Adidas is one of the most well-known sportswear brands in the world, and one of the most profitable for sneaker resellers. Home to famous athletes such as James Harden and David Beckham as well as influencers such as Kanye West and Pharrel Williams, it is no secret that an Adidas bot can make you a lot of money.

Adidas at one point of time had very minimal bot security, people could easily make bots in Python and other languages and easily cop hyped Yeezy’s and Human Races. In the past year, Adidas has switched to Akamai bot security making it harder for bots to get hyped sneakers and merchandise off of its site but nevertheless, it is still possible. Here are the best Adidas bots in 2021

adidas bot

In 2021 who would have thought that a bot called Nike Shoe Bot would be one of the top Adidas bots, but yet here we are. In NSB’s latest major update, (2.0) they added Adidas. Although it was very recently released to the public, NSB’s Adidas mode has been in beta for many of its users for several months, and it has one of the highest users to shoe ratio of any Adidas bot on the market.

It showed one of the best success rates for Adidas for the Yeezy 350 Clay’s regardless of the small userbase. With hardworking developers such as Cypher and Nanekj, I only expect them to grow in the future.

Sole AIO, a good and affordable Adidas bot

Sole AIO from its start has been a dominant Adidas bot but also one of the best AIO Bot. Recently its performance has been a bit rougher as it has not been showing the multiple checkouts as it did on previous drops such as the Yeezy GITD’s and the Yeezy Black V2’s. Although they have done well on recent Human Race releases and because they have been showing the good success on recent releases on Adidas they will most likely start getting the hyped Yeezy’s like they once were.

Sole also has a cart feature but that has been lackluster recently although, the owner of Sole AIO, @ciphersuites has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable Adidas developers in the sneaker bot world, he knows more about Adidas akamai than almost anyone else. I believe that Sole will continue to improve, even still it is one of the best Adidas bots of 2021.

Project Destroyer (PD), a great Adidas bot

If you are a sneaker bot veteran, you have probably heard the name Project Destroyer being tossed around. Project Destroyer is one of the older, more established sneaker bots in the industry and in the last couple of months they added an Adidas extension to their AIO bot. Project Destroyer recently has been lackluster on Shopify but great on Demandware sites such as Converse and Adidas. 

With the help of guides provided by their helpful support team, PD has been able to consistently do well on Adidas recently for its users. Ever since the Adidas extension was released it has been one of the most successful aspects of the bot, getting users pairs on hyped releases such as the Yeezy Cloud White’s. With its consistent success, PD is one of the best Adidas bots today.

Splash Force

Splashforce is AIO bot, it supports Adidas, Shopify, Supreme and more. From the start and still today Splashforce always seemed to be better on Adidas than its other features. Splashforce has always done well with Adidas but it was experiencing a slump recently until the developer, Iwan pushed version 3.0. 3.0 has not only been getting users multiple shoes but it has been getting users “bae sizes” (sizes 4-6.5).

Generally, these smaller sizes often referred to as “bae sizes” have higher resale and Splashforce has done exceptionally well at getting bae sizes. For this reason, Splashforce is one of the top Adidas bots.

Adi Splash

Adispash right now is one of the few Adidas that has been consistent throughout the years. It has always been able to get carts for Yeezy’s as well as run 100’s of tasks with little to no lag. The developers of Adisplash, Backdoor.io keep a small userbase for their bots. This means that the ratio of how many users there are and how many Adidas shoes/and or merchandise is obtained is higher than almost every other Adidas bot. Adisplash is one of the best bots for carts, carts are logins for Adidas generated by the bot where all you have to do is click to login and then fill out your information and check-out, as the bot has already passed the splash page. Adisplash is excellent at this making it one of the best Adidas bots in 2021.

Kodai, maybe the best AIO Bot in 2021

“The Untamable”, arguably one of the most successful bots of all of 2021 yet again has found a solution for Adidas. Kodai always seems to find a solution for any particular anti-bot mechanism that it faces, whether it is Shopify Anti-Bot, Adidas akamai or Supreme’s Pooky API.

Kodai has been showing tons of success for its small userbase on Adidas, doing well on drops that few other Adidas bots did well on such as the Waverunner restock. Kodai for Adidas has a low userbase yet high-success, which is arguably the best trait that you can hear about a bot. Kodai always seems to cop every release, Adidas sites being no exception which is why I believe that Kodai is one of the best Adidas bots of 2021.

Balko is getting better and better

Every bot on here is an excellent bot for Adidas but the bot that has shown the highest Adidas success over time is Balkobot. This bot has insane speeds, it is one of the fastest Adidas bots recorded so far, because of Balkobot’s speeds it can get a ton of hyped Adidas items from both initial drops and restocks. In fact, Balkobot’s unofficial nickname is “The Restock King” because it performs so well on both Adidas and Shopify restocks.

In addition to task mode that Adidas has it also has carts, similar to Adisplash and Sole AIO. Balko’s cart functions are slightly harder to navigate than the other bots but work great, and Balko is one of the few bots to be able to generate multiple carts for every Adidas release. I’ve seen small cook groups rent out Balkobot and get enough carts for every member to get a Yeezy or Human Race, that is how good Balkobot is. Balkobot is arguably the best Adidas bot in 2021 because of its excellent cart and task functions. 

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