Shopify is a multi-billion dollar e-commerce company. Sites like Kith, Concepts, Bodega, and Eflash Dover Street Market are all Shopify sites. There are countless Shopify bots but listed below are the ones I feel like are the best.

NSB: The best Shopify bot in 2023

Despite being always in-stock, bot users continually show success with Nike Shoe Bot. Nike Shoe Bot has been in the sneaker bot game for a fairly long time and they were struggling with the new additions made to Shopify Anti-Bot.

Although their new mode, Cyborg 3.0 is their best Shopify mode developed. Since the addition of Cyborg 3.0 mode users have shown consistent Shopify success especially on drops such as the Yeezy 350 Cloud Reflective and the Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toes. Nike Shoe Bot after having rough patches within its botting career finally looks to be one of the best Shopify bots.

Prism cooks shopify too

Prism has been climbing the ranks of Shopify botting rapidly. Prism bot has a variety of modes available for Shopify botting, (advanced, super safe, safe, restock, etc). When used properly each mode can be lethal on Shopify. Additionally, Prism has been great on initial drops and restocks lately with securing large amounts of shoes and other hyped items such as the Yeezy 350 Citrin Reflectives and the Nike Saicai Blazers. Prism is a relatively new bot and will only grow in the ranks of Shopify botting.


Like Prism, Wrath is also a new bot. Regardless, the hard-working developers, at Wrath have seemed to solve Anti-Bot better than the majority of bots out in the botting world.

Also, Wrath’s human mode has been doing great recently. Wrath also has a beginner-friendly UI that makes it easy for new botters to get hyped items from shops like Kith, OVO, and more. With hard-working developers, I can only see Wrath improving in the future.

TheKickStation (TKS)

TKS has been in the sneaker bot game for longer than most bots and it has been showing the best success of its botting career lately. TKS bot never started out as one of the best Shopify bots but over time it has grown and expanded to one of the best.

TKS took more stock than any other Shopify bot on the Travis Scott 6 release and the Yeezy 500 Bone White release. It is also important to note that TKS has one of the best custom Shopify settings, users are able to cop whatever items they want through the custom Shopify setting. You could even see users getting copies of TKS using TKS. After a long period of not great success on Shopify, it seems like TKS is back and better than ever.


WhatBot is a truly unique bot, you will rarely hear about in bot marketplaces because it prohibits selling and they do very little promotion via social media compared to other bots.

They rarely restock or do group buys but regardless they have solved Anti-Bot better than most bots out there. WhatBot, being one of the older bots in this list and in the past 6 months alone their Shopify section has significantly evolved.

Now they are one of the top Shopify bots and have shown large amounts of success on the Air Jordan 1 Obsidian drop and the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0’s. My only critique with WhatBot Shopify is there is no custom Shopify which is bad if you want to bot a site that it might not support or if you are interested in Bot Wars.


Like any bot, Balko has had its rough goings with the increased Anti-Bot protection that Shopify has been adding but Balkobot’s developers are extremely hardworking and now this bot is amazing on Shopify.

Balko’s restock mode for Shopify is tremendous, Balko has earned the nickname in the bot community as the Restock King. No Shopify bot can get restocks like Balko. It is now often that Balkobot takes more stock on a drop than any other bot, down below was their success on the Fear of God 1’s Oatmeal. Balko is only going to improve over time as they seem to have Anti-Bot solved.


Kodai is nicknamed the Untamable for a reason. Apart from having a very user-friendly UI/UX Kodai is an amazing Shopify bot. It does good on restocks but has been exceptional on initial drops lately.

It is average for Kodai to log over 1,000 Shopify checkouts for a major release, (Kodai has a smaller userbase than most bots so 1,000 is huge). With amazing support and the addition of the Kodai Hub, I can only see Kodai becoming better in the future with Shopify Anti-Bot.

CyberSole – The next best shopify bot?

Arguably the most famous sneaker bot ever, ever since Cybersole added Shopify it has been doing amazing. Cyber has been through rough times just like any other bot has but in the end it works very well very often. It has consistently amazing success on every release, no matter if a Shopify site is dropping Yeezy’s, Jordan’s or SB’s Cybersole takes stock.

There are reasons behind why Cybersole has a $4000+ resale and the fact that it takes stock on Shopify is one of them. Since the 4.0 update, Cybersole’s Shopify portion went from great to amazing. Also, it’s pretty common for Cyber to have 10 updates a week just because they want to perfect Shopify Anti-Bot. This might be the next best shopify bot.

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