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The ULTIMATE Tohru AIO Yeezy Supply Setup: Best Yeezy Supply Bot of 2023

Whether you're new to botting or a seasoned vet, read on for an honest assessment of Tohru's features, performance, and more. Let's jump in!

Sneaker Bots 101 – A Quick Intro

First, what exactly are sneaker bots? Simply put – they are software tools used to automate purchasing shoes online.

Bots run lightning-fast checkout tasks to help you secure pairs before sellouts. This levels the playing field against resellers.

Top bots like Tohru AIO work seamlessly across all the major retailers – Shopify, Footsites, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, etc. They give regular users a fighting chance.

So in short, bots are essential for copping limited Yeezy, Jordan, and other hyped sneaker releases today.

Introducing Tohru AIO Bot

Tohru AIO is a relatively new bot, but it has quickly built buzz in the sneaker community.

Here are the key features that make it a powerful copping tool:

  • Broad site support – Shopify, Footsites, YS, Hibbett, Kith, Supreme, etc. Wide compatibility.
  • Ultra-fast checkout – Optimized for blazing speeds under 5 seconds consistently.
  • Slick modern interface – Visually intuitive bot dashboard for monitoring and control.
  • Smooth captcha solving – Handles captchas across sites without needing external solvers.
  • Active dev team – Regularly updated with new features and fixes.

So in summary, Tohru brings lightning checkout, broad site coverage, and a robust feature set perfect for copping shoes. But how does it perform in practice?

My Experience Using Tohru AIO: The Good and Bad

Over the past 6 months, I've used Tohru AIO extensively for all types of hype sneaker releases.

Here are the key pros and cons I've experienced firsthand:

Lightning Fast Checkout Speeds

The #1 strength of Tohru is no doubt its blazing fast checkout module. Across all sites, Tohru delivers checkout speeds of 3-5 seconds consistently.

This raw speed outpaces any bot I've used except maybe Balko. Those extra milliseconds make a huge difference beating out the competition.

Checkout reliability is also excellent – rarely any errors or hiccups. Tohru's speed and stability is outstanding.

Solid Copping Success Rates

Thanks to its rapid checkout, my success rate copping releases with Tohru has been great – consistently between 60-80% on average.

Given I target the most coveted Yeezy and Jordan 1 releases, this is an excellent clip. Of course, success depends on proxy setup, your server, etc. But Tohru delivers results.

My only gripe is that once in a while, Tohru will have an oddly slow release with more errors and cart fails than normal. Consistency could be tighter. But most of the time, it cooks hard.

Excellent Shopify & Footsites Support

Where Tohru really dominates is its support for Shopify and Footsites like Foot Locker and Finish Line. It handles these sites flawlessly.

Shopify and Footsites make up a huge chunk of releases. For just these sites, Tohru is an essential copping tool. Checkout speeds are untouchable.

YS & Supreme Support Still Lacking

My main complaint is Tohru's performance on Yeezy Supply and Supreme is not yet on par with its Shopify/Footsites mastery.

It still works, but checkout is slower and less consistent on YS/Supreme. The dev team is constantly improving though, so I expect this to reach top level over time.

For the price point, I'd hope for flawless across-the-board site support out of the box. There's still room for improvement here. But Tohru dominates where it matters most.

Tohru AIO vs Other Top Sneaker Bots

So how does Tohru stack up against the top competition in the space? Here's a quick rundown:

BotCheckout SpeedSuccess RateSite SupportPrice
TohruExtremely FastExcellentSolid besides YS/SupremeLifetime license
BalkoExtremely FastExcellentDecent site supportMonthly/Annual
CyberVery FastExcellentBest for Shopify focusLifetime license
StellarAIOAverageGoodGreat site supportLifetime license

As you can see, Tohru holds its own very well versus even established heavyweight bots in terms of speed and success rate.

It still needs to round out support for YS/Supreme to match bots like Cyber. But for Shopify/Footsites, Tohru is arguably the top choice right now. Impressive for a newcomer.

Tips for Running Tohru AIO Successfully

Here are some of my top tips for getting the most out of Tohru based on extensive use:

  • Use residential proxies – Rotate proxy IPs to avoid bans across sites. Critical for smooth performance.
  • Create multiple tasks per site – I run at least 3-5 tasks on my main sites for redundancy.
  • Use server restock monitors – Ensures your tasks target site restocks and openings.
  • Update Tohru frequently – Install new versions whenever released for best performance.
  • Join a cook group – Get release info/monitors from groups like The Chefs Kitchen.

Follow those best practices and Tohru will perform even better for all your sneaker copping needs.

Final Verdict – Is Tohru AIO Worth It?

At the end of the day, Tohru AIO has proven itself as one of the best bang-for-buck sneaker bots available today.

For Shopify and especially Footsites, Tohru delivers amazing speeds and success for the price point. It's a must-have botting tool.

Site support could still improve for Yeezy Supply and Supreme. But for the majority of hyped sneaker releases, Tohru brings tremendous value.


Yes, I fully recommend Tohru AIO if you're serious about copping shoes with bots. It competes head-to-head with far more expensive established bots.

Used strategically alongside other bots, Tohru is incredibly powerful for taking home Ws on the latest Yeezy and Jordan releases.

For the price, Tohru AIO delivers fantastic performance. Don't sleep on this bot! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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