Sneakercopter Review: Is This The Best Mesh Bot Out There?

Compared to all the other AIO bots Sneakercopter isn’t mentioned that much, it’s one of the few Mesh exclusive bots that has had great success in the past but how does it work now compared to some of the largest mesh bots including Cybersole and Hawk mesh?

This is the main screen for Sneakercopter. It’s a very minimalistic and basic UI compared to bots like Kodai or Kickmoji, you would create tasks in the create task slide shown above and add billing profiles under the “Create Billing Profile” tab.

Sneakercopter lacks most of the modern features added into other mesh bots like Hawkmesh when it comes to UI.

Does Sneakercopter really work? My opinion & review


The short answer, sometimes (not very well-currently). During the previous Jordan and Yeezy releases, Sneakercopter used to dominate. It had very large amounts of success, (proportional to userbase) for Yeezy releases such as the Clay’s and Trueforms. It even had success on Off-White shoes such as the Converse x Off-White.

But, unfortunately, mesh websites are unpredictable. Akamai is the newest form of bot protection and it is constantly changing. Bot developers of bots such as Cybersole and Hawkmesh have been able to essentially “solve” akamai, although Sneakercopter devs are not doing as well.


What I wish Sneakercopter would improve now

First and foremost to have a solution to akamai bot protection.

The userbase for Sneakercopter has a significant amount of members, yet bots like Hawkmesh which has fewer users shows considerably more success. Next, would be an update to the UI/UX, it’s 2019 and if you are paying $200 or even more for a bot than you expect a high-quality UI/UX.

As another example, the settings tab of Sneakercopter is listed below. The last issue that I have is involving the billing tab, it is hard to edit your profile after you have made it. You have to find the file and edit it whereas on other bots, like Balkobot you can just edit it from the bot.

Success Rate:

I rated success rate at a 5/10 because the minimal to none success that Sneakercopter has been showing on recent drops but because of its previous success on other drops I chose a 5/10 rating.

Regular Updates:

Sneakercopter could use more regular updates. With ever-changing bot protection on mesh sites, Sneakercopter does not push as many updates compared to bots like Hawkmesh and Cyber, because of this I gave Regular Updates a 5/10.


With the bot declining, in general, it is hard to find users who still actively use Sneakercopter, the staff, and support in the discord is friendly and not toxic like Nike Shoe Bot and not completely dead like PAZ AIO. For these reasons, I gave Support a 7/10.


There is very few other bots that support mesh sites, Hawkmesh and Cybersole being the most notable and with those bots having a resale value of up to $5000, Sneakercopter’s ~$250 price is much more attractive. This is why I rated price 7/10

Number of shops:

It supports just Mesh sites, that is it. There are only 6 significant sites that it supports, for another example, Kickmoji supports over 110. There are very few sites Sneakercopter supports so I decided to rate it 3/10.


It’s 2019, bots are evolving rapidly and so is UI. Modern bots like Kodai, Cyber, Wrath and Project Destroyer have new and sleek UI to help newcomers to the botting world navigate their bots as well as enhance user experience. Sneakercopter does not do that, although it is very simplistic to use which is good, it is very barebones in my opinion too barebones.


Was I personally succesful using Sneakercopter

I have an extensive collection of sneaker bots, so with Sneakercopter not yet solving akamai I haven’t used it very much on the most recent drops.

I’ve had success with the OG Nike React element, the Off-White x Converse, and the Yeezy Zebra’s, Clay’s and Lundmarks.

I have made into the 4 figure range with this bot and I’m very happy about that. Lately, it’s been hard though, with an outdated UI and increased bot protection little success is being shown on each drop, unlike previous drops where users always seemed to cop multiple sneakers.

What proxies are recommended and should you use a server?

I would recommend mostly Residential proxies because of the increase in bot protection. I can personally vouch for both Unknown proxies and Oculus proxies, they have both worked with my bots, including Sneakercopter.

You always want to use proxies so you do not get IP banned from mesh sites, (ex. Footlocker, Size?, The Hip Store, etc).

It is also important to use a server to maximize your opportunities for getting limited shoes. AWS and Google cloud are both affordable and good options, however, I prefer AWS over Google Cloud.

Will I continue to use this bot in the future?

My answer is probably yes, I have confidence that one-day Sneakercopter will destroy Mesh as it did previously.

Not much is being said in there discord but the dev appears to be working on hard the issues that I listed in “what can be improved?”. If you can snag it for retail, (note Sneakercopter has a limited number of restocks) then go for it.

I would also suggest buying lifetime if you can, as it might take time for them to solve Akamai bot protection, once they do Sneakercopter can be the next Hawkmesh.

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