BotBroker IO. Is It Really Safe and Legit? How To Use It The Right Way

You are probably here if you are wondering if BotBroker IO is safe and legit. Well, lets start from the beginning.

Buying and selling Sneaker bots might be something people look up to. Big sums of money need to be transferred to the seller’s payment method, and the key needs to be given to the buyer.

This is a process, where sometimes things can go wrong. Therefore, we have so-called sneaker bot marketplaces for this. Today I will be reviewing Which is one of those marketplaces that make buying and selling bots, much safer.

What is

Botbroker IO is an online marketplace to trade memberships of cookgroups and bots, in a safe and controlled way. Botbroker is a website, with a fully automatic system that makes it both for buyer and seller safe. Nowadays, trading bots and cookgroup memberships might be sketchy and lead to scamming. Botbroker seems to have found a way to fully minimalize the chances of getting scammed. It is linked to most bots their key generators, so it will automatically transfer the key to the buyer.


How does it work?

As you’ve just read, botbroker is fully automatic. Let’s say you want to sell your bot’s key. You head over to, and you create an account. Accounts on botbroker are amazingly safe, as every time you login you need to verify with your phone number. Once you’ve created your account, you should link it with PayPal. So now you can explore the market of diverse bots and groups, and you can also sell your bot or cookgroup for your asked price, with payout on PayPal.  

Is it legit?

Yes. They have a support team ready to answer questions quickly and help you out right away if you have any problems. 

Botbroker, Botmart or Tidal?

To simply answer that question, I would say Botbroker. Let me explain that. Tidal and Botmart are both discord based marketplaces. Botbroker is the only one that isn’t. In the marketplace Tidal it is normal to deal in a ticket. So you manage the entire transaction with a middleman and it is all done manually. You find yourself a buyer, and sometimes prices can be quite sketchy, as it goes up and down quickly. I feel like having this process automated is the best thing you can have, it is safe, prices are good, and you don’t have to worry about finding a buyer nor a middleman.

My personal experience 

So, of course I have used Botbroker myself too! Let me tell you about what I think of the website and how the process has been for me. I was quite new to botting, and I bought a DreamBSTN key. I didn’t buy that key through botbroker as I didn’t know about it yet, but, I did sell that key through botbroker when I was done using the bot. So, actually this didn’t go too smoothly, however, botbroker team helped me out well here. I was at the point of creating a listing for my key, but then the website completed glitched and I lost access to my key. I was in total stress at this point, but I decided to stay calm. I sent the support team an email, and they replied that I would see my new key shortly. Around 48 hours later, there was another dreamBSTN key which apparently replaced my old one. I was happy, and I sold it directly, a satisfied customer.

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