Oculus Aio Bot Review: Can A Big Proxy Company Develop A Good Bot?

Oculus AIO is a bot that supports Shopify sites (including Custom Shopify sites) and Supreme. It was really hyped when it was launched, it had a good amount of success, then its price dropped and right now you can find it under retail! What happened?

Oculus bot is very simple, and it has no particular features. You can add shipping rates, you can create checkout sessions before the drop, you can choose between automatic checkout or discord/chrome checkout with checkout links. For Supreme, you can only add keywords, no links.

Does Oculus AIO Work? Our review


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It had a lot of success when it came out, but then with Shopify anti-bot protection, success dropped. However, it always has a good amount of success on Yeezy.

Supreme isn’t the strong point of this bot. Very few users usually run Supreme EU and I saw no success this season. More users run Supreme US, but usually it cooks only when there is a bad drop or when stock is very high. 

In Oculus AIO’s discord server, there are over 400 users, but usually only 100 users run the bot on hype drops.

Where does Oculus bot fail?

Bot performance. With bot protection up, basically the bot doesn’t cook. Supreme needs some speed improvements, the bot is quite slow in searching products and checking out.  

Their support team is also quite slow to answer, sometimes they ignore your questions. If you are running 3 captcha harvesters, and you are solving captcha in the first one, it can happen that captcha harvester number 3 appear and you have to solve captchas here, preventing you to solve captcha in solver number 1.

Finally, their supported sites. It is called “AIO” but it is Supreme and Shopify only. I think they should work at least on Footlocker EU/US Footsites.

My personal experience 

I got this bot this summer and unfortunately I wasn’t able to use it when it had its best period in terms of successes and resell price.

I ran it on multiple Yeezy drops, like Lundmarks, 500 bone white, cloud reflective and cloud. I wasn’t able to checkout any pair of these, though YeezySupply is one of the most successful sites supported by Oculus.

Last time I ran it on the Blazer Sacai and Jordan VI Travis Scott: I got one payment declined on DSM-GINZA with Blazer Sacai, then with the sites I wasn’t able to reach checkout step with the bot (I ran DSM-LONDON, DSM-NY, Kith).

Regarding Supreme, I ran it on every single drop this season, both the EU and US, and i was able to catch a restock from Supreme x Lacoste week (to be honest it wasn’t a hyped item). All the other times I took a lot of Ls.

What set up is recommended with Oculus bot?


Anti-bot protection OFF: server VA/CHI/NY (I use AWS and Oculus Servers, but I heard good things about Vultr and IcedOut Servers too). I also use datacenter proxies (I usually use Cookie VA, Oculus VA, Red Dirty Proxies VA).

When anti-bot protection is ON: server is not really required, some people were able to checkout running from localhost. You need Residential Proxies because a lot of data centers will be banned with bot protection up. I use Fatal Residential proxies and Blank residential proxies


If you have a good connection, you can run from localhost. If you run less than 10/15 tasks, you don’t need proxies. If you have a large amount of tasks, you can run a mix of residential and datacenters. For Supreme EU, I run Ignify Residentials and Blank UK datacenters. For Supreme US I use Oculus VA datacenters, Leaf VA datacenters and Fatal Residentials.

Where is Oculus for sale and is it worth renting?

As the majority of the other bots, Oculus bot rarely restock in limited quantities https://www.oculus-aio.com. For information on restocks, follow their twitter and turn on post notifications: @OculusAIO.

It is quite difficult to buy it for retail price (300$ then 50$ every 6 months), but if you look at its current resale price, you can find it under retail (150/200$). Due to its authentication system, Tidal doesn’t provide middleman for Oculus transactions, but you have to keep in touch with Oculus AIO support team. 

Renting out Oculus bot isn’t so profitable because demand is really low and due to the small amount of success, people prefer to rent something else. To reset Oculus, you need the email address which you used to purchase it and the key, so basically everyone who knows the email address and key can reset it. If you want to rent it out, the safest way is preinstall it on a server and give the server to the customer. 

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

To be honest, I don’t know if I should try to sell it or hold it and wait for better performances. It is already a few months old, but in my opinion it looks like a bot under beta period. It’s a bit depressing to see that on very hype drop no people are able to checkout and some successes come only on quite hype drops like the Yeezy 350 non-reflective. 

I think the owner has a lot of things to coordinate, like proxies and servers, and so he gives little attention to the bot. Updates come every week, but it doesn’t seem to change much every time.

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