­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Dream Bstn And Kickz Review: Bstn Bot Destroyer?

If you have some bot experience you’ll have heard of a bot called Dream BSTN. This is a very substantial bot that literally kills BSTN every time it drops a hyped item. It also has a raffle script too. 

“Dream” is a product line developed mainly by an Italian guy: Hypno. There are 2 version of Dream: Dream KICKZ and Dream BSTN. In this review we are going to talk about the second one. A few days ago Dream Notify had been released. It is a DREAM cookgroup, developed by the same guys under Dream BSTN and Dream KICKZ. Let’s see what it will be like.

Personally I copped a lot of pairs with this bot, like AJ1 low UNC, yeezy boost 350 reflective, AJ! High first class flight and much more. It is a really comfortable bot because you’ll not need “one-clicks” accounts or to solve captcha all the day, because the bot will figure it all out.

Additionally, the bot, has a discord server, with a support system that will provide to you all answer you need and all guides before every drop.

Dream BSTN raffle script

Talking about Dream BSTN specifically, this bot goes ONLY on one site, BSTN. This is a German site that does raffles and drops. The bot has a script that allows you to enter multiple times at the same raffle. Users only have to insert their dates and start the bot. In the past there were a lot of success with this method. The Hypno team is continuously working on the bot to get it better.

Dream BSTN on drops

To use Dream on drops you just need to set up tasks and some proxies and you are done, the bot will do all itself. BSTN will reserve the item once you reach the checkout and with the DreamBSTN checkout extension you’ll be ready to checkout.


What setup is recommended?

What type of proxy should I use? I suggest to use only residential proxies, because BSTN bans most datacenter proxies. On BSTN speed is not important.

What’s the future for Dream?

I personally think that this bot will continue to take the stock as long its staff continues  to follow this project as they are doing.

Retail and resale prices of Dream

Talking about prices, DreamBSTN has a retail price of 89,99€ and you have to pay 30€ each 6 months. It is really cheap for all, but only if you cop it for retail. Because of big success people are selling renewal copies for a price of 400$. Is it worth to buy it for that price? I would say yes if you are good to use bot because it will make you earn a lot of money back. Anyway, it is a good way to start using bots. You’ll need to work hard to learn though.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Definitely YES! It made me earn a lot of money, as I already said, and it has regular updates that allows you to cop at every drop. If anyone didn’t know, BSTN is trying really hard to stop bots on its site, but Dream finds always the victory.

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