Sieupreme bot review

One site that bots have constantly struggled with this year has been Supreme. Supreme has enabled pooky api this season, pooky api is a script that makes it very hard for bots to checkout.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst bot ever and 10 being the best I would rate Sieupreme bot at a 4/10 right now. I’ve been using Sieupreme, by Backdoor, and it has been quite the roller coaster.

When I bought it in 2018 it was the most hyped and expensive bot to-date. It had an easy to use UI, (you could set up Sieupreme bot in about 5 minutes maybe less!) During FW18 of Supreme it seemed like Sieupreme was unstoppable, one person of the Sieupreme bot discord checked out 150 supreme scales!

I checked out 25 myself. Week after week I was copping thousands of dollars of supreme. Some people didn’t believe all the hype though. Then Sieupreme managed to check out insane numbers of CDG x Supreme box logos the following week. 

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Tasks and proxies with Sieupreme

My rating for the Tasks & Proxies is 7/10 for Sieupreme. Sieupreme essentially has a barebones GUI. Nothing is super special about it like Nike Shoe Bot where it has a built in bot monitor.

Regardless tasks are easy to set up, proxies are as well and the captcha window works well. This review is going to be pretty consistent with most bots unless its very hard to set up. Refer to the picture below to see me solving captchas for Sieupreme:

Sieupreme bot’s GUI

My rating for the Sieupreme GUI is 7/10. The GUI is good but I feel like with many new bots it needs a modern revamp. Bots such as Kodai and Cybersole appear to have a much cleaner and sleeker GUI, whereas Sieupreme still looks like a GUI from an FW17 Supreme bot. Regardless, it is easy to set up tasks and assign proxies. It is beginner friendly in this matter, unlike other bots such as Whatbot and EVE AIO.

Sieupreme bot
  • UI / UX
  • Success Rate
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • Price
  • Number of shops

Support and dev team

My rating for support and the dev team is 4.5/10. I know this sounds harsh but bear with me. Backdoor io makes Sieupreme and also Adisplash. It seems as if they are concentrating everything towards Adisplash, but not helping its small user base for Sieupreme.

Support is small and because of the server size and help is hard to find. They post the same keywords as pretty much every other cook group does. If concentrated more on Sieupreme and less on Adisplash then my review would be very different. At least the user base isn’t toxic towards the newcomers, like Nike Shoe Bot.

My conclusion on Sieupreme by Backdoor

If you can pick up this bot for retail or near retail from a Groupbuy, (a group buy is when a lot of people all together decide they want to purchase a bot or software, sometimes they get special discounts)!

Then I would pull the trigger these developers obviously know a thing or two about Supreme and its API, I would not pay resale at the moment. Currently for its resale you can get or Yitian/Mekpreme, bots that consistently cop weekly for the same price range.

You could even get AIO bots that do well on Supreme, like EVE AIO, within the price range that Sieupreme resells for.

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