a success on Akamai Anti-Bot.


As an American sneaker botter, I had little to no use of Ganesh until I started using reshippers when I then discovered how great Ganesh is on Footlocker EU.

For a bot that only supports Size?, Footlocker EU, Footlocker UK, and Offspring I thought a $3000 resale was crazy, until I saw its success.

I have seen more cops via Footlocker than there are people in the group which is remarkable. Ganesh currently is lethal on Footlocker EU and UK and if it keeps on doing well on Footlocker I only can see the resale price increasing. 


You can assume that one of the best AIO bots out there has a great Footlocker feature, Kodai from the start has been combatting Anti-Bot in a way never seen before.

The developers took on Akaimai and won as they add new Footlocker regions, they support Footlocker BE, Footlocker DE, Footlocker DK, Footlocker ES, Footlocker FR, Footlocker IT, Footlocker LU, Footlocker MY, Footlocker NL, Footlocker NO, Footlocker SE, and Footlocker SG.

It seems like Kodai’s developer logs always consist of them adding a new Footlocker region, and they take stock for users of all regions. With extensive guides put out by support, users are often able to cop multiples in many regional, it is similar to Ganesh in this way, but; Kodai supports many more regions than Ganesh.


The Hawkmesh discord is unlike almost every other Footlocker bot discord I have seen. It has a very small userbase and the group is very quiet, but; the group posts unheard amounts of success on Footlocker.

Hawkmesh supports only European based regions of Footlocker but they are looking to expand as they support France, Italy, Germany, UK, and many other regions. Hawkmesh can cop users anywhere between 5-15 pairs of a hyped shoe.

I saw this for the Jordan 1 Satin Bred Toe, a hyped shoe with very high resale and lots of the userbase was checking out 8+ pairs. No other bot besides Hawkmesh averages the kind of success numbers that they put out.

American sneakerhead with over two years of copping experience. Mostly reselling on Stadium and Fight Club, but his own store is on the verge of opening soon.

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