Tidal marketplace is a discord marketplace for buying and selling bots, Tidal marketplace uses a middleman system to ensure every deal is done safely. Marketplaces like Tidal are essential these days as the amount of scammers out there is increasing every day and they are getting smarter and smarter. 

Tidal marketplace

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How does Tidal Marketplace work?

If you are looking to buy a bot you simply browse the discord channels and message sellers until you have a deal you are ready to go through on. When you and the seller are happy with the deal then one of you will open a ticket and a trained middleman will then step in to ensure a safe trade.

If you are a seller you just list your bot for sale and wait for buyers to message you. What the middleman has to do depends on the bot, for most bots he will take full control of the bot and discord and then tell the buyer it’s all good to pay, when the money is sent the middleman will then release the bot to the seller.

This is the ideal situation for buying and selling bots but unfortunately it can’t always work like this as some bots don’t allow you to unbind the discord or use a key reset system like TKS or Eve meaning all the middleman can do is verify the key (you can still get scammed after this though)

Is it legit?

Yes. Tidal is one of the biggest and most trustworthy marketplaces for bots and is certainly legit.

Tidals pricing

Verified member pricing 

-Bots under 1000$ are $9

-Bots over 1000$ are $14 

-Trades are $19 

-Cook Groups follow the same pricing as bots 

-Either buyer or seller pays


NON-Verified member pricing

Bots under 1000$ are $12

Bots over 1000$ are $17 

Trades are $22 

In my opinion their pricing is very fair. If you were to buy Cyber, which currently costs about $3,500, it would only cost you an extra $14 to make the trade safe and avoid being scammed. 

Botmart, Tidal and Botbroker; what are the differences?

Botmart and Tidal are both very similar and both have a discord marketplace with the same middleman system. The process of going through channels and messaging every seller can become very tedious. Time zones can also mean it takes a while to get a reply so it can become a long process. Botbroker is completely different though as it’s fully automatic. I personally prefer Botbroker as you don’t have to negotiate and deal directly with sellers, who are often rude.

Here is the Discord invite to Tidal: https://discord.gg/EmCycee.

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