F3ather Bot Review, Is It The Only Supreme Bot You Need?

F3ATHER commonly known as F3 is solely a Supreme Bot which has been leading the market recently. It has been destroying recent releases as well as most of the SS 19 season. F3 has already had an amazing start to FW 19, being one of the only bots to work during week 1 and following onto week 2 with the same success.

FYI, there is a good chance that this bot, that will be released soon, may turn out to be an even better choice.

This is the heart of the bot where the cooking takes place. With a very simple display as seen in the picture it tells you the task number and then the profile used on the task as well as the keywords used plus colour.

Then the size selected. The green circle indicates if the task is using a proxy or not, if the circle is filled then this means that a proxy is in use.

But does it work?


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Week 1.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Over 8000 checkouts on US initial alone.

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The answer to this is very simple, yes it does work. To be precise, it works amazingly, destroying releases over last season (SS 19) and has already started with a more than solid start for week 1 and week 2 for FW19.

Obviously supreme can be unpredictable by adding new bot protection every once in a while to stop bots however F3 has not been hit by this recently and when an issue occurs the fix has been pushed almost instantly. For example for week 1 of FW 19 they pushed an update to the bot 3 minutes before drop this being the reason F3 cooked even over Cyber Sole AIO which did not work. F3 really is one of the best Supreme bots out there.


What could be Improved?

Firstly, Captchas this is one of the most important features to the bot as it plays a crucial role on whether you cop or you don’t. However on F3 it does not have a built in captcha harvester so you need to download a file and Unpack it as an extension in google chrome and open it up for every release, and if you want multiple captcha harvesters you have to do it for every google user so it has a unique google account. While as other bots, such as cyber, have built in captcha harvesters which you can open from inside the bot.

Another issue which I have with the bot is not being able to edit your tasks once you have created them, so if you make a mistake you have to now delete the task and create a new one putting in all the details again this can be very frustrating.

My Personal experience.

I personally have been using this bot alongside Cyber since SS19 and I have had nothing but good experiences with it running both EU and US hitting multiple items , my biggest success that I can remember with this bot is hitting 3 Swarovski Box Logos, 2 Being T-Shirts and 1 Being the jumper, making me over £1,000. Every week I have been hitting items, the most recent purchases being Nike supreme SB Dunks and Supreme is Love Denim Jacket and some Martin Wong 8-Ball jumpers. My personals experiences with the bot recently have been nothing but great when it comes to success however this is not all as it does have its downsides.

What proxies are recommended and should I use a Server?

For supreme the recommended proxies are Residential proxies so most providers work well for example Leafy, Blank, KochClub. However, depending on the amount of tasks you are running, you do not need to use proxies. This is the same with a server. However, if you do choose to use a server either AWS or Google provider are good and affordable servers for what is needed.

Will I continue to use this bot in the Future?

The answer to this is yes of course I will, this bot continues to gain great success and with the news of the big update of 3.0 coming out nothing but improvements are to be seen in the future, the only downside to users who don’t have the bot means prices are rising drastically so if you want it, you better snatch it quick.

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