Nova Aio Bot Review: Is This The Future Of Sneaker Bots? Worth Buying?

Nova AIO (Nova) bot has copped really well in the past, but is it still worth to buy for resale even if it is currently in alpha? Should you buy Nova AIO bot if for sale? The answers lies in this Nova bot review.

Nova bot is an all in one bot which supports a decent number of sites like Shopify, Supreme, Mesh and Footsites and it has some good success. It has a simple, easy-to-use user interface, making it great for beginners.

It has a very easy to use UI and is easy to set up. It is particularly good on Supreme, AsphaltGold and even Shopify Sites in general.

Does Nova AIO really work? My review


Nova AIO is very simple to use and displays an easy to use UI. Which sets it apart from other bots like EVE and TKS.

I definitely had a lot of success on Supreme EU with Nova even they had issues on Supreme EU the first weeks of FW19 but after some major updates pushed by the hard-working dev team, Nova is cooking Supreme.

It also performs really well with Shopify customs sites as they can be added to the bot and it’s great for Shopify checkout links as well.

We will come to this feature later again.

Nova AIO is a good choice for amateurs thanks to a very affordable retail price of 75$. Even Nova bot is the resell price of 250-300$ worth.

My last two points that are extremely important is that NovaAIO is updated regularly by the hard-working dev team and NovaAIO also offers proxy and server support.

Keep in mind, that proxies will be of crucial importance for your success with bots in general.

The Dashboard of Nova AIO also allows you to sell your copy or even renting it out safely.

Where I hope to see improvement with Nova bot

The biggest problem by far is that it generally doesn’t do well with Mesh and Footsites, but the Devs are working on it at the moment.

Sure, you will manage to cop some items here and there but, the bot is definitely not optimized towards that end.

Meaning you will want to get another bot for Mesh and Footsites. It’s still hard to complain with such a low retail price though.

The other thing is that all keys that a purchasable at the moment are only Beta/Alpha keys. That means that you have to buy it for Retail again when the Beta is over.


Fast Checkouts: Swiftly checkout on all sites with Novas unique API bypasses.

User Friendly UI: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to navigate NovaAIOs various features.

Unlimited Tasks: Users are able to run many tasks without affecting efficiency

In-Build Statistics page: With a statistics page built into Novas platform, not only can Nova help you purchase sought-out sneakers, but it can guide you in making profit from it. The ‘statistics’ tab allows you to view previous checkouts as well as a ratio of Successful:Failed checkouts.

UI/UX: It’s 2019, bots are evolving rapidly and so is UI. Modern bots like NovaAIO have new and sleek UI to help newcomers to the botting world navigate their bots as well as enhance user experience.

That’s not all! Nova has many more unique features ranging from customizing

shipping rates to directly monitoring products with our built-in monitor.

NovaAIO also very good for its checkout links.

Checkout links are for shopify releases when a site has a queue to checkout. The bot will mass enter tasks into the queue and when a task gets through the queue, it will send a link to your Discord to allow you to manually checkout. Nova also has an option to use its extension, which automates the checkout process after using a checkout link.

Where can you buy, sell, or rent Nova bot?


The best place to buy or rent Nova is one of the usual sneaker bot marketplace like Botmart or Tidal.

Remember that Middlemens never deal in DMs and all of those Deals will done in their server, anyone who wants you to join a different server is a scammer.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

NovaAIO has a very nice UI which makes it easy to use for everyone, especially for beginners. For Supreme and AsphaltGold releases, Nova is very successful.

NovaAIO isn’t a good choice if you only plan on buying 1 bot – because sites like Mesh, Footsites and Shopify are not doing that well at the moment.

Compared to other AIO Bots like Cyber or Kodai , Nova is the best choice for beginners because as I said the UI is  easy to use and the cheap price is also a big advantage against the others

I am very satisfied with NovaAIo and his success on Supreme EU. As you can see I already cooked with Nova.

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