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You AIO Bot Review: How good is this bot really?

You AIO bot is a steady newcomer that is rising the ranks against some of the most established bots in the industry such as Project Destroyer and EVE AIO. It has been doing great on past drops such as the Yeezy 350 “Yeezreel” and the Yeezy 700 Azael. You AIO supports a variety of different EU based sites for sneakers and clothing.

Does You AIO bot Work? Our review

In short, the answer is yes, You AIO does work. Although, this is not to say You AIO has had its struggles. You AIO was released in December of 2019 so at the time I am writing this it was not long ago and it had undergone the struggles that many new bots have with bot systems.

Over time, You AIO became stronger and users were able to cop their desired items more consistently, they even started adding new sites to their small site list that they support. Now, their bot is a solid and reliable bot with a strong dev team led by Younes that can consistently get items from EU sites like Holypopstore and Shinzo.

What could be improved?

One thing that can be improved for You AIO is the sites that they support. 16 sites are not that many sites, and almost all of them are EU based so for a North America sneaker botter, there are only a couple sites that a North American botter would be able to use.

By adding Shopify or Foot sites, they could expand their range and make You AIO a bot that can be used in both regions such as Cybersole or Kodai. One more thing that can be improved about You AIO is that it is CLI based.

CLI means command-line interface, this means that You AIO does not have the UI that many bots do now, as it is all text-based. In You AIO, you are able to type different commands into the interface and from there configure your bot, this is unlike bots like Prism which try to make their bot as user-friendly as possible.

If you are a rookie botter, having a CLI based bot as one of your first bots could be a struggle.

Success rate

For running Footlocker EU and Snipes, the best setup consists of a EU based server with matching EU proxies. Most of the time Residential proxies should be used. This is because most Data Centres Proxies are banned, or get banned almost instantly.

Regular updates

You AIO updates regularly enough so that they are prepared for every drop and occasionally can add a new site or two into the sites that their bot supports. Now, You AIO is no Cybersole which updates once every couple days, but; rather updates close to a major drop (similar to many other bots). For these reasons, I gave You AIO an 8/10 for regular updates.


You AIO bot is developed by a coder named Haoufadi Younes, he is one of the kindest devs in the community and is always willing to help you. You’s support is not as big as a bot like Project Destroyer but they are active and kind. For these reasons, I gave You AIO a 9/10 for support.


As mentioned above, You AIO is a CLI bot. For programmers or people familiar with CLI software this would not be a problem, but; for many new botters, they may struggle with using CLI software when they have been used to using GUI based software (graphic user interface) for their whole life.

Usability is probably the biggest factor that comes into play when determining a grade for UI/UX and because a significant amount of sneaker botters would struggle using You I gave You AIO a 5/10 for UI/UX.


You AIO restocks roughly once or twice a month via their website, they let you know when they restock via their twitter ( and holds giveaways on a biweekly basis. They also do many group buys with well-known sneaker discord/cook-groups.

This is common with many sneaker bots, although You AIO has a resale/secondary market price of $400 for a lifetime copy, (you cannot sell renewal copies of You AIO). Compared to many other bots this is less than usual for a lifetime copy, and for a bot with as much potential as You AIO, I think that $400 lifetime is an excellent price.

Number of shops

You AIO supports 16 sites, even though it has evolved to be a very solid bot on these 16 sites, many AIO bots now support upwards of 150+ sites, an example could be Project Destroyer which supports 200+ sites.

You AIO is similar to Hawkmesh in the regard that it only supports a very small number of sites compared to other bots on the market, although it is worth noting that You AIO supports Off-White which many other bots do not support. For these reasons, I gave You AIO a 6/10 for Number of Shops.

My personal experience and proxies and servers

I ordered You AIO from a group buy for 30% off, even though I didn’t have immediate success on the latest drops the bot paid off as it got me pairs of Jordans, Yeezy’s, and more.

I even copped 3 pairs of the Yeezy Tailight’s which was great, and I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to cop even more hyped items using You AIO. I highly recommend you get proxies and a server to run You AIO on for higher chances of success.

I would recommend almost all residential with some datacenter proxies for the sites that You AIO supports. Some proxy providers I have had consistent success with include unknown proxies, cookie proxies, and oculus proxies.

I would also recommend a server with You AIO, servers will almost always increase your chances of getting hyped items, AWS, Vultr, and Google Cloud are great and affordable options for servers.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

In short, yes most definitely. With them updating new sites faster and only becoming more consistent soon they could become one of the major players in the sneaker bot market as well as being able to get items from sites like Off-White and Holypopstore. I am eager to see how You AIO improves over this year filled with hype sneakers and clothing.

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