Forcecop Review. Is It One Of The Most Underrated Bots Out There?

Though in the World of Bots ForceCop bot isn’t a likely name for you to see up there, you would be intrigued to know how it does compare to some of the big names at the moment such as F3ather, Adept Mekpreme and more! Here is my Forcecop review.

To start with in this Forcecop review, I’m going to state out the obvious. ForceCop bot isn’t an application, it’s a Google Chrome Extension. Now before you turn make an instantaneous decision from this, continue reading, I assure you ForceCop bot will exceed your expectations.

Set up is easy on ForceCop, an instant download is available immediately after purchase. Set-up instructions are extremely intuitive and after that, a little red ‘F’ should appear on web page bar on your Google Chrome page. From here just login with the details you registered with and the rest is obvious.

Aside from its actual ability to cop, one of ForceCop’s many strengths is just its simplicity to use. The Forcecop dashboard features a dozen boxes and scroll down menu’s so you can get the bot to cop you whatever you want. It is very easy to read and manoeuvre around the extension.

Everything you need to tell ForceCop should be on this page. At the top, we have the range of Supreme sizes, Small to XLarge, then keyword finder and colour, below that there is timer in which you input the Supreme drop time.

ForceCop is compatible with proxies and navigating around the ‘PROXY SETTINGS’ area should help you set those up. Activate the ‘ADD TO CART’ and ‘CHECKOUT’ settings for a faster checkout and on pressing save, you should be redirected to a webpage with a countdown timer on it.

From here just sit back until its drop time. Then watch your bot redirect onto the Supreme Web Store and purchase your desired item(s). Below is in image of what the installed ForceCop would look like and the countdown timer:

Does ForceCop Bot Work? My review


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This is the area where ForceCop bot does fall back from other Supreme bots. ForceCop is a bot for first time botters to amateur botters who are looking for a cheap cheerful easy to use bot, which on occasion can cop very hyped items and has copped Box Logo’s and insane pieces, however the main hype and best performance from this bot was a couple of years ago and ForceCop’s days are over.

Needless to say, it is useful perhaps for less hyped items but if you’re going for something big, there are a lot of bots which will outperform.

I am not saying that ForceCop is bad, it is extremely accessible, very cheap compared to rivals and if you’re just entering the resell game or are just looking for the occasional supreme piece then ForceCop is well suited to you.

Where does ForceCop fail the hardest?

Nowadays, most Supreme resellers having gained experience over years of Supreme copping, don’t require the simplistic design of ForceCop and desire a more technical bot. These people mainly target cop speed and accuracy is speed and a variety of functions, which ForceCop doesn’t have as much as other bots.

It would be great if in the future ForceCop could get back up there and as an alternate option offer a downloadable application as opposed to the chrome extension as there is only a certain amount of precision and cooking speed you can get from a web extension such as this.

What is good to see is that ForceCop do make frequent updates do still make version and software changes. Nevertheless, approaching the new year of Supreme, it is fair to say that ForceCop is still too barebone.

Cook scores and Forcecop review explained

Success Rate:
Obviously, this is subject to the drop, for very hyped drops probably cop half of the time, otherwise if it’s just a brick week in brick sizes, 90% of the time. As ForceCop is a Supreme-only bot, these are quite low figures.

Regular Updates:
Despite most advanced botters choosing against ForceCop, it is still widely used and has a lot of popularity due to its easy functioning and good comparable price. As a result, the ForceCop team do quite well managing updates and releases.

This aspect of ForceCop is unflawed and strong. When it comes to support and customer service ForceCop can be reached out to very easily, offering a fast-replying contact email, a ‘frequently asked questions’ page on their website and Twitter and Instagram pages which you can message your questions and queries to.


Again, flawless. The site regularly discounts the bot from the initial $89.99/£69.60. The bot is in stock all year round for the IOS, Android, Starter and Pro editions so don’t worry about paying 5x that amount on resell like you do with other bots. You do get what you pay though, for but compared to nearly every other Supreme bot, you can’t argue with the price.

The user experience and Interface of this product are good. The usability, accessibility, and desirability provided in the interaction with this product is second to none.

You have every setting you will need for this application on one small page, the timer feature after you press the ‘save’ button is simple and functional, bringing up a countdown showing you how long until the bot will get to work.

The only issue is there is no way to save a form ahead of the release so you can just activate before the drop without pressing the save button which actually activates the bot and countdown and may lead to you accidentally purchasing the wrong product.

Number of shops:
The Bot works on just the Supreme site, but is compatible on the US, EU and JAPAN/ASIA web stores. When filling out credit card details you can change the format depending on which region you will be shopping on as the web pages vary.

What proxies are recommended, and should you use a server?

Proxies which are using residential IP addresses are your best bet. Firstly, as it is very hard to distinguish them from the ordinary human visitors on the website and with ForceCop.

If you are looking for the best smoothest checkout you will need good proxies as ForceCop is at a speed disadvantage to some of the extremely pricey and rare bots, you will be up against. I recommend Smartproxy (fast, cheap and fully residential), Luminati (great IP pool which is hard to flag and fast too), Oxylabs is good as well.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

My answer is probably. I have confidence that one-day ForceCop will release a new version of the current ForceCop which has been struggling and that will cook like it used to. Even if it doesn’t, ForceCop is a sturdy bot that is useful if you see something you like for the personal cop which won’t sell out rapidly.

It is safer than manual cop and is always good to have tucked away on your Chrome account. On the weeks that there are hyped items you are looking to cop you can always rent out a better more reliable bot on Bot Mart or a discord server as such, whichever bot has been performing best recently. But you never know, maybe ForceCop will make a return to its old ways…

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