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Does MEKPreme Work? 

To keep it short, yes, MEKpreme by Mek robotics is one of the best Supreme bots available currently. With a medium-sized user base, MEK has hard-working developers that are always changing their source code to enhance the bot’s performance and so far it has paid off as in FW19 MEK appears to be one of the most consistent and best Supreme bots.

Like every other bot, MEK has had difficult weeks but there is no Supreme bot that has cooked the most out of every bot every week. But, even with Pooky API changing constantly through updates MEK users are able to successfully cop some of the biggest Supreme drops such as box logos, photo tees, The North Face x Supreme and more.

Where could MEK Robotics improve?

MEKpreme by Mek Robotics is awesome but it supports one site, Supreme. It would be ideal in the future for MEK to expand the number of sites they support and possibly add Shopify and/or foot-sites in the future.

Knowing the developers of MEKpreme they are skilled enough to combat Shopify’s anti-bot, the question is whether they would want to and then have to fight both Pooky API and Shopify’s Anti-Bot.

mek preme
  • Success Rate
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • UI / UX
  • Price
  • Number of shops


MEKpreme is able to do something that very few Supreme bots are able to do and that is consistently cop Supreme every week. The developers update the source code often and due to that users are able to display lots of success.

Originally MEK had trouble on restocks but now it is practically a restock king. Due to consistent success every week I gave MEK a 8/10 for success.

Regular updates:

MEKpreme has hard-working developers that are always willing to devote as much time as needed to help you get Supreme every Thursday. Even though MEK developers are from China they still stay up and figure out how to bypass Pooky API for the United States and EU. Due to the hard-working developers and weekly updates I gave MEK a 8/10 for regular updates.


Support is very kind and helpful but support is not always as quick as other servers like Cybersole or Kodai to answer questions. Regardless they will always help with delays and how to solve captchas efficiently. MEK’s support also puts out weekly guides of the best items to get and how you can profit off of the week by using MEK. Because of kind and helpful support I gave MEK a 8/10 for support.

User interface:

MEK has a simplistic UI with limited accessories that can be found in some of the newest supreme bots such as Kodai and Cyber where they have mobile task managers and high degree analytics. But, MEK’s simplistic UI is good for newcomers into the sneaker bot game and gets the job done. Due to the UI being simplistic and easy to use I gave MEK a 8/10 for UI/UX.


MEK preme retails for the price of $200, with a renewal every 60 days of $60. This price is affordable hence MEKpreme is the best Supreme bot out there. What is not good about MEKpreme is the resale. MEKpreme renewal goes for roughly $500-600 and you still have to pay the renewal. You would need to consistently cop lots of weeks of Supreme just to pay for MEK which is a problem. Due to the high resale, I gave MEK a 5/10 for price.

Number of shops:

As stated in the name MEKpreme supports Supreme but it does not support anything else. When bots such as Kickmoji can support over 120 sites it is a problem when you can only support 1 site. MEK needs to expand the number of sites they support in order to compete with notable AIO bots such as Nike Shoe Bot and The Kick Station. Due to only supporting Supreme I gave MEK a 3/10 for number of shops.

My personal experience with Mek Preme

I’ve obtained MEKpreme through a group buy recently and I have not looked back yet. I’ve cooked lots of hyped drops through MEK including the Supreme burner phone and the Supreme x Honda crewneck. I have already made back what I have paid for the bot and I am really happy about that.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Yes, most definitely. MEKpreme has only been growing and getting better every week. With larger upcoming drops such as Supreme x The North Face and Supreme Box Logo hoodies, I am very excited to see how much more money I can make off MEKpreme and how many more hyped Supreme items I can acquire. They absolutely destroyed week 8 of supreme and I can’t wait until I can make $500+ off of box logos if I cop using MEKpreme.

American sneakerhead with over two years of copping experience. Mostly reselling on Stadium and Fight Club, but his own store is on the verge of opening soon.

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